3 Cool Tips to Generate Some Really Savvy Out of The Box Ideas

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November 5, 2015

One area where many entrepreneurs and businesses’ struggle, is in generating fresh new ideas. In the online marketing scenario, fresh and creative ideas are linked to a successful online marketing campaign. It is understandable that this process is not as easy as it seems, specially when one’s job is to churn fresh and out of the box ideas on a regular basis.

So what is a practical solution to come out of this creative loophole? Well, have you ever tried a brainstorming sessions? Perhaps it simply might do the trick. Having said that, not all brainstorming sessions are fruitful and the overall productivity scale might vary from organization to organization.

Nowadays, advertising over the internet without any element of creativity is like an e-commerce portal without any payment gateway. Well, no one likes bland food (off course unless you have health issues). Likewise, websites and online advertising requires a lot of creative elements to make things more encapsulating and user engaging.

As the experts say , the most ideal way to propel the creative juices is not by following the traditional techniques of doing the routine round table conferences, shouting and quarrelling on ideas haphazardly. In fact, it’s done by creating a suitable environment that allows the coagulated minds to feel stress free and pop out of the orthodox zone of working.

Are you aware of Google’s 80/20 formula? Well, here is a piece of cake for you. This Innovation Time-Out (ITO) policy was amended to simply encourage the employees’ of Google to work on core projects for 80% of their time and the remaining 20% of the time on innovation activities as per their individual interests and hobbies. Wondering what’s the point? Well, here is the deal, in order to bring out the creative side of each of the employees, this formula helped big time, allowing the employees to think out of the box. Henceforth, the birth of savvy ideas which can be seen in each and every aspect of Google !

Now that’s another way of brainstorming, not so orthodox , yet equally effective and result driven.

Moving ahead, this blog will focus on providing you with 3 tips to propel your brainstorming sessions, improving your team’s overall ideating process.

1) Bring out the dead and decayed ideas first.

Not every idea can be great. Nevertheless an idea is an idea , an equal participation matters a lot during brainstorming sessions. So don’t shy out in presenting your opinion. It doesn’t matter whether it’s great or not. What matters is whether you take the effort to let those creative juices start flowing. Slow and steady eventually wins the race. So be confident and be open to learn and question. One more thing, do not get apprehensive when people with power are around you. There is nothing to fear. Do not let this apprehension hinder your creative instincts.

So try to loosen this sensation among your team members by organising a small session of brainstorming wherein you come up with a bunch of bad ideas initially! In fact, you can build up their confidence by presenting with a silly idea yourself. This will help set up a much informal atmosphere, further implying towards a healthy brainstorming session with some active participation.

Once you are able to accomplish this, and after a quick session of laughter and sarcasm, you might as well head towards the main motto of this ideating session.

Always remember, a not so great idea can always trigger the greatest ones’ that end up revolutionizing things.

2) Segregate your ideas and go step by step – Break and Build

Segregate your ideas

An effective way to convert an idea into many is by fragmenting an idea into much detailed aspects. Often there is a tendency that breaking up an idea into a much detailed structure leads to the birth of many new ideas.

OR, you can go vice-versa , building up a specific idea and covering a much broader perspective through it.

As simple as it sounds, the implementation might be a bit more tedious. What can be done here is that all the members of the brainstorming session can get together, write down their own ideas on a piece of paper and then circulate it amongst each other and try to build something out from the ideas of the co workers. This will definitely storm your brain and make it think, harder !

3) Make the brainstorming session more interactive and result driven – Play the Game of Words !  

the brainstorming

Ever thought these brainstorming sessions can be transformed into something really interactive? To your surprise, it can actually be done! Wondering how ? Well, ever tried implementing a word game in these brainstorming sessions. If you haven’t then you should! This can be a great way to get the traditionally attuned mindsets in sync with a much productive and creative alignment(out of the box, is it ?).

Word Storm is a great exercise. It works in this fashion, a word is written down first. Then you brainstorm a whole slew of words coming up from that first word.Thereafter you try to think about the aesthetics of the word, you think about the function of that word, how it can be used, what all metaphors can be associated with it etc. It’s like one word triggers a chain of thought naturally. An important rule of this game would be not to over think,rather go with the flow and let the ideas flow out naturally. This is actually considered to be a really effective and effective exercise.

Thereafter, once you have successfully listed out some words, try to group them up together according to any sort of possible interlink between one another. The final verdict being able to come up with words and phrases that your target audience might associate with in whatever project  you are working on.

You must have given a thought to the importance of brainstorming sessions by now. Well, these were just a few tricks amongst the many that these top notch under creative firms and individuals follow and implement wholeheartedly.To be frank, creativity is a seed sown in everyone, its just that sometimes we all seek some external elements for it to sprout.Think about it, and bring out your hidden creative self into the online world, for its never too late!

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