7 Must-Have Features For Your Business Website 2021

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October 5, 2021

In 2021, the online presence of the business is important. Websites are the best way to portray the business virtually. But, if it is lacking, improve it with these following features suggested by the website designing company in Delhi. These features are advanced, but necessary for today’s website and sales leads. It will give the professional look to website design Delhi and doesn’t create an impact on the load time. 

Check out these 7 must-have features that will boost the website with traffic! Develop it today, if missing. 

1. Mobile-Friendliness: 

Do you know? Websites have more traffic through mobiles, more than 50% of global website traffic is through mobile devices. So you cannot ignore your website to be a responsive or mobile-friendly website. It is the must feature on your website, which will help you to gain more traffic. Although the web design should not only be responsive but should be attractive. It should give the same user experience as a desktop website. However, this will improve the organic traffic to your website. 

We recommend you to build mobile-friendly websites with a website design Delhi agency, that will help you to create an impact on the audience.

2. Color Theme and Dark Mode: 

Websites with a theme are visually impressive and attract the audience to stay on the website. Though it is mostly ignorant, you must look into the color theme of your website. Also, if you have an eCommerce website, then you must build the website using colors that match or reflect the product’s color. 

Dark mode in the website is a big plus point, which shows the website is rich built and beneficial for the viewers. Since the dark mode is the new trend in websites. 

3. Customized Designs: 

Businesses have certain goals, and the website is a virtual presentation of the business. So, instead of choosing the web design templates, we recommend you build the customized website designs. It will give a feel-good, and fresh visual to the website, and it will showcase the goal of the business according to you, who want to drive the customers to the goal accordingly. Customized designs have many benefits for a website, it is more like tailor-made clothes. 

Art Attack is the best agency for website design in Delhi. Where you can develop the best-customized web designs for your business. 

4. Chatbot and Live Tech Support: 

These both are mandatory for the eCommerce websites. Chatbots often can convert viewers into customers. Since it is the quick way to answer the user’s FAQs, and the quick way to contact you. However, a chatbot should have a name, and introduction to have a personification impact. Hence, to have a professional eCommerce website, you must have a chatbot feature. 

Live tech support (24/7) is mandatory because you don’t know where and when the website might have technical issues like broken images, bugs, etc. for this you need technical support in form of a tool or human team. It will help you solve the issue quickly and give a smooth user experience to your target customers. Though human tech support is more effective than any tool. 

5. Clear Call To Action: 

There are too many CTA in a website, and that work often has a burden on the users. Which results in the loss of traffic, and customers too. So we suggest you have a clear CTA (Call To Action) like what you want the website viewers to do, such as subscribing to a newsletter, buying a product, completion of payment, etc. Remember, you must have less CTA on a web page, which will remove a burden from the users. 

6. Creative Display Content: 

However, you have to create a customized web design, for which you need to make the creative display content, that looks the website more aesthetic. Following are the examples which you might use to display creative content, such as fluid images, animations, different typography, blogs, etc. 

These are the few things to make a website authentic, where typography can be similar to the product typography, animations that will be relevant to the product features, etc. You can brainstorm the best suitable for your website. 

7. SEO Friendly

Google algorithms keep on changing now and then. So it is important to build a website that is SEO-friendly by using various tactics and making the website look crucial. For this, you can make use of SEO Tools. It will be an effective instrument to develop the website performance. You can boost the website performance by using the website builder and adding SEO plugins. There are many ways to optimize the search engine ranking. For the business, it is the most crucial to sustaining in the competition. 

The Final Words: 

Hope you are aware that web design is constantly evolving. So to sustain with the online business or purpose, you need to time change or adapt the web design features. We have brought you the latest web design features, that almost every website builder is adapting. These features are long-term going and impactful on the audience. 

The list includes things we always look into as a best website designing company in Delhi. Which is widely followed and gives the professional look to the website. Here is the pro tip, if you are selling a single product or variants of a product, then remember to follow the same themes on the website to make a psychological impact. 

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