8 Quick Hacks So That you’ll Have a Gala Time While Blogging

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August 4, 2017

Honestly, nobody is creative enough to bring something new on the table on literally every freaking day.

Leave that; even expecting something like this from your blogger or yourself is a crime!

Don’t you think that the greatest artists of mankind have been repeating the same things over and over again to fool us? For an example, take Dan Brown, Paulo Coelho, George Orwell, etc. They have been doing their work around ancient wisdom, spirituality, revolution respectively, for all the time. What’s new with that? Just words! You can also do that by looking up for the synonyms of words and putting them together for the next blog. Nobody would mind until and unless your readers have a particularly sharp memory.

Once you get into this business of writing, you’ll get to know the amount of time and efforts it take to package old things with a new wrapping paper, and present it to the audience in such a manner that it looks revolutionary.

Aaghh, my poor senses! I didn’t know that nothing in this world is revolutionary; all that happens is just a part of evolution. Even when you think that you’re making a difference, you simply aren’t. In the galaxy of Billion stars and planets, living on a planet of a few kilometers, breathing the 1/70000000000th part of gases, and having the shoe size similar to almost 1/10th population of this world, is it wise to even think that you can make a difference?

Yes, you can! We all are playing our part to become the steps of evolution, so when you think that nobody cares about what you think or say in your blog, trust me, nature does! Having this in mind, you can always keep on getting inspired from nature to write something unoriginal with the ideas for the betterment of the mankind.

So, never give up and don’t write content just because you have to. Write because you love it, which is the reason why you opt it at the first place, right?

In case you don’t like writing or have been dehydrated by the draught of ideas, I have a question for you.

Did you run out of ideas as well? Don’t worry! I’ll provide you with the answers too! I’ve got your back fella!

With the following eight tricks, you’ll always be on the top in the kingdom. (Well, the content is king, so what does it make the author? King Kong. Sounds great, right?)

So, let’s cut to the chase and begin with these hacks, shall we?

1. Analyze Your Top-Performing Content

Analyze Top Performing Content

Google analytics can help you with knowing the performance of your content, and not just that, it can also bring a lot of insight on how well your keywords are aligned and searched.

To do that, navigate to behavior>site content>all pages! There you’ll know the performance of all your pages according to the date period of your liking.

You can pin point to the exact category and how has it performed over the period of time. This can eliminate the irrelevant landing pages that have nothing to do with the user engagement. Look for the readers’ favorite words that you have scattered on your site’s web pages and make your blogs around them. There is a nicer term for it which is repurpose, as you know reframe sounds like older age and who wants to live in the older age?

2. Social Survey

Social Survey

You can use social media to know about whether your readers like your posts or not?

(Also read: 5 techniques to analyze your social media marketing performance)

Also, you can broadcast an email requesting them to share anything that they want you to cover, or you want to cover and need their consent! This way you are exploiting their ideas while they think that their opinion is important. Now, what’s the benefit?

You can run out of ideas, but at a single point in time, the entire population doing the same is simply not acceptable until and unless you’re the prime minister of the country, and has decided to declare an emergency.

3. Quora Love

Quora Love

Quora and other such Q&A sites have millions of active users who are always looking out for something new and something interesting in this world.

Sign up for the endless amount of knowledge and feel free to share your opinion on relevant links as well. This way you’ll always be updated about the trending topics in the mindsets of users and can shape your content according to their needs.

Also, in meantime you can respond to some of the questions that seem interesting to you, it’s of no particular use to you but might tell you a lot about how Quora works!

There are many other Q&A forums like Quora, namely, Askfm, Yahoo answers, Reddit, etc. You can sign up to either one of them or shoot all the bluejays that you can.

4. Read industry News

industry News

Subscribe to some great content oriented sites, such as MOZ, SearchEngineLand, Newspapers, etc. This is just another method to know what the world wants to hear or listen!

You think you can see it all by just reading the content, believe me, that’s just tip of the Iceberg. I understand that there may be a power-packed research suggesting them to post that, but think for a second, people changes and so their needs.

So, how can you look for it? Simply, by looking at their comment section!

You can grab the ideas from there, or there might be something that you think was amiss, you can remade that in the best way that you can think!

Don’t worry! It’s ok as someone else is going to do the same, probably on the very next day or in the next couple of hours.

5. Spy on the Keywords that Your Competitors are using

Spy on the Keywords that Your Competitors

Yeah, go ahead my Byomkesh Bakshi! You’re born with such capabilities! Don’t believe? Which new game your neighbor has just bought?

Acha, it’s ok! Don’t tell me, but you got it, right? Go where your heart leads you and also that hungry stomach.

Search for the influencers and paste the link on sites such as Ahrefs to know what words they are targeting to get the attention! (Quite ironic right? Influencers and attention together, but, isn’t it always the case?)

You just have to open the site explorer tab while on Ahref and paste the link of that site; there, you’ll be rewarded with the complete matrix of their agla and pichla.

6. Granularity

Just like how you think about life so deeply, avert your attention to some important things as well, including, in-depth research about the topic idea and the elaboration of points!

Just because you’ve written about a topic doesn’t have to mean that you cannot pick it up again! You can root for the topic, sub-topic or even sub-sub topic. This way your readers will have a deeper understanding of what they might be looking for.

Suppose you wrote about 7 best off-page SEO strategies, and the 1st point is how to increase social media engagement, then it might be possible that one of your readers is looking for deeper understanding on this particular topic.

You can seal the day, by providing him exactly that!

7. Blog Topic Generator

Blog Topic Generator

There are many blog topic generators that can help you with topics related to a specific category, e.g. BuzzSumo, HubSpot, etc.

When you run out the ideas, share your weight with them, they won’t charge you a penny for that!

How cool is that? It feels like slavery without giving anything in return! Although, you’re knowingly increasing the traffic on their site, but it’s ok, right?

8. Search Engines Help

Blog Idea Generator

Search engines have predictive texts that can help you with what people are looking on the internet as of now. This is exactly how you determine targeted keywords for ads, right?

This way you can get the answers to all your problems from the audience even when they are not willing to!

These days not God, but Google knows what you want with life!

The Conclusion


With these tricks, you can pick up a one-on-one fight with time using your creativity.

What is creativity anyway?

Presenting something in a refurbished manner without everyone’s knowledge! Otherwise, you already know that everyone have the wisdom, all they have to do is look inside, but, Dan Brown ka dhandha band ho jayega na aise to!

So, use them whenever you feel it’s necessary while looking out for the opportunities to share something new as well.

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