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June 9, 2017

A great logo doesn’t come off that easy; it requires a mix of passion, creativity and top notch design skills.

Do you believe that you have got it all inside, then let’s get you started, shall we?

First thing first, what is a logo?

“A logo is a small trademark symbol for an organization to tell the people about its working domain.”

Now, why a logo is required?

A logo isn’t just a graphic designer playing with various fonts and fancy colors, it’s a work of art! (Read about difference between UI and UX to understand it better)

And if your designer lacks there, trust me, your logo is very likely to fail in the market.

A logo is your first and foremost impression on your target audience and, you surely wouldn’t want yourself to be lined up with the mediocre businesses within their mindsets.

A logo has the capability to change the perception of a person towards your business, either it can make you top their list of businesses to deal with or it can make you the target of their regressive after-office frustration.

Think of how easily you get imprinted with the logo of Adidas, Nike, Dell, etc. When someone mentions their name.

That’s the power of logo; it can keep you alive within their memories even after you are dead for like 50 years or more e.g. the creepy picture of that guy from KFC on your favorite chicken wings (i.e. Colonel Sanders).

Though it looks annoying to put a picture of a person as a logo and I wouldn’t recommend it because of unnecessary narcissistic attire it awards to the same but hey, who cares, it is KFC, right? And we would still go for it.

So, coming back to the point, there are who’s and who’s of the companies out there that can be guessed by looking at their logo just for a fraction of second even by an eighth grader.

So, let’s get on with the detailed description about how to get there and what’s so fuss about an awesome logo anyway? Read on to find out.

7 Tips to Design an Appropriate Logo for My Business

Appropriate Logo for My Business

1. Target the Targeted Audience:

According to a blog on CreativeBloq, your logo is the key to your business as it proves to be extremely helpful in defining a company’s image in front of its customers and clients.

E.g. check out the logo of Flipkart and Bata.

They undoubtedly know about how to market themselves to the masses, it’s a usual gimmick in the marketing world to make a brand famous among its targeted audience.

Flipkart and Bata logo

(Credits: Quora and Pins Daddy)

To make something just like this, it takes a lot of thinking about the company’s business before picking up the pen and paper. It isn’t just every fool’s dream who thinks that he has got creative imagination inside and what’s so big deal in putting up the name of the company in a rectangular box?

Well, I hate to break it to you this way but, it takes a lot more than that.

When you get the thing about making it according to the company’s business, then you eventually come across the “glorifying” examples of Mercedes, HP, Dell, etc.

There is no telling that you would recognize these brands immediately but have you noticed that they do not reveal anything particular about their brand’s area of expertise.

So, which one shall I pick?

Well, that’s a pretty tough question because these brands haven’t used the basics of logo designing, yet, they are successful.

Some people like their logo to be creative, some want theirs to be descriptive, and some want it to be completely out of the box.

To be honest, it’s ultimately your call about which one to go with.

Still, I would recommend using something similar to your offering when your business is in the initial phase.

2. Know Your Competition Better.

According to a tutorial site named CreativeMarket, an effective logo should be uniquely memorable even within your competitors.

Take inspiration from them to do the necessary research and how they process, but don’t get too much inspired as it can plagiarize your method of functioning.

Your client can tell you all about it, and you shall try to get a deeper understanding of what the brand needs and, the trendy designs among its competitors as well.

Grasp anything and everything that comes your way and design something which resembles the same, but it has to be simple and enduring at the same time as well.

There is a saying in the creative world, and that is, “there is nothing unique in this world, the universe is interconnected by the ideas and ideas are likely to inspire and affect each other for the same.”

The Internet is a cruel place, what you design after days and nights of working might have been already uploaded by someone sitting 1000s of kilometers away without even knowing it.

So, while researching about the brand, competition and its targeted audience, keep an eye out for the plagiarism as well.

Still, I would recommend you to be creative, innovative and resourceful while designing it.

I know it’s tough but here are some of the examples to help you with.

    • Logo of the tech-giant Apple is missing a “byte”, Wikipedia using various symbols and their etymology to depict its offering to the universe (incomplete globe: to represent evolution).

Apple & Wikipedia logo

(Credits: Mashable)

  • Logo of the famous food chain McDonald’s is actually a nourishing pair of breasts (as the rumor has it), Toyota uses three inter connected eclipses which are: heart of the customer, heart of the product and the everyday changing technology in the field of car-design.


(Credits: LifeBuzz)

Feeling inspired yet, it is good really!

3. Know the Struggle. Remember the Pain.

A brand is definitely not an overnight success. It is sort of like a relationship that you form between yourself and your business.

To understand the legacy and heritage of a brand, according to a blog on Mashable, one has to know all about the tough times it has been through.

Respecting and taking proud of your heritage doesn’t make you a narcissist unless you start feeling that you’re better than everyone else.

You should ask certain questions from your client such as, from where did he/she get the idea? How much criticism and self-control they had to endure to get here? How much money and time they have already spent to get here?

Knowing these small details about a brand makes you connect with them personally and once that connection is established, you can easily materialize yourself into their core.

It won’t be work for you anymore and you will start feeling a sense of appreciation for them, then only you can become one of them.

This done, you’ll unearth your secret potential and will give your best to design something everyone would appreciate within their hearts.

Try to use resembling ingredients of a brand and their beliefs towards the society into their logo, this way it’ll become a human bot sitting within a computer telling a thousand stories instead of just a bunch of lines drawn in order to impress everyone and everything around.

4. Be Unique, Clever and Versatile

There are literally millions of brands out there and figuratively billions of ideas underneath, how do you expect me to be unique?

Well, I certainly don’t ask you to be unique or clever or versatile or even any one of them.

If you have the qualities of presentation, that’s good enough for me.

Uniqueness and versatility come with an expiry date, and once you get there your mind gets clogged with plagiarized ideas all the same.

This has to be conceived from your audience because once they see something familiar they have seen before, you’re very likely to become a cliché instead of becoming a brand you once had wet dreams about( Read about the Designing Logos)

Shakespeare also got “inspired” from a 1562 play “the tragic tale of Romeus and Juliet” by Arthur Brooks, does anybody know that?

Not many people, right?

So stop being too harsh on yourself and stop thinking of copying someone else’s work as a heinous crime.

It’s common in the field of art that artists do get inspired from each other, e.g. remaking of cult classics in Bollywood, books by Dan brown using Dante’s and da Vinci’s paintings, etc.

There are literally thousands of example to describe the same, some call it research, but I call it “copy”.

For all I believe in, is that they are making a fool out of themselves while using it as a camouflage all the while not accepting the same.

Who am I to judge anyway? So, moving on from these retarded personalities, let’s focus on the task at hand I.e. making a cool and awesome logo for your business.

5. Use Lots of Colors

Well not really like lots of, you know I meant it figuratively, don’t you?

According to a blog written on Upwork (an online platform for freelancers), a good brand logo comprises of appropriate colors and their hidden meanings as well.

E.g. Mobil, a major American oil company took that a bit too seriously and used the color red as the symbol of strength and the blue color as faithfulness and paramount security that the company provides.

Mobil logo

(Credits: Digital synopsis)

Similarly, other than red and blue, experts have decoded each color’s meaning for you to use.

  • Orange: Benevolent, youth-oriented, creative.
  • Yellow: Bright, inventive, positivity
  • Green: Development, organic, directional
  • Purple: soulful, clever, exotic
  • Black: trustworthy and powerful
  • White: plain, clean, unaltered
  • Pink: Joyish and vampy
  • Brown: rural, ancient, stability

Knowing their implications, one can easily determine about which one to go with for his business.

Making a logo is a hectic task, so don’t fall into the luring trap of easy brush strokes or cute color combination.

6. Make Your Logo Light, Flexible and Talkative.

Who’s better than Google, when it comes to learning things?


When the search-giant Google, changed their logo in the late 2015s, everyone was immediately in the awe with the new one. (You can find out about 7 Powerful Tools a Web Designer MUST Try!)

The reason behind it was the minimalist movement! The new Sans serif logo was more beautiful, lighter and friendlier than the 16 years older serif one.

Google Logo

(Credits: Creativebloq)

Using a flat typeface is really good according to Google because it causes lesser load on your site and is considered as user-friendly as well.

Using name of the company in a logo is ultimately your choice, if you want to use initials only then you are very likely to be known accordingly.

(Read about what’s in a name for effective branding)

7. Pen, Paper and Nostalgia

Though world has come along with lots of online software and tools but still they will never be able to hide their fascination for the art of sketching.

Be it the sketch of Hitler or MJ on the walls (PS: not related to anything, just showing off about my place), the world still respect the art at its core.

Using pen and paper along with grids (I.e. invisible joints that builds the basic structure of a design), is timeless.

Using these will always let your creativity run free even when you are not typically good at sketching.

After you make it there, then comes the vectors.

First thing that should hit your brain must be AI (Adobe Illustrator) coz it happens to be just like your “school-buddy” while designing vectors.

The illustrator lets you resize anything and everything while leaving quality of the design unhindered.

This helps when you are not sure about the fonts and how do they look when magnified.

The Conclusion

We can conclude this with the following points

  • Tell a story not a business presentation.
  • Balance and equal proportions matter more than you care to admit.
  • Feedbacks are a bitch but hey mockery and criticism makes you remember that something is still amiss.
  • Instant hit, what’s that?
  • Exploitation of online resources, done captain!
  • Simple and deep, though two sides of a coin but still the coin is same, right?
  • Clever and witty, I’ve already told you that, haven’t I? I should probably start making notes about what I’ve said already.
  • Keep looking for inspiration (period)

Before we done this here, there are two more of the creative logos and theory behind them that you may find awesome.

    • Baskin Robbins, famous for its 31 ice-creams flavors during its glory tweaked their symbol on 2006 for this, have you spot something interesting yet?

Baskin Robbins logo

(Credits: More)

  • FedEx who works as an angel between you and your loved ones, has an arrow inside its logo between E and X. Bet I have ruined FedEx for you forever, haven’t I?

FedEx logo

I’m sure you’ve got bored by now, well I can honestly tell you that I got bored. Because hey, I’m not the creative guy here, these people are.

So make something of your own that will inspire billions to follow your footsteps, and also we bloggers can get food to our plate by writing about it!

Make sure to check out our blog daily for more boring stuffs.

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