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August 23, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has an influence over many things today and art is one of them. AI-based tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney have impacted the creative aspect and become the talk of the town. 

We as a website designing company in Delhi are excited to share about the tool called Dall-e 2. This tool quite helps you do similar things to what Midjourney does, creating realistic images and art through commands you give. But, let’s explore what makes it different and how it works.

What is Dall-e 2 AI?

Dall-e 2 is an AI-based tool designed by Open Ai (who also designed ChatGPT). This tool turns your natural language into realistic images. The tool has the capability to accept uploading images and modify them according to the commands. 

Is Dall-e 2 free for everyone?

Netizens are confused about whether Dall-e 2 AI is free in India for everyone or not. Yes, it’s free for everyone now, maybe it will have a subscription module in the near future. So, go check out this amazing AI. 

How to Use Dall-e 2? In Five Easy Steps!

Step 1:

Go to the Dall-e 2 page, and click the sign-up button on the right-top corner. 

Step 2:

Create your account. You can make use of a Google account or Microsoft account. After signing up, your interface will look like the below image.

Step 3: 

Enter the prompt in the given search box and click on generate. You can even upload any image you want to this AI to edit. 

If you want to test the tool quickly, you can click on the surprise me button and get started. 

Step 4: 

You will get the four image options generated. And on the right-hand side, a panel appears, where you can look for your recent searches. 

Step 5: 

You can click on any image you like and start exploring the image by trying different variations, or simply you can the image as PNG. You can even add the image to your collection for future use. 

These were the five simple ways to use the Dall-e 2 tool and create images in a few seconds. 

How does Dall-e 2 variation work?

Optimize your image using Dall-e 2’s variation button. But for this, first, you need to enter a prompt or upload the image you want to edit. 

Using the variation button, you can create quick varied yet similar images in a few seconds. By doing so, you can slowly get the desired output. 


In this image, you can observe a cruise passing in the deep blue sea. And to create a more optimized and realistic image, we choose the variation option. 

Here are the five variations the AI has created. You can further add more variation by clicking on any of these images. In a similar way, you can create variations for different images you upload. Remember, you cannot add a prompt for variations, it is auto-rendered as per AI’s learning. 

How to use the edit option works on Dall-e 2 AI?

There’s an edit option before the variation option. By clicking on that option, you can edit the image you have generated through the prompt or even the image you have uploaded. 

You get these 5 edit options, which will help you edit images according to your need. 

1. Create option: 

Using the create option you can create another frame of the same size. Press the ‘V’ button and use the arrow to create another frame, you can place it anywhere on the canvas. Using this option, you can create a new image by giving a prompt. 

2. Move option: 

The move option has very simple use. You can click on the entire image, and move it all together on the canvas, which helps you get more space to create wider art. 

3. Erase option: 

Like any other erase option, the use of erase option Dall-e 2 has no different use. You can clear the things you want using this option. 

4. Image frame generator:

Image frame generator allows you to add frames to the existing one, and create a more optimized image or wider picture.

5. Image uploader: 

The image uploader tool helps you upload images from your folder and create a desired outcome according to your requirement. 

These are the 5 edit tool options and their usage. You can create a more impactful image using them. Check out their detailed and creative usage through an OpenAI guide. 

What is prompt engineering & why it’s necessary?

Your prompt is the best way to make the most out of this AI tool called Dall-e 2. ‘Prompt engineering’ is the art of describing an image you want the AI to create. Thus, prompt engineering is paramount to using Dall-e 2 at its best. 

Check out Guy Parsons’ prompt book of Dall-e 2, this book will help in mastering the prompt and using the tool effectively. 

Midjourney Vs. Dall-e 2: Which is the best AI image generator

As mentioned in this blog earlier, Midjourney and Dall-e 2 have similarities, and one of the common things in both of these tools is, they create images from the prompt you give. You can read more about the Midjourney and get started with it as well. 

1. Quality: 

Quality plays an important role when it comes to images. Here, Midjourney holds the upper hand. You change the aspect ratio of your prompt, which has a maximum resolution of 2048×1280. 

On the other hand, Dall-e 2 is restricted to 1024×1024 maximum resolution.

2. Features: 

Both of these image-generating AI is an advanced and powerful tool, which inspires your imagination and helps you in creating quality stuff. 

Midjourney gives you the option to upscale the quality of images and four variations in the images. The feature called ‘variation’ brings a lot more value to the image compared to Dall-e 2.

Dall-e 2 gives you a lot of freedom to create, edit, and delete elements in the image. These things help the creator to hit the target and get close to their desired outcome.

3. UI (User-interface): 

UI is an important aspect of the tools, it should be simple, and easy to understand and use. However, Midjourney and Dall-e 2, both tools achieve this. 

Midjourney runs on a discord server, where you need to enter the standard prompt (/Imagine) and then enter your description for the image you want to create. On the later stage, you get varied buttons after images are generated, which might be confusing for first-time users. 

On the other hand, Dall-e 2 has a simpler UI, where you need to directly start writing the prompt. It will generate four images, you need to choose any one of them, and by clicking on them you get to edit and variation options along with save. 


We should appreciate how AI is blending with art and creation. It’s time to shift ourselves towards technology and blend them into our work. These tools are available to improve our imagination power and empower our work. We must use them effectively. 

Dall-e 2 and Midjourney are excellent ways to create images quickly. You can pick any of these tools according to your work. If you are more interested in such interesting tools, then you can read our blog on ChatGPT – the content writing tool, which took the internet by storm.

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