10 Digital Marketing Ideas To Consider During Covid-19

Digital Marketing

July 26, 2020

This lockdown is gaining more versions every month. Let us divert our attention to your dream business. Have you ever felt the need for taking your business to more customers online? If yes, this lockdown is the right time and the best digital marketing agency is the right place! Welcome to the world of digital marketing.

What is a digital marketing and how can it help promote my business online?

Digital marketing refers to a series of activities done online aimed at increasing your brand recognition and therefore generating more leads by ROI driven marketing services. The set of people who create, plan, innovate, and manage various digital marketing strategies is termed “digital marketers.” Contact the best digital marketers of the No.1 Digital Marketing Company in Delhi NCR.

Immediately after you decide to take your business online, the idea of digital marketing should occupy your mind. Because that is the only proven technique that helps you grow your business at relatively very low costs. With that being emphasized, never doubt its quality. Because digital marketing is a fresh and new concept that builds itself on the grounds that many of your future customers are now on the internet or social media.

10 techniques of digital marketing to try out during this crisis

Video Advertising

Video Advertising

Social media platforms help you spread information about your business in various forms- content, videos, sponsored ads, podcasts, and much more! One of the important techniques here is Video advertising.

Requirements: A camera or your mobile phone

You can create an amazing ad and post it on various sites. This is the least expensive method in promoting your business online. Sites like Youtube offer a range of plans for displaying video ads. You can target a specific audience with these ads



Blogging has been a traditional way of sharing genuine and creative information or content online. But recent trends in blogging has revealed a significant percentage of bloggers using the blog as a digital marketing tool. All you need to do is take a strong survey on a topic related to your business and start blogging. You can also make use of sites like Quora and Medium to establish a professional account for your business. Blogging is absolutely free of cost. However, to own a domain, you need to pay a reasonable price on any platform you choose.



Tell the stories of your business in beautifully designed infographics that can be used to reach more customers in a limited span without spending a penny. But attracting a huge audience becomes a significant part of this digital marketing effort. To produce high-quality infographics, learn the art of designing or some of the tools that help you create better posts. Get the best infographic ideas from the wonderful digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is one of the best evolutions in digital marketing. You can post your ad on the Internet but pay to the host only when someone makes a conversion i.e. click on the ad. During this Covid-19, try out PPC with the best content for your advertisements and generate more leads. Approach the best digital marketing agency to achieve more leads in PPC.



Sponsor an online event or contest and establish yourself as a business. Market yourself as a business entity by sponsoring events like singing, musicals, contests, and submissions. You can also narrow down your sponsorship based on your target audience. If you sell notebooks, sponsor a short story competition that takes place online. Or reward the winners with special notebook packs. This will significantly increase your business value in the long run!

Webinars and Courses

Webinars and Courses

If you really want to engage with your customers, design a webinar, and ask your participants to fill up the email newsletter signups. During this pandemic, webinars and digital marketing began to go hand in hand. This is one of the profitable ideas to develop your business online.

You can also offer on-demand courses to your participants and eventually make them your customers. But the cost of designing and implementing the courses should not hamper your business growth.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

This lockdown, contact an influencer of any social media site. Ask her/him to endorse you! This has been a long-practiced way. But now, its significance has increased a lot. People trust an influencer and we are going to build your business on that trust. So choose your influencer carefully. You can always contact the best digital marketing agency to obtain the right influencer for your business. Chat with the excellent digital marketing company in Delhi NCR for more ideas!


Social Media Campaigns

Campaigns play a very strong role in digital marketing. Your ad campaigns, your hashtag campaigns, everything speaks about your business and the brand that you wish to develop. So crack your brain and come up with an innovative ad or a campaign that can attract responses from millions of users. Big brands often fail to establish a long sustaining, valuable campaign. It is not the size of your business that determines the success but the amount of effort and smart work you put in.

Regular engagement

Regular engagement

Regular engagement with your customers online comes from your tireless and dedicated efforts to solve every [might be silly] query of your customers. Remember, the customer is the king of any business and not the other way around. Engage with your customers by posting regular polls on contemporary and business issues, by commenting on their posts, by using effective hashtags, by holding mini-contests and rewarding them. Social recognition is a wonderful tool to enhance your business.



If you have a business website, co-creation is easy. Co-creation refers to the process of involving your visitors into your business production. Usually, customers don’t get a chance to take part in the production activities. Co-creation boosts their confidence and helps you earn goodwill. Conduct a poll on your website, or ask them to do a particular task like taking selfies and post them tagging you on the promise of free merchandise, etc. If you own a T-shirt manufacturing company, ask your visitors to design or create a slogan to be printed on the T-shirts. This boosts their confidence and eventually makes them your customers.

So try out the best digital marketing ideas for your business. Seed now, grow ever!

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