10 Risky Replies by Companies that Turned Out to be Savage AF

Digital Marketing

May 24, 2017

“We’re really sorry for the inconvenience caused, we are happy to help you”

This is what you usually expect when you a post a complaint against a brand on your social media. Right? RIGHT?

But, my friend, the times are changing, and so are the way brands used to handle customer complains.

If you think I am bluffing, I feel you should have a look at some brands out there who are using social media to prove that they are just outright witty.

Now some people might argue that this is a bad customer service, in reply we’d just laugh a little and ask them to read their replies first.

And, and, and BURN!

1. Wendy’s knows how to do a good ROASTgood ROAST

2. Royal Mail’s Twitter Game is STRONG!

If there is one brand you should never mess with it’s the British postal service! They know how to take your case just where it hurts the most. OUCH!

Royal Mail’s Twitter

3. And Wendy’s doesn’t stop.

If your day is going boring and dull and you’re not sure where to get some excitement from, just try dropping Wendy’s a tweet. They won’t disappoint you!

Wendy’s Twitter

4. When Netflix is cute AF

You know how in one of our previous blogs we discussed Netflix being the best relationship you’ll ever have? Guess someone took it DAMN SERIOUSLY!

Netflix is cute AF

5. Old spice.. OUCH!

You know how sometimes you just put your feelings out there only to realise that the person does not care like AT ALL, well Old Spice isn’t so different either.

Old spice

6. When things got a little tense between Taco Bell and Old Spice

Isn’t it everyday that you open your social media and see the most bitchiest girls from your school creating useless drama but somehow you live for drama like that? Yeah, well, even better is when two brands get into a Twitter Battle like this…
Taco Bell and Old Spice

7. And then Red bull does not miss a single opportunity

Red bull

8. Easy with the Sassiness Tesco!

There is a very thin line between a joke and a JOKE THAT HURTS. It seems like Tesco went so far off the line that the line is literally a dot!


But that does not mean we don’t appreciate how funny they can be…

tesco mobile

We feel for you, JayFeliipe!

9. When things got a little dirty with Groupon.

So here is how you make your complainers look absolutely stupid that too just under 10 mins. Groupon sure knows how to do a good burn!


10. When Oreo got a little Naughty

What cooler way to communicate on social media than being a little naughty. Who wouldn’t like that? And this is exactly what Oreo did!

Oreo got a little Naughty

This is what the new Twitter Game seems to be all about. Brands who have got the wit, win it all.

If you know of more brands who’ve indulged in even major battles and burns, do tell us in the comment section below. After all, what is life without a little drama in it? BORING!

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