8 Best Pay-Per-Click Strategy 2021

Digital Marketing

April 2, 2024

PPC is the best form of advertising and digital marketing. But you must build a strong strategy to have an effective PPC performance. The digital marketing agency in Delhi has brought you the best strategy for PPC. 

What Is PPC? 

The Pay-Per-Click marketing model is offered by search engines, such as Google. Here the advertiser pays to the publisher whenever the user or visitor clicks on the link. It has many benefits. 

Thus, one needs a budget and a good campaign to get started. 

  • Catchy Content:

Whatever you do on the internet, you need strong and creative content. It is the base of every campaign and strategy. However, it is the same with PPC marketing. Today the content needs to be valuable and must have a strong message. For a successive campaign, you need to achieve this type of content. 

You must develop the best copy for the ad by getting the audience’s perspective, like what they want? And whether it will be beneficial for them or not? So we recommend you have a test on the copy before moving forward with them. 

  • Voice Search:

It is not new on the internet, but the usability of voice search has increased in recent times. You can’t ignore it, your campaign should cover the voice search too. One of the benefits of building the strategy covering voice search is that many use it, and available in almost every device. You can’t lose the audience here.

The strategy for voice search can be built, based on long-tail and question-oriented keywords since many users search in an interrogative format. Along with that, the language used in creating content should be spoken-kind and natural. 

  • Use Multiple Ad Group:

You can add multiple groups on AdSense. So we recommend making use of multiple groups when you have multiple products and services or multiple branches of the office. Making multiple ad groups will help you to be more specific and reduce the overall cost. Where you can target local audiences and specific audiences. 

  • Call Only Campaigns:

The call-only campaigns are effective. But, it is not suitable for all businesses. It is suitable for the professionals, such as chartered accountants, doctors, lawyers, service providers, etc. The call-only campaigns bring your target customer directly to you, by eliminating the lengthy process of visiting the website and contacting you. 

  • Automation Tools:

Digital marketing needs automation tools, it saves many factors, and cuts down the resources. However, it empowers the advertising campaign, so we recommend using the automation tool to develop a strong campaign. 

Also, you can use automation tools to test the campaign and creative content, it will reduce the risk of failing. You can test a copy, using A/B testing, it is one of the best methods to do so. Where you can create a backup before banging with the content on PPC. 

  • Mobile-Friendly:

It is no surprise to have it on the list, today many surfers on the internet are mobile device users. So having the landing page responsive and optimized is the most important factor, the PPC marketing should focus on them too. So we recommend developing a responsive website to succeed with PPC advertising. 

  • Smart Bidding:

Smart bidding is the advertising automated tool provided by GoogleAds. It uses automation to optimize the ads for increasing conversions. Smart bidding provides you with an easy way to choose the bidding strategy that is used to achieve the goals of the business. It can help you in achieving the targets such as CPA, improving conversion rate, and getting benefited from ROI. 

The smart bidding gets modified with the time by Google, the new controls were added by the start of the year, such as seasonality adjustment, for businesses that have more conversion spikes on the seasonal basis, campaign-level conversion setting, and maximize conversions. 

  • PPC Remarketing:

It is a feature added that is very beneficial to remind and retain potential customers who have already shown interest in your products or services. For instance, if a customer has clicked through the ad and entered your website, checked the product, added it to the cart, but didn’t complete the purchase of the product or service

It means, he/she is a potential customer, who showed interest and might buy the product in a short time interval. This feature helps to remind the potential customer by increasing the visibility of the ads, which may lead to completing the purchase. 


PPC marketing is an effective way to reach the masses, generate leads. Also, it helps to increase the online presence, modification of GoogleAds with time is delivering more benefits to the businesses. The digital marketing company in Delhi can help you in optimizing and executing the campaign with their services. 

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