A New App “Soon”: Will it soon make space in the hearts of users?

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November 30, 2015

Smartphones with their applications are like a coin with two sides. There are multiple applications to engage us and to distract us from our daily tasks, and also if look the other side of it, then there are multiple applications to help us in remembering the things that we wish to do. When it comes to mobile applications for organizing your everyday tasks, Notepad is a name that immediately comes to mind. However, you probably have noticed that often times even this app forget about your daily tasks. So, you need something that will keep you organized and remind you about your tasks.

Is there any new app that can organize your want-to-do list? Recently, you must have heard about a new app “Soon” that is much in the news for its special feature of organizing your “Bucket list” in a systematic way. Yes, this is one of the best ways to organize your remember-to-do-list. Scratching your head? Don’t be! Although, it’s not the first app that helps you remember, discover, and experience things that adds fun to your life.

If you do remember how eagerly you pop open the Notepad app, when you heard about new movies, awesome cafes, cool restaurants, interesting books to jot down this information for later- and promptly forget about it. Sharing few similarities Soon, a new app mobile application, offers you a better way to help you keep track of all those things that you want to add in your want-to-do list.

What’s the idea behind this mobile app?

CEO and founder of “Soon”, Carl Ancher and his partner Henrik Evrell came up with an idea of making an app Soon, when they felt that there is no such application that can organize the things you hear about on a daily basis and that you want to try out. They conducted a small survey and found that Notepad app was popular but it appears to be quite messy. So they decided to give people an application that can preserve all the things you wish to do in future.

“It’s not about what you have done, but it’s about you will do next.”

This is what you get to see when you visit the site, and with this one-liner, the app makers are trying to get their message cleared across the masses. This app arranges all these things (that have mentioned above) in lists, and provides you appropriate images and geographical-info and also keeps a track of places you have already been to.

Whether it’s a movie or tv serial you want to watch, a book to read, or a bar to visit, with this app, you can keep a track of all these things. With this app, you can keep your “bucket list” items in their own dedicated space instead of adding them in a Notepad app. It wont be incorrect saying that it is the most easy way to keep your things in an organized manner.

What “Soon” has in it?

What “Soon” has in it

Most of the note-taking apps becomes messy on use, and you don’t even remember what you put in and where it is placed. Unlike other note-taking app, “Soon” more advanced and improved application that will help the user to keep the items in their own dedicated space. On using this app, you will come across different categories that are made to keep a track of things that you want to do but in its own category, For instance, if you want to watch a movie, you can update it in the “movies” category. This way, you don’t have to search the entire app and can keep it sorted out.

There are many categories including, “Books”, “Bars and Clubs”, “Movies”, “Hotels”, “Tv Serials”, “Museums”, “Restaurants”, “Cafe” and many more. This app pulls in all important and additional information that you need to know about the item, whether it’s about booking a movie ticket or reserving your table in the restaurant via OpenTable app, this app will keep all the important information up-to-date in your app. When you have completed the item, you can mark it as completed item by marking it off the list. This won’t delete the item from the app, but move it into a “past” section of this app.

Also, this app offers a social element that allows you to follow your Kins and Kiths on this application in order to see what they’re planning to do in the future. If in case, you don’t have much friends using this application, a “trending” section will show the hottest items in your city or your neighborhood. This feature is ideal to use when you are traveling.


Will this application make a space for itself in the hearts of users or not? This is something that can’t be answered right now, as it will be too soon to talk about something that you have just bumped into. But let’s see if this application meets with the user’s requirements. According to the CEO and founder of “Soon”, it is an advanced application that helps you to keep a track of your want-to-do items.

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