Avoid These Bootstrap Mistakes For Best Practices

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October 7, 2021

Ask front-developers how much they love bootstrap? Since it is used by the front-end developers. Website designing company in Delhi, like Art Attack has explored the bootstrap and found these common mistakes, that are performed by developers using bootstrap. Avoid these 8 mistakes to have the best practices of bootstrap. 

1. Lack of Designer Knowledge and Coding: 

One of the misconceptions people carry while using bootstrap is that they think it is an automation tool, but it’s not. One using bootstrap needs to know CSS for the full usage of it.

For the proper utilization of bootstrap, one needs to have knowledge about CSS for a proper understanding, what is happening. Also, many approach the software like a non-designer, where they fail to utilize it to the core. Before approaching the bootstrap, you need to gain technical knowledge (coding) and have a designer mindset. 

2. Making Simple Into Complex:

If you are new to the developing field, you should avoid this before using bootstrap. To develop web pages many begin with HTML, CSS, and bootstrap. But many may fall for misusing JavaScript. Which will create chaos while building the web pages. You will make the simple things complicated and leave them halfway. So, you can make use of bootstrap modules through the markup API. while utilizing the modules, you don’t need to write a single line of coding in JavaScript. 

The modules will suggest further coding when you type a word of JavaScript. However, for this one must have complete knowledge of JavaScript or use the bootstrap templates. 

3. Misuse of Frameworks:

Understanding the frameworks of bootstrap is important before diving into it. A framework is a tool, which provides the set of templates built through HTML and CSS. further, it is developers who need to utilize the templates accordingly. However, the misconception begins, when they miss out on reading the documentation of the framework. And from there they misuse the framework and start blaming the bootstrap framework. 

Bootstrap doesn’t work for you, developers need to focus on building the pages by learning the optimized usage of frameworks. Hence it is simple to use. 

4. Lack of Handling Compatibility:

Bootstrap framework is modern and it has issues of compatibility with browsers like IE8 (Internet Explorer 8) and older browsers. Since HTML5 and CSS3 languages are not fully supported by these browsers. So you need to take this into account while building the web pages. Because functionality will work properly but lack style support. 

You can use tools such as Respond.js and HTML5 Shim. which will help you to overcome this problem.

5. Modification of Bootstrap CSS File:

It is a common mistake that developers do, customizing or modifying the CSS file of bootstrap. This leads to a breakdown of the whole framework, and again you will create a mess. Bootstrap framework is tightly coupled with a CSS file and if you start playing with the core file, it will break the whole set-up. 

But, it doesn’t mean you cannot customize the CSS file according to you, but the developer needs to create their CSS file and fine-tune it with the use of SASS and LESS. However, you shouldn’t touch the bootstrap CSS file, and for customization, you need to know CSS to perfection. 

6. Use Necessary Features Only:

Bootstrap is used widely by developers because there are many features involved in it. Also, it has a wide range of UI components such as templates built with HTML and CSS, JavaScript plugins, etc. 

But, as a designer, you should make use of the right tools that are easy for you and web pages. Though there are tools like Bootlint developed by bootstrap team, looking at the common mistakes performed by the developers using bootstrap. This tool will help you to minimize errors. It can be used in-browser to overcome multiple common mistakes. 

7. Lack of Prompt Modal Usage:

Bootstrap offers a dialog prompt, which is flexible and doesn’t require much functionality. Also, it has a smart default, which makes it easy to use. But you should avoid these common mistakes such as: 

  • Bootstrap doesn’t support multiple modals, one at a time. You need to develop custom code to showcase multiple modals at a time. 
  • Make sure that modal doesn’t have any special position, to show up properly.
  • The bug exists when you render the modal for mobile devices, especially IOS. So make sure you develop the best bug to handle it. Since it is not handled by bootstrap. 

Avoid these three things for the best usage of modal prompt.

8. Not Following Best Practices:

One of the main aspects of bootstrap is to understand and learn the best practice of it. One can develop the best web pages using bootstrap. What best practices will help you is to understand when to use and not to use bootstrap to build web pages, also for the optimized usage of bootstrap to avoid mistakes, bootstrap best practices will be the path to walk. 


Finally, what we can say as a best website design company Delhi, these are the most common mistakes many developers perform, we hope through this guide you will be aware and create the best website design. Follow this guide thoroughly for understanding the bootstrap for proper usage. Remember, bootstrap wants you to be knowledgeable about HTML and CSS for best practices. 

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