Dear Tumblr, Can You be My Business Buddy?

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May 21, 2017

A blogger’s delight, Tumblr. Can it be useful for my business as well?

Of Course, it can be!

Tumblr has been in the limelight for the past few years, and unless you are hiding in your cupboard, you must have heard about it and read the volumes of content written about it on our beloved social media.

In case you haven’t, well that’s perfect since you wouldn’t have to waste awful resources in unlearning things first.

Before and while writing this article, I also thought it’s just a social media platform to share thoughts and ideas with others, little did I know that it’s giving some serious competitors like WordPress, Blogger and Joomla, a run for their money.

By the end of this write-up, I’m sure you will share the very same ideology.

So now before I start what Tumblr and all is, you must be wondering about the same thing I did a few hours ago, and it was something like this:

“There are a numerous number of platforms available already for social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. which are famous and I’m familiar with them as well, so why should I be wasting my time reading about Tumblr instead of pitching some fresh promotional posts on Facebook”?

So first thing first, let me try to unload this simple fact about Tumblr in your strenuous mind, and that is,

Tumblr is Famous (period)

To backup my claim with facts and figures, let’s ask Wikipedia and see what it says.

Dear Wikipedia, is Tumblr really popular?

Yes, my child.

I don’t believe you coz I haven’t heard about it much, can you take me under the true light of wisdom?

Of Course my innocent child! According to my affirmative “sources” I have got to know that as of April 1, 2017, Tumblr hosts over 341.8 million blogs. As of January 2016, the website had 555 million monthly visitors, and it’s, currently ranked among top 15 websites in the birth-country of AIDS.

Well, Facebook and twitter have a number of users, so my question still remains the same.

Why Tumblr?
Why Tumblr?

Again my stubborn child, my sources at Forbes says that 120,000 new Tumblr blogs are created every day, totaling 86 million that drive 18 billion page views per month. So unless you want to miss out on this awful lot of teenagers just waiting to see what masterpiece are you gifting to this world and what are its implication to the future, you wouldn’t ask me that again.

Okay, I get it! You have me all ears now, please go on and tell me what is this mysterious and mighty god that is living among us and how can we ask for its blessings? In short

What is Tumblr?
What is Tumblr?

With pleasure my beautiful child, so here’s the secret key to this magical universe i.e. Tumblr!

My sources at Tumblr have explained it as a site that “lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, email or wherever you happen to be. You can customize everything, from colors to your theme’s HTML.”

Ok, now I know that Tumblr is an awesome tool to post anything but have anybody been benefited by using its services?

Well, you bet it did, in the year 2012 Tumblr featured its first ever advertising campaign for the Shoe tycoon of that time and of now as well i.e. Adidas. The campaign turned out to be successful because according to a study, on the scale of average visitors’ spending time, Tumblr comes second just after Facebook.

Thank you Wikipedia, let me carry on from here!

Tumblr has several other advantages over many other social media giants e.g. it doesn’t come with a gibberish 140 word limit unlike Twitter where if you have to speak your hearts out, you’ll have to put annoying (1/3) or (1/7), something like that!

Tumblr doesn’t believe in that, it was founded by David Karp in Feb 2007 with the picture of creating a blogging platform in the market, which other big names in that niche are failing to provide.

Later on, it was started being used as a social media platform as well, with almost 50% of the users aging 25 or below.

Right now it is working exceptionally well to provide services in both domains, be it personal or professional purposes because it has a private blogging feature as well.

How cool is that, having private blogging features so that nobody would be able to read your blog/content when all you wanted to do is to get rich and famous?

Isn’t it the reason why you chose to became a blogger at the first place?

So moving on with the Tumblr advantages, one thing I want to tell you is that it doesn’t limit your creativity to a 15 seconds video unlike Instagram where you get to post only one photo or video at a time, well I know Instagram has added this feature in their latest update.

But hey, who did it first?

Tumblr marketing is an edge over other technologies since it has close to none implications to fulfill. Nothing. Zero. Nada!

Tumblr blogs are index searched by all the search engines so that almost every content get listed and anybody can view it without having the need to open an account on Tumblr first, how convenient is that?

Above all Tumblr is free, although it has its policy of paid advertising but your purposes would be fulfilled eventually without having to pay a dime for it.

used tumblr

Tumblr has a clear agenda, “Keep your money in your pockets, my “real” money is actually you.

Hold on, if it has so many advantages why not every major company is running its business on Tumblr?

Well in the article about marketing your business on Tumblr, Jason Keath wrote that, “Not every brand works on Tumblr”!

He backed his argument with the facts and analysis of various successful as well as struggling Tumblr promotions and came to the conclusion that, there are only 3 types of business that should be branded on Tumblr and according to him the respected Niches are:

  • Fashion Establishments
  • Large Websites with multi-million revenues
  • Broadcast and Publishing Media Enterprises

Well I intend to differ with him, though you don’t have the resources and money to swamp around like all those giants do for petty publicity, your content is the deciding factor here.

According to Tumblr’s policy, it gives priority to sharing other people’s contents first while giving equal freedom to share your stand-alone blog at the same time.

know tumblr more

Now that you have become familiar with Tumblr and why it is a must for your company, let’s shift our focus towards money and discuss some creative facts and ways to use Tumblr effectively.

Guidelines to construct an efficient, professional blog on Tumblr

1.) First Impression
First Impression

We all know how important is to have a first impression and the longevity it has on people’s mind, no matter how hard you try to turn it in your way later!

Well, Tumblr took that a bit too seriously. On Tumblr, to delete your first post it involves a mammoth process of navigating to mass post editor and once you get there another bumpy ride of linking and copying some JavaScript code in the URL bar.

So remember, do a heinous crime, you can bribe the authorities to set you free later but post something unintelligible on Tumblr as your first or even name your blog to something mediocre, you’ll regret it the rest of your life.

After posting first promotional post on tumblr

Amy Gahran has perfectly explained the need of using a good enough Tumblr starting kit in her article A Quick Guide to Using Tumblr for Business.

2.) Are You Ready to Socialize?

Well, that’s the most important question you need to ask yourself because most people are pseudo-social in this world and are using it as a camouflage to hide their introvert nature.

You need to know whether you are comfortable with sharing and following other people’s line of work or you are pseudo-social as well!

Well in any case, on Tumblr you’ll have to interact with other people and share their work as well, and even if one of them do the same with you as well, you are reaching a larger number of “foreign” audience already.

That’s the benefit of Tumblr’s policy of sharing other people’s content first on your blog just because if somebody is to share your blog as well, then that post will include a mention of the source from where it got originated.

World of Tumblr

Lessons learned; do a good deed of sharing other people’s content, you’re very likely to be re-blogged in their posts as well. Believe me, the “credits” and “shared via” are your initial signs to success.

In the article about how to promote your business on Tumble, a website named PowerUp Social have said it better than anybody else would have done.

3.) Use Tons of Pictures

Not like tons literally, you got it right?

“Pictures can say a thousand words which you’re too bored to type.”

In Tumblr, pictures play a crucial part in driving traffic towards the respective blogs and higher the traffic, better the conversion rate.

So make sure to use images that tell your purpose efficiently and bang-on without having to waste time on the stupid content curation strategies and writer as well.

4.) Tags should be a priority
Tags should be a priority

The tagging system of any social media platform provides an easy way to find posts related to your quest of knowledge.

You can have good and tiptop content and big bucks too but how are you going to do without anybody ever finding it.

Tags are a plausible and convenient system to find a way around this deadlock situation.

E.g. If you want to look for some ancient sculptures and artifacts, somebody who must have tagged “sculpture” or “artifact” will show you the path to your destiny.

5.) Content is King.

Keep telling yourself that again and again until you grasp the full knowledge of what I’m trying to imply.

I cannot stress enough on how important is it to have a high-quality lead generating content; one can directly relate this with a favorite example of a body and its functional aspects where content being the functionality.

A good quality content must be original, curated and would always end up with the engaged audience through the core.

An article on SocialMediaExaminer has clearly stated this as a fact and how it can help you with your promotional purposes on Tumblr.

6.) Keep Up?

Once you get into this, there is no turning back.

It’s your unlimited supply of the world news and innovative ideas.


Make sure to post something of your own regularly to quench your readers’ thirst for knowledge.

7.) Tale of Success

“We all have our success stories ready, demanding to be told.”

There are literally a numerous number of examples which can pretty much says the same.

Tale of Success

To name a few, in a blog about the successful businesses on Tumblr and how to become one, SocialMediaExaminer did it again.

Whenever you go low on motivation, this will help you get back on your feet and feel the awesomeness going around, I would think of it as, “a chance to grow, an opportunity to learn something better.”

8.) Personal Touch

This suggestion is probably the final one and probably the most important as well, gone are the days when formal stuff seemed the only way to sell!

Today all you need is to quote yourself, and the success would be yours, believe me, there is nothing like feeling a twinge of “matched tuning” these days.

People find it attractive, I find it highly efficient.

The Conclusion

“If you’re here to rule, the world is your oyster.”

Think out of the box, people will hear!

Post something of their interest; they will buy!

Engage with them regularly; they’ll love you.

Tumblr is growing rapidly, let it wash away your scars and fears!

Signup with your coolest Tumblelog, today!

Meanwhile, keep checking our blog, because we have some more awesome stuff lined up just for you.

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