Future of digital marketing in 2021

Digital Marketing

February 5, 2021

The digital marketing world is evolving so much and so frequently that what the future of digital marketing can bring in terms of prospects is almost difficult to foresee. We’ve seen emerging technology over the last year or two, a backlash of sorts in social media, and influencer marketing maturing into a viable and effective marketing platform in its own right from its early days. In the digital marketing industry, there are 2 big developments that I believe everybody will be concerned about. AI is the first. We will begin to understand the likelihood of a content marketing campaign powered by AI. If 60-70% of the material we make goes unused, AI will start pushing us to rethink what we make and why. After seeing the predictions which stood true for 2020, we have mentioned below the top 5 predictions of digital marketing in 2021.

Voice-powered assistants

Smart speakers and “assistants” have been available for a time, but in 2017 and 2018 they really began to take off as individuals have lost the self-consciousness of communicating to their phones and a host of new consumer products such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home have come on the market. There is no excuse for the smartphone movement to stop growing, and this hands-free technology is becoming an increasingly popular way for consumers to communicate with their smartphones. About half of all search requests are estimated to be driven by voice search. With this rise of voice search-driven smart devices, more possibilities will come to market to the individuals who own them. Taking that into account, as well as the fact that voice search users plan to use voice search Even more in the future with over 50 percent of searches in 2020. The best thing you can do is optimize your digital marketing material for voice search. Although it is only in its early stages, voice search is something that needs to be seriously taken into account from now on when planning all multimedia campaigns. 

Artificial technology

For quite a while now, artificial intelligence has been expanding what’s possible in the digital marketing environment, so within the next few years, we’re going to see exponential strides in what this technology is capable of. As machine learning algorithms become increasingly sophisticated and are able to mimic human beings with almost spooky precision, Chatbots can become a customer service standard and begin replacing live agents more and more often. Marketing is getting more personalized and conversational, and chatbots allow you to take advantage of this trend without putting extra pressure on your employees and resources. In ads, AI is still being used. Although human innovation levels have not been entirely reached, Google is now running AI-powered advertisements to refine promotions by detecting and copying, and automatically modifying the best-performing ad templates based on user interaction. Artificial intelligence is the greatest commercial opportunity over the next several decades for corporations, companies, and countries” and “will raise global GDP by up to 14 percent between now and 2030,” which means that “in the next few years, AI latecomers will be at a significant strategic disadvantage.

Micro-influencers on a rise

With top influencers on sites such as Instagram and YouTube drawing millions of followers and earning a six-figure revenue from their brand deals, influencer marketing has already become immense in recent years. Influencer marketing, however, is still in its infancy, even although it delivers superior ROI relative to more conventional promotional platforms, there are some problems to be ironed out. Fake followers are a problem that is still being resolved at the moment because since brand/influencer relationships have backfired in a negative way, there have been several significant instances. Big-name influencers are also beginning to lose their authority as they take on more and more supported posts, reducing their recommendations’ validity and effect. It would make sense to engage more in “micro-influencers,” those social media users who have a much smaller but committed follow-up who can offer more genuine content messages to a trusting audience, while consumers continue to prioritize personalized reviews over being targeted at. The strength of influencers can not be measured by the sheer number of followers they have, but by their personal interactions with each individual follower.

Social media niches to gain popularity

In every aspect of our lives, social media will begin to make its existence known and become fully intertwined with both on and offline networks. When individuals score their experiences with others and are granted better homes, employment, and social status depending on their overall ranking, social media has burst out of the computer and into the real world. Many of the applications on your phone are likely to also exchange details with your social media networks, and it is already normal for employers and recruiters to scan pre-interview social media accounts. Optimistic levels of growth are seen by alternative social media platforms, such as Snapchat, Pinterest, Medium, and Reddit. Although sites such as Facebook and Twitter are still useful today, a small power shift is taking place. It’s not a bad idea, even though these channels aren’t commonly available today. They’ll continue to rise in interest, and these outlets are better at targeting the target demographic if you’re a niche brand.

Videos overtaking digital channels

For years, marketers recognized the influence of online video back in 2015; by 2020, the Washington Post projected that video would account for 80% of all online content. We’re not quite there yet, but the video is still proving to be a strong medium, and we’ve seen a huge spike in live video streaming over the last year or two in particular. Video ads can be extremely successful at a rising rate of interaction and there is no evidence of slowing down the consumer’s demand for video. You’re still lagging behind if you haven’t fully adopted video in your brand marketing, so it’s not too late to hop in. With the convergence of live-action and virtual reality, amazing things are becoming possible and the main content platform champion as we step into 2019 is likely to be original and innovative videos.

Final takeaway

Change is an important, and inevitable, part of the work, as everyone in digital marketing would realize. Make sure that you stay up to date with the new developments in order to be a pioneer in the field of your market. Digital marketing company Delhi, always keep in mind these changes and make sure they embrace them and make full use of them. 

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