Internet Marketing 101: A Brief Outlook

Digital Marketing

June 26, 2015

They say “Old is gold”. But is that the case with Internet Marketing too? Can we rely on the same old guest posting and link dropping techniques for better returns?

Well, it’s quite clear to have an opinion about this because the old methods and techniques of Internet Marketing are slowly getting discarded. The reasons is lack of utility, particularly when it comes to going hand-in-hand with the latest SEO practices and Google updates.

A valid question that may rise from here is, who decides what’s going to be the trend in the coming days and what’s going to fall flat? The answer can be a debatable one. By the way, there are Internet experts, who have been studying the Internet and its regular updates. Figuring out how to make it better and more intelligent for a generation of Internet-savvy users, just that much doesn’t seem to be enough.

The Internet is vast and there is no limit to it. From how the world perceived it initially to how the world can’t live without it now, says a lot about it.

Here is quick leap back and forth in time to understand how Internet evolved as a powerful marketing tool…

The Evolution of Internet Marketing

Since the beginning, the Internet has been an ever-changing and extensive network of networks, driven by its users. Now, the Internet defines businesses.
With its introduction in the 1960s as a medium of fault-tolerant computer-based communication, since then has simply got better, faster and easier to use. In fact, communication has never been so easy!

Evolution of Internet Marketing

Amidst a consumer-centric global world, a business can’t survive without marketing. With the internet getting more refined day by day, it has started offering tremendous support to small-scale as well as the large-scale businesses.

Moreover, if you have talent and you perceive the internet as a platform to showcase it, then you’re moving in the right direction! Who knows, you might as well end up becoming a viral internet sensation, opening the gates to a lot of monetary and social support!

Go viral, Go social, Go internet-savvy!

The internet is not just a platform for communication and data exchange. Nowadays, it is a great portal for showcasing the skills you’ve got, and you don’t have to be an established business entity for that either.

So many of us wish we could play a guitar. But money for coaching and equipments, and space for coaching may not be around all the time. In that case, you don’t have to sit back debarred from a professional training. Because internet has solved that concern already. Log into YouTube, and see what the world has come to. Every kind of talent, no matter how hugely followed or how unique in itself, is being aired on live-streaming videos. And what’s more! You can view it from any part of the world.



Now that marketing! Sit back at home, do your stuff and just showcase it on the internet via various social marketing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter etc. You simply can’t predict what the next big thing will be.

The evolution of internet marketing can be summed up as the ever-changing dynamic nature of the internet, due to which everything has become easier, speedier, more reliable, and cheaper. The overall impact of this dynamic nature of the Internet can be noticed in the local communities, businesses and the nation as a whole.

Let’s discuss what’s hot and what’s not hot about Internet Marketing in 2015. We will see what have been super successful or epic failures so far.

1. Quality Content is the King

Content Marketing has resurrected. With the latest search algorithm updates from Google, the complete process of content marketing has changed drastically. Unlike before, rather than just creating content for the sake of flooding the internet with data (generating infinite backlinks), Content Marketers have started to incorporate subtle ways of imparting knowledge and getting the desired social response from the online data seekers by not just restricting content to textual data.

In other words, Video Marketing, Infographics, Powerpoint Presentations etc. have started to attract a lot of web traffic. Simply put, a picture says a thousand words. Besides, it’s more engaging than reading boring texts over and over again.
So, it’s time to re-create and represent quality content by stepping out of the box, by doing something different from what is already happening.

2. Social Sharing is the Queen: The rise of Social Media Optimization

Never underestimate the power of sharing, especially when it comes to internet marketing!
You must be aware of the fact that your content is supposed to reach the appropriate target audience for best returns. Without the same, there is no point creating user-engaging posts. Hence, adequate data sharing is inevitable. Unread content is equal to an unpublished content.

With every Like, Share and Post on Facebook,Twitter or other social media platforms, the overall user engagement pertaining to your brand/business keeps magnifying. From your Facebook profile, to your website, to your blog, and then back to your social profile, that’s how users can migrate if things are linked properly. Wouldn’t that be wonderful, from a business point of view?

So, in order to achieve the maximum impressions from these social media sites, it is important to spread the word about what you do via these platforms, so that your message (your content, your service, your product) reaches the expected target audience with ease.

3. Enough of Backlinks: Play smart 

Well, if you still intend to fetch backlinks from your blogs and other online content, ensure that they are not just recklessly “keyword generic” anchor tags, fitted in somehow to get a link back to your brand or business. You may be smart, but Google is smarter and it’s observing you!

4. Latest Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not the same anymore. There has been a trend shift with visible results. If considered unbiasedly, the main logic behind internet and its dynamicity is to be able to provide with more intelligent online solutions, especially when it comes to the internet-based search results. The whole purpose of creating this huge network (Internet) was to make work and communication easier and reliable, by imparting valuable data.
Therefore, if you compare the current search engine results with one’s back in time, you can actually observe the change that has taken place in the search engine algorithms. There has been a lot of data refinement. In fact, the keyword-based search engine results have become more precise, providing the user with the very data that they are looking for.

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