Making the PR a little more Personal

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April 3, 2024

Did you happen to spot reasonable somewhere?
Well, that’s not there as PR is nowhere related to this mysterious term.

For you and for me, it’s there but eventually the truth breaks out and people lose their shit for being wronged like they didn’t know it from the first place.

If you were at their place then you would do it as well, cheap publicity is what we call it!

But they read it as cheap-publicity!

A simple question can define everything i.e. what’s wrong with the Indians and their mindsets?
Yeah like seriously, what is wrong with us?

We make plethora of content online and then we can’t judge between an ill-informed content and a right amount of shit!


Yeah, it’s always that edge-of-the-seat-thriller.

Nothing is as it is, everything is as it wants to be! The thing everyone is looking for is balance.
Where is that?

It’s right there, in your mind and that’s exactly how you should want your PR to be!

Press release is not just about press, it’s about your brand and most importantly you as well!
Were you born a professional? Or emotional?

Nhi pta na, but yeh to pata hai na k tumhara brand kese bna h?

That’s how you should make your PR as well.

Jo novices h unko bta dun k PR is a press release that you hand out to mark a new beginning in your brand’s world!

It can be a regular letter of boss to the employees or another new offering!
Remember one thing, it all reflects on your brand’s image!
Let’s start from the basics of branding!

There’s always a continuous debate about what goes into the making of a brand!
In my blog about Branding: Naam Me kya rakha hai? I talked about it in length.
But after the brand has been made, how are you planning to hold that kinda shit?

As you must have known that there are two types of energies in this world, positive and negative!

And though negativity is much in trend, people still want to hold onto the positivity more.

Thinking where this is related with our topic at hand?

Don’t think too much as it isn’t! Just a life advice that I usually give away to reach till the word limit.

Ok ok, ek to bharosa bhi nhi hota na tum logo ko! The two energies get reflected in your PR as your human self is speaking to them.

The positive and negative in your perspective here would be dependent on whether they are feeling more connected to your brand or not and that too is decided by the tone used in the content!

There are many tones be it, conversational, emotional, professional, etc. You are bound to be confused about what works best for you!
Let’s break it down to the following points:

  • What are you selling?
  • How do you want to sell it?
  • And what are the targeted audience?

These three questions must have been ringing in your brain for quite some time, let’s face them now!

The product demands your complete attention and personal care, and it’s not just limited to being emotionally attached to its timestamp, you need to develop it over your emotional connection.

Press Release

People are like this from quite some time now, when we talk about professionalism, we don’t even remember that we were born not made. And mind you, it’s not our fault, it’s just how everybody wants to look at everybody.

So, coming back at it, maybe that’s one way to look at it, then comes the customer satisfaction, we as consumers surely like professional behavior of the team saying sir, sir and all, then we expect them to be a little bit creative with their product as well.

It isn’t possible to create balance between two selfs as described by the Heisenberg’s principle of duality. It makes your time split up and your two selfs might never be on the same page again about every opinion, like literally!

So, you get to decide what your brand’s voice should be, right from the website.
The targeted audience is what really matters ultimately, if they want a product to be run down by creative negligence then they are gonna get that or if they want the creative perception at the world then your best possible bet is to be a bit imaginary and realistic at the same time.

Your two selfs are going to be at war all the time, but you need to accept it wholeheartedly if you wish to survive.

Now we have a brand, just a few more points to ponder while doing the PR and you will be just fine.

The Language

The Language

Language is not just limited to language “language”, instead it’s somewhat less important than that.

(Obviously, as people are more into A’s, B’s and C’s instead of Alphas, Betas and Gammas!)

Didn’t get it? These are the rays that constitute everything around us, so you might want to think about your surroundings more than the grammar.

Get that articulated according to the presentation perspective and you are done!

What Made You Smile Today?

What Made You Smile Today?

What do you think it is, Quora?

Well, you can make it, if you want!
As much humane as possible!
People have started liking the thing with the CEOs when they were seen breaking down and crying on stage, Nokia is a famous example.

But before that happens, make sure that people know you cried and even before that make sure people recognize you.

Because losers cry in the beginning, and winners at the end!

(Whoever made this notion was probably sick in his head, for me winners and losers just don’t define persona, winning is just an overnight success, failure is the process, and crying makes you stronger than the world!)

Dare to Speak Up!

Dare to Speak Up!

Oh, forget it!

It’s not something that the outer world would enjoy, honesty is a precious jewel that people like to keep only to themselves.

In a world like this, if you go with the truth and numbers, you may or may not be able to offend somebody or something.

What you need is to give people a false idea of honesty while keeping your dishonest businesses aside.

That’s how the world is, dual!

The Conclusion

There was an irony in the tagline i.e. make your PR more PeRsonal!
I want it to be personal, not just to yourself only but to the world as well.
And to make it possible, we need to know what means business and what isn’t!

Make the PR, as much as relevant as it can be!

One final piece of advice, use your own words, instead of handing over the task to some stupid content writer.

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