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October 25, 2017

Thank God, they did it otherwise I would have to!

Yeah, I mean Wikileaks and International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ, responsible for Panama Papers) hats off to you guys for doing such thing that surely ask for a serious kick in guts!

With the not-so-sudden demise of Daphne Caruana Galizia, an investigative journalist who was a leader in exposing Panama papers to the world, got killed in an explosion in Malta which was planted in her car!

an explosion in Malta

She had some news on Putin, and we all know the thing with him and how everyone, whomsoever comes in his way gets mysteriously killed.

some news on Putin

His Gaddi(throne) is far more dear to him than the rising tension between Russian mafias and Hindustani thugs. (Like in every shitty desi heist film!)

Well, I wouldn’t blame him to ignore such stupid shits, we Indians do it everyday!
Coming back at it, there is a thing called journalism and then there is this; I don’t have a word for it, courage maybe!

I remember correctly about Panama papers and how Nawaz Sharif was thrown out of PM’s office.


I’m sorry but that incident was funny af!

We have Amitabh Bachchan who is still standing tall against penalizing tax evaders.

[twitter_video id=”919212614537822208″]

Though Modiji has ordered a probe to hunt these guys down, but they have a stronghold on our minds and money as well,

naam hi Shahenshah hai bhai!

But these guys just won’t stop, even after all the misgivings we have thrown at them, they always seem to come out strongest ever!

Well, let’s look at the timeline of these organizations and how they’ve exposed the hypocrisy of various governments to unveil the dark truth behind their secret explorations.
Let’s start with the most recent addition i.e.

Panama Papers: A Quick Blast from the Past

Panama Papers: A Quick Blast from the Past

  • The unprecedented leak of 11.5 mn leaked files is not a day’s work, it was getting shape from all these years. These files include the wide myriad of transactions between over 214,488 offshore client-attorney personnels.
  • Mossack Fonseca, a law and corporate dealing firm is providing its lucrative services to as much as 143 politicians including 12 national leaders of the likes of Nawaz Sharif!
  • Panama is considered as a tax haven for people like us hiding in the gallows, looking for a place to dump down all the blood money. It’s no wonder that Mossack was so active in the past 10 years. (And then they tell you to use Mossack Fonseca papers instead of Panama papers as it was bad for the country’s reputation!)
  • John Doe, who previously worked for Mossack or most commonly known as just whistleblower, is among one of the primary reasons why we can’t come out of the gallows. He is still roaming free, someone please kill him first so that we can continue our Laxmi-Daitri practices of tax evasion.

John Doe

  • It is been attributed as the biggest leak in the history accumulating as much as 2.6 TB of data which is almost 1500 times of Wikileaks and 10 times to biggest ever leak in offshore history so far i.e. 260 GB (By Edward Snowden: A patriot if I may!)
  • John Doe was cited saying that, “I did this because there is a lot of income inequality around and I’ve known enough about these papers to talk about their legitimacy”. So, he leaked the sensitive information to Bastian Obermayer, a German journalist working for Süddeutsche Zeitung, who later asked for help from ICIJ citing the size of the data!
  • ICIJ then placed some calls to its allies and the organizations working for it in as much as 80 countries to verify the legitimacy of these documents! This, that you see in today’s newspapers, is the hard work of 107 media organization all putting their sweat and blood to bring out truth to the people, however Wikileaks believe that it’s all “automatically censored” due to the number of people involved! (For all I believe in is this is a good effort to bring back the good old days, instead of these retarded trend frenzy schizophrenia)
  • This is the power of Internet that many heads of states have been charged in accordance with the allegations against them, most notorious ones are: President of UAE, Argentina, Ukraine, and many more political big fishes.

Wikileaks: The Baap of all Leaks

Chelsea Manning

  • Or maybe mother or maybe none as he/she/it just chose the name Chelsea Manning over Bradley Manning in 2014 verdict by a local court and openly admitted to be a transgender. (Already formulated an image of how conservative I am because of my harsh tone?)

Let me remind you that the social media makes these stereotypes about religion, LGBT, and what not? I’m just pointing them out! And besides I reserve the right to hold my expressions as self-righteous, nobody can tell me on the basis of humanity to love or respect or appreciate somebody just because of their race, sexual orientation or religion, let them earn it with their actions!)

  • Manning was in the US Army when he confided with Adrian Lamo, an online acquaintance, the confidential secrets and “obvious” dark truths about US foreign policy in Iraq, Afghan and many more countries. Unlike every other leaks, this one is still running and publishing the truths of CIA more than ever.
  • Many tried to attack the freedom of expression, most notably by Amazon when they refused them the use of their servers, a standalone attack by Twitter user named Jester, and mostly bank terming 95% of their revenues as illicit; despite all this, the website is still running mostly from the donations by the dark community.
  • Wikileaks was founded by Julian Assange in 2006, but most of the attention was claimed by Manning during his conviction by court-martial when the serious charges of Espionage act and a total of 20 charges were proved against him except for the “aiding the enemy” which could have severe effects on his life-term and life as well.
  • She was charged with 35 years in prison but thanks to “good willed” Obama for reducing the term, however it can be a masterstroke as Assange, who was hiding in another country, agreed to be extradited only if US president decides to go easy on Manning.
  • One thing I can surely say about CIA after all these leaks is that, it has some deepest darkest secrets stored in its vaults.

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden, the name is enough as everyone can easily recognize him from his face only!

The whistleblower, dissident, hero, patriot, and, traitor!

These are the many names awarded to this guy for opening up the chamber of secrets of NSA (National Security Agency) surveillance programs. (I feel that he was inspired somehow by Dan Brown’s novel Digital Fortress as it put some serious allegation on NSA in 1998, but who cares what I think, NSA is the culprit of stealing people’s personal information without their consent and that’s the whole point!)

Sadly NSA still is on the loose while in India, people are such obsessed with Aadhaar card!

  • This guy revealed as much as 236 GB data to general public which is still considered as a milestone in leaking confidential information.
  • He was a former CIA agent and currently on a run by exploiting the right of asylum.

The Conclusion

These digital agencies are fighting against the likes of us, who are constantly trying to defame and tweak the content and make it as much as politically correct for the show business.

We need to show these people as much support as we can!

As the new slogan of WSJ says, ”Democracy dies in darkness”!

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