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April 16, 2024

Steve Jobs once said, “Everybody in the country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” First a salute to you for having decided to learn something new- that too a very special skill. Programming is not that tough. These YouTube channels tell us more than this. The independent tutors give an in-depth view into coding.

Why should you learn coding?

  • Wide career opportunities
  • Attractive perks
  • Technology is ruling the world
  • To improve your creativity
  • To enhance your thinking capacity
  • Life-changing experiences

But these are only stones in the ocean. Learning to code gives you confidence and then you can go scale heights. But where can I learn to code for free?

YouTube is a one-stop solution. Here we list five amazing channels for you to learn to code. I personally benefited from these platforms and hence recommend you the same.

Programming Knowledge

A boy is working on programming

This is one of the structured video channels out there. You can trust it completely because the videos are well made and well presented. The YouTuber walks you through the process of coding by splitting the vast syllabus [as you many call] into different parts. Do you believe? The Programmer posts two videos a day. The channel houses 1.19 million subscribers. The tutor feels that answering people’s questions is an amazing experience for him.

The Coding Train

Based in the United States, the channel releases creative content every week. The teacher explains to us all the programming languages like Java, JavaScript, etc starting from the basics. Since 2006, the channel has been dropping creative videos from coding to generative poetry, creative art, and much more! Daniel Shiffman beautifully takes his passengers on the creative coding train. He has more than 1 million subscribers with more than 6 million views. 

Derek Banas

Derek Banas youtube channel

The YouTuber makes videos on the requests from his subscribers or people who comment. He is based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. On Saturday and Wednesday mornings, he drops his programming tutorial videos. He makes learning interesting. His average frequency is one video per month. But within that single video, you can find many information and tricks of programming. CSS, Python, XML, Java algorithm, WordPress, and Adobe Illustrator are more interesting in his teaching. He debuted on YouTube in December 2009. Since then he has been working hard to enlighten us with coding. No wonder he has 1.06 million subscribers and more than 9 million views.


Codecourse youtube channel

The YouTuber helps us to learn coding with his brilliant tutorials. The channel’s aim is to provide free technology education to all. The channel works as a supplement to PHP Essentials, PHP Basics, CSS, Hosting Guide are some of the excellent playlists he created on his channel. They work on the motto- “Let’s build something awesome.” They have more than 336000 subscribers.

The Codeholic

Codeholic page

Based in Georgia, United States, the YouTuber shares his experiences with beginners and feels happy about that. The channel releases one video per day on an average. The tutor Zura is Co-Founder and CTO at “Apollo 11 – Georgia”, Lecturer in a university, Developer with 7+ years of experience. He has 5.17 thousand subscribers. PHP tutorials, Git Tutorials, Javascript Tutorials are really awesome. And you should give it a try. He prepares excellent content and explains so efficiently that viewing the video one time is enough to understand the subject.

So now, you know where to find coding lessons. Why wait? Subscribe to your favorite channel to learn to code. Code and make a program that amazes you and the world. Happy coding!

Also If you have any queries then feel free to Call the ArtAttackk: Digital Marketing & Website Designing Company in Delhi at +91 9899896296 or email us at to learn more.

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