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August 31, 2020

YouTube says, “Our hope is to support those who use YouTube to share their knowledge with the world and the millions of users who come to our platform to learn.” With a similar objective, I find many YouTubers sharing their knowledge with others. We have excellent graphic designers who turned out to become amazing teachers. They blissfully teach us the art beginning from ABCD of Graphic Design.

Well, what is graphic design?

Communication of ideas and experiences in visual form is called graphic designing. But that’s not simple. We must possess a variety of skills to become a successful graphic designer. First of all, we should learn about graphic design. Then we can move to ancillary skills.

Where can I learn graphic design?

There are free resources online. Yes! Many YouTubers teach you how to do graphic designing in a structured way. You don’t have to fear getting lost in the surplus of resources available for free online. Here is the list of top 5 channels on YouTube that teach us graphic designing.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

I am not talking about the Adobe designing tool, but the channel they have on YouTube. The channel has a subscriber base of more than 5,53,000 people. It is very easy to learn from them. The channel has well-created playlists. Photoshop Magic Minute, Photoshop Playbook in Seasons. Season 4 is my favorite and it takes you deep into designs. Adobe Photoshop is ideal for beginners and professionals. The channel is mostly Photoshop centric. So if you want to have a stronghold on Photoshop, this is the best place. 

PH Learn

The channel operates with the tagline ‘Learning made fun.’ true to it, it is very interesting to learn from PH Learn. With over 1.5 million subscribers and more than 2 lakh views per video on average, the channel is the best to learn to design. Many designers share their experiences in the videos. They provide the best photography and photoshop tutorials. It has more than 700 videos. We can call it ‘the hub’ of designing tutorials. The highlight of PH Learn is that the channel organizes contests very often to bring out the designing man in us.

Will Paterson

Will Paterson channel

Like a typical tutor, he works every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday giving us plenty of interesting logo design ideas. He also teaches us lettering, calligraphy very easily. I had an in-depth and personal perspective with this channel because the tutor teaches us every single feature of Graphic Design by drawing inspiration from his own life. He has 396 thousand subscribers and more than 5000 views per video. In every video, Will Patterson takes us deep into the topic mentioned with examples. If you are a beginner and know nothing about graphic design, Will Patterson is the right place to start with.

Every Tuesday

Teela Cunningham, a great graphic designer owns this YouTube channel. The channel teaches us InDesign and Photoshop. She appears in almost all videos and explains graphic designing, photography, logo designing, and lettering too. According to the name of the channel, she never misses a Tuesday to drop a video. If you want to know about Adobe Illustrator, Teela is here. She can simplify any topic and provide a beautiful mind map of the subject. 

Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake youtube channel

Roberto runs this channel in his own name. He is a senior graphic designer and a digital artist. He has over 453, 000 subscribers. InDesign? Photoshop? Illustrator? Dreamweaver? He is a master of all. You can learn graphic design professionally from him. Apart from these, he also teaches video editing, brand development, earning income, and marketing.

You can always make use of these YouTube channels to learn graphic design. We also have many other channels offering graphic design tutorials with more number of subscribers and views per video. But these were and are the best. Check out these channels to learn your favorite art- graphic designing.

Also If you have any queries then feel free to Call the ArtAttackk: Digital Marketing & Website Designing Company in Delhi at +91 9899896296 or email us at to learn more.

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