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July 21, 2020

Do you aspire to become a professional photographer? Do you just want to edit your friend’s picture to mock him on his birthday? Well, we have plenty of Photography tricks and techniques. That ‘we’ refers to some of the brilliant YouTube channels whose tutors teach us amazing Photography.

Why is learning Photography important?

  • To capture the best moments of your life
  • To cherish memories
  • To make it a career
  • To show your creativity
  • To have a great hobby
  • To help your kith and kin

Simple photography is easy. Nobody is needed to teach you anything. But mastering the art is a must. Splendid photography helps you see the world from a whole new perspective.

“Photography is the beauty of life captured.” To know the art of capturing life, I recommend the following channels where you can learn the art for free.

Matt Granger

Matt Granger

This channel is an amazing tutorial platform where you can learn the skill, product reviews, courses to guide you, and whatnot. Matt Granger introduces you to the world of photography and helps you identify the difference between normal and excellent photographs. Be it Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, she will nail everything. Wandering Photographer, Nikon shoot out are my favorite videos. The tutor explains every bit of the camera in the review videos. The channel has more than 664000 subscribers and more than 1.2 million views.


Do you know? This channel is the most viewed channel on YouTube in Photography. What makes it special?

  • Hosts expert photographers
  • Detailed courses on photography
  • Chase Jarvis is a versatile tutor cum photographer
  • Many courses on photo editing

Best Youtube Channel CreativeLive

  • A million students benefit
  • 430000 subscribers
  • Focussed videos on career, hobby, and life
  • 2 billion minutes of videos

This is an amazing platform to learn photography from the very basic lessons.



This channel is really helpful to learn photography tools, gears, and products. Many accomplished authors drop educational videos here. You can benefit from the brilliant tutorials the channel has. It has 365 videos. An important aspect of the channel is it teaches us the art of photography by combining contemporary trends and traditional lessons. The tutors also publish podcasts on the skill. They operate with the aim of assisting the user in becoming a successful artist. Each video is seen by at least 1.8 thousand people. And now it’s your turn!

Kai W

Kai W

Based in the United Kingdom, the channel soulfully shares photography knowledge to millions of people around the world. Kai W focuses on different types of cameras and their operation. It has a bunch of videos on different types of lenses. The channel has 870 thousand subscribers. Old School Photography and Best photo gear are my personal favorites. The tutor is Kaiman Wong who is a talented photographer. He is also a tech lover and a vlogger.

Weekly Imogen

Unlike other channels, this channel particularly focuses on tricks and tips for making amazing photographs. With more than 434000 subscribers, the channel has 762 videos. They also do photography workshops. Every video receives 8.4k views. The channel specifically concentrates on fashion photography. If you want to become a professional fashion photographer, this channel works for you! Female models appear in every video to give you a live experience on how the art is done. The owner of the channel drops videos weekly.

Weekly Imogen

“A photo is not what you take, it is what you make.” Make astounding pictures with the help of these tutorials. If you are a beginner, you should definitely check these channels. You can benefit a lot as I did from these YouTube resources.

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