Top 7 Influencer Marketing Tools 2021

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November 10, 2021

Influencers are everywhere and every platform has different influencers in different categories. Today many choose to have influencer marketing in their digital marketing campaign. As a digital marketing agency in Delhi, we use the following influencer marketing tools, which help to optimize the influencer marketing campaign. 

In digital marketing use of automation tools is a must, it helps you to minimize the burden and analyze the campaign. Likewise, influencer marketing is part of digital marketing and it has got many dedicated tools (All-in-one). It is most popular among marketers. 

  • Unbox Social:

It is one of the most essential tools for influencer marketers, where one can process the influencer marketing campaign without any hurdle. It offers features such as choosing an influencer by analyzing their audience, engagement, and other necessary elements. Along with that, you can timely track the campaign and analyze it.

Most of the time, choosing influencers has a hurdle with brand identity, whether they have been involved in any controversies, which affect your company. You can do a brand check through Unbox Social. You can track the industry’s best influencing campaign and your competitors. 

Basically, it is a one-stop destination for influencer marketing. 

  • Fourstarzz Media:

This tool is an inventory of influencers, where you choose any influencer based on the location, category, influencer, and audience type. Fourstarzz Media is like a funnel for choosing the influencer for your products or services. 

Once you choose the influencer based on your preference, you can further make their comparison with other influencers. Also, you can compare the audience’s demographic, interests, and content types. It makes things easy as an influencer marketer. Where you can focus on the content too. Further, you can create the campaign and check whether the following influencer is suitable or not. 

It is suitable for every kind of business, irrespective of size and products and services. 

  • Heepsy:

It is a perfect example of AI and its importance. Heepsy helps you to match with influencers through its artificial intelligence by advanced search. The platform has millions of influencers. Further, you can filter the influencer list using various dynamic points. 

The platform offers users to analyze the content and metrics, which include authenticity, growth. Heepsy has two and more plans, where you get a free plan with limited search and paid with all features available. 

  • Plixxo:

It is one of the largest influencer platforms in India, which will help all kinds of businesses. It serves both brands and influencers alike. Where many influencers and brands can sign-up to merge for an influencer marketing campaign. Companies and brands can invite the influencers through Plixxo for partnering for a marketing campaign. This shows how this tool simplifies the marketing for brands and companies. 

You can make your marketing campaign hassle-free and influencers connect with your campaign. Indian brands should use this simple user-interface platform and onboard the influencer for their marketing plan. 


One of the most trusted influencer marketing tools by the brands like Hike, Himalaya, Nykaa, etc. So you can imagine how reliable the tool is for influencing marketing. This tool showcases the blog on its official website. It runs the live campaigns with the right influencer for the brand. It has a base of 25,000 bloggers and social media influencers. 

There are many features included in this tool, you get detailed insights and track the campaign, you can create creative strategy and direction to the campaign, by keeping the core message of the campaign. Also, the influencers are categorized for easy choosing by the brands. 

  • OPA:

OPA is again the tool like an influencer., which is loved by the brands, and took it a step forward by keeping the pricing of the tool low. This tool can be affordable by many companies. It has a network base of 50,000 influencers based in India. Which is a great deal to get started with influencer marketing. 

It is a most favorite tool among the highly reputed brands in India. You get a differentiated influencer such as macro and micro-influencers, which has low pricing and high engagement. You can work with these influencers on different social media platforms. 

  • HypeAuditior:

It is a tool that has 10 million influencers from platforms like Instagram and Youtube. You can filter the creators based on different categories such as language, location, age, etc. This makes it one of the best tools for marketing through influencers. Likewise, you can do with the audience. 

You can check the influencers who have worked with your competitors by entering the brand name. You can track the complete campaign with the right influencer, choosing from HypeAuditor. You will get the perfect match of influencers for your campaign. 

Final Thoughts:

A digital marketing company in Delhi has shared the best tools for starting influencer marketing. Where you can make use of any tool for optimized marketing campaigns. Where you can make an organic influence among the audience and row likewise. However, influencer marketing is growing and adopted by brands across the country. 

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