5 Insider Tips: How to Go From Page 2 to Page 1 of Google SERP


September 20, 2018

Having a website is really great in the era of the internet and every business wants to be on the 1st page of Google at 1st position in SERP. But, it’s very usual to hear from many people that their website is not showing on the first page of Google and it is on 2nd, 3rd or farther in the SERPs.

Today, we are going to tell you how you can take your website from 2nd page to the 1st page in Google SERPs. So, without wasting time, let’s start learning…

  1. Pick the best keywords with keyword research: When it comes to being visible on the web, keywords are one of the most important factors of SEO. Keywords play a major role to give your website visibility and drive traffic towards the website. Performing great keyword research will help you analyze the keywords, and let you choose the potential keywords to increase your website visibility along with rankings and business leads. So, using relevant keywords with great potential is always pays you a lot. You will get visibility, rankings, and business leads by using the potential keywords. It’s been good to pick the long-tail keywords and start optimizing those keywords to dominate your competition. Because a long-tail keyword consists of many keywords when you break down it into phrases and targeting more than one keyword becomes easier with the use of long-tail keywords.
  2. Quality content is always on top: Your website must have the best quality and unique content to attract visitors and search engines. Search engines like Google appreciate WebPages having high quality and unique content. Try to write convincing and informative content which is capable to convey the right message to the visitors easily. Because seeing something unique is a very natural behavior of humans and Google is also following the same philosophy to provide the best SERP results against every search query on Google. Always try to help your customers by providing them with the information they are searching for, targeting customers is the best way to win the customers trust. Also, content is the only thing that sends the trust signals to Google and let your website ranking higher in Google SERPs.
  3. Load time of the website: The load time of the website is one of the most important factors for Google. If your website is very slow and taking more than 3 seconds to load than the load time of your website is slow and needs improvement. Because nobody likes to visit the website taking too much time to load. Many visitors get offended too much for this and start telling their friends that don’t visit this website because it too much time-wasting. People love browsing websites loading quickly and have a faster load time. When your website loading very quickly many people start recommending your website to their friends and family that browse this website if you want something. So, it’s very important to make your website loads quickly to gain the rankings in Google SERPs. You can check your website load time through Google PageSpeed Insights, a website speed testing tool developed by Google. This tool helps you to find the errors and gives you suggestions about how you can improve the load time of your website. So, it’s great to use the Google PageSpeed Insights to find and fix the issues slowing your website. There are some other tools also available for the same.
  4. Mobile Friendly Website: Nowadays, smartphones are dominating the laptops and computers in many areas. Especially, when you are traveling or busy in a meeting, then you don’t need to start your computer or laptop, just awake your smartphone and put your search query in the Google search bar and you are ready to go. Now, people resist carrying heavy and bulky laptops and prefer to carry and use of smartphones for performing basic computing tasks on their smartphones. It is recommended for you to own a mobile-friendly website to get a boost in the ranking of your keywords through various search queries. Google appreciates the mobile-friendly websites in SERPs and increases the chances of improving the visibility of your website in SERPs especially when a search performed on smartphones. So, provide your users with a mobile-friendly website and improve your website visibility in Google search results in many keywords. If visitors are performing a search on smartphones then it is recommended to be available on the platforms where customers are active. A mobile-friendly website will give you the visibility, rankings, and business leads and also let you win your customers and search engine’s trust. Make sure to run a mobile-friendly test on Google to check how good your website is for smartphones.
  5. On-page SEO effectiveness: This is the backbone of the website which needs to be stronger to keep your business standing on top. You need to analyze each and every single factor of the on-page to make sure that your website is fully prepared to go live on the web. There are several things comes in on-page and you should check and optimize your website for each of the factors. Here are the important areas needs to be optimized:

Are your webpages easy to read?

Are your webpages are optimized to rank well on Google?

Titles and Meta descriptions of your webpages are optimized?

Is your website has unique content?

Is your webpages has strong and eye-catchy images?

Is your website provides relevant information?

Is your website has a sitemap? If yes, is it updated and optimized?

Is your website has an optimized robots.txt file?

  • The .htaccess file is functioning well or not? And there are many other things that your website needs and you can check those things on Google easily through a simple search. On-page is the backbone of the website optimization and it is considered as the base of every website, and we know that if the base is not strong then we can’t make a strong building. These are 5 insider tips to get you to come up from page 2 to page 1 in Google SERP. Stay tuned to learn more SEO and digital marketing tips to improve your website ranking in Google search. Feel free to drop us a line to know more about our services.

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