5 Ways that Website Design Affects SEO Rankings


June 20, 2022

Person reading might not believe but experts will do say that website design affects your SEO ranking. And the website designing company in Delhi is one of them that believes in this concept with proper reasoning. 

Yes, you are missing out on the easy chance of improving your search result page ranking. It is just because you don’t have a proper website design. 

“SEO is not just about posting content with keywords and backlinking, it’s more than that.” To rank high on the result page, the first thing is your overall website functionality and accessibility, then comes the content and keywords, and then other SEO tactics, such as linking, guest blogging, backlinks, etc. 

Remember, the web design company Delhi firstly mentioned your overall website. It is just because the website is a basic thing that defines ranking. Your content is ranked along with the website, so the site acts as a foundation. And we feel the base (website) should be strong, aesthetic, and optimized. 

Check out how website design affects SEO rankings in 7 ways, this will help you to be careful in the different aspects of website design when you are redesigning or optimizing the website to improve ranking. 

1. Navigation: 

Navigation is one of the basic aspects of website design, which needs to be simple, easy, and categorized. It is very important and it should be treated very carefully while designing. Know how navigation affects SEO rankings. 

User experience improves when you have simple and easy navigation on the website. Also, this helps the users to find the information, which they are looking for. If users don’t find the information and leave the site without checking other pages, then this increases the bounce rate. 

Bounce rate means people leaving your site without surfing other web pages of your website. An increase in bounce rate also affects losing the quality leads. In totality, this impacts on SEO rankings, since SEO ranking is directly related to bounce rate. A high bounce rate becomes a sign of not meeting expectations or being irrelevant to the users.

So, keep the navigation simple and easy for the users and even for the search engine to crawl through the website. 

2. Mobile-friendly website:

One can’t avoid making their website responsive, especially at this time, when the smartphone users rate is increasing. On average, 50% of traffic for a website comes through smartphones and SEO ranking is based on the optimization of a mobile-friendly website. 

If you are missing out on the responsive website, then you are not even in the race of SEO ranking. This is a fact! The website designing company in Delhi recommends to your website be responsive and optimized quickly. 

If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you will experience a steep rise in the bounce rate and also Google won’t consider your website authoritative or relevant for ranking. The SEO algorithm continuously updates and gets advanced with every update. So, a website that is not mobile-friendly is never considered for the ranking. 

3. Images and Videos:

You might have observed that nowadays, websites have more illustrations and vector images than images. Also, videos are not directly inserted into the website. The thumbnail of the video is hyperlinked this helps in avoiding inserting the video directly on the website. 

Using more images and videos on the website will make the website design heavy and impact the website speed, which is another important thing that everyone looks to achieve in their websites. 

This will affect your leads and ranking since users like to surf the website having advanced functionality with quick loading time. So, do run tests of your website and remove the unnecessary elements that are impacting your website speed. 

You can make use of different paid or free tools to run tests on the speed and performance of your website. 

4. Fonts:

No, it doesn’t affect SEO ranking but you need to be consistent with it. 

A fancy font is acceptable until it affects the readability of the users, a font that is hard to read or too small to read affects the user experience. Using too many fonts has the same impact as well. So, the web design company Delhi recommends using a font with high readability and adjusting of font accordingly. 

5. Heading hierarchy:

Are you reading this blog word-to-word? Might be? But not every reader does this! Some just read the headings and some just skip the whole blog! 

However, the reader who is keen to find solutions or gain knowledge will not scan, they will read important points. And the reader who just goes through the content headings. So, to whom you should write content for? Everyone! 

It should be well-structured so that a person can understand the whole topic by reading the headers. If one doesn’t understand the particular header, then they will look content down the point. There is a format in blogs or content, where H1 (Heading 1), H2, and H3 are used as categories. Also, the first header should be powerful, promise a reader, and engaging, this will make the readers click to read the content. 

By doing you increase the traffic and engagement on the website, which positively impacts the ranking. 

Concluding Words:

The design of your website plays a crucial role in determining your website’s ranking and overall business growth. A poorly designed website can hinder your search engine ranking by leading to slow loading times, lack of mobile responsiveness, confusing navigation, inadequate use of keywords, and insufficient optimization for search engines. These obstacles can negatively impact user experience, resulting in higher bounce rates and decreased engagement, ultimately hampering your online visibility and business growth. To address these issues and enhance your website’s ranking, consider seeking assistance from reputable SEO services in Delhi. Their expertise can help you optimize your website’s design, improve user experience, and implement effective SEO strategies, working together as partners to drive better search engine rankings and support your business expansion. Get in touch with us to take your website to the next level. 

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