Get the Valuable Customer Insights Through Google Analytics


August 21, 2015

Google Analytics is undoubtedly a very useful internet analytics application. It gives you valuable information about the visitors of your website and measures the performance of your online efforts. Google Analytics is a free service which anyone can avail. Google always work on enhancing its products and services to serve users in a better way.

What is the use of Google Analytics?

Analytics tracks the visitors on your website. It is user-friendly and easily gets integrated with your website and any other products of Google, such as Adwords, Adsense, etc. It is also used to find out the outcomes of your marketing campaigns. You can also compare the content of your website and discover which is performing better.

How To Use Google Analytics?

I assume that you already have an analytics account, if you don’t have one create it here using your Google account. After creating the account, you have to install the website tracking code on the every page of your site. Now you are ready to use it.

Use Google Analytics

Home Page

It is the first page you face after logging into your account. It has some basic information such as the session, session duration, bounce rate, etc. It generally shows the data of one month, but you can view the information of any date range. You can also compare the information of two-time periods.


Reporting tab shows all the data of your audiences. Here you can view the demographics, interest, location and many other things of visitors.  It contains a search box on the top through which you can find a specific report.

Dashboard -The dashboard lets you customize the view of the data. You can also add different widgets as per your needs or download a ready to use dashboard from Google Analytics Solution Gallery.

Shortcuts – Shortcuts are similar to bookmarks. You can save a specific page or data which you may need later. Keep frequently visited pages in shortcuts tab to save time and easy access

Intelligence Event – You can set up alerts in your Google Analytics account for specific events such as an increase in traffic, conversion, goals or on any other business metric. It will send you a mail on the occurrence of set event.

Real Time – This tab gives you the real-time information like how many visitors are at your site right now? What are their location and active pages?

Audience – It is the most used section in the tool. You can see detailed information about the visitor of your website in this tab. You get to know the location, interest, age, gender, etc of the audience. Using this valuable information you can develop a successful marketing strategy.

Acquisition – The main aim of a business is to acquire new customers. Here you will find how many visitors have been converted into customer over a period of time. First you need to set goals and acquisition metric to use this function.

Behaviour – You would like to know what did visitor do on your site? Here you will find the answer. It shows the bounce rate, average time on page, exit rate, etc.

Customization – As the name suggests this section enables you to customize reports, organize through sections and import reports from Google Analytics Solution Gallery. The main benefit is that you will see only what you need.

Admin – This is the last tab in the top menu of the tool. Here only you manage the entire setting of Google Analytics. Some of the important options are property setting, user management, social and e- commerce setting. The Admin Tab has the option to link your analytics account with Adwords and Adsense

Final Words – Every website should use Google Analytics to figure out the visitors of their site. It is very important for a business to keep track of the performance of their website and marketing campaign and continuously improve it using the insights of Google Analytics.

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