What To Choose Between Shopify or a Custom Website


June 24, 2022

Everyone wants to get the best website design for their eCommerce or online store. Likewise, if you are looking to start an eCommerce store or rebuild your eCommerce in a different style, and are confused about finding the best way to get the best online store for your prospect, then this blog is for you. 

The website designing company in Delhi will help you to clarify things and choose the best (Shopify or custom website) one for you. 

Let’s begin by understanding the Shopify –  an eCommerce platform

What is Shopify? 

Shopify started in 2004 is an eCommerce platform that allows users to build an online store and sell their products on multiple platforms including social media platforms. You can even customize your online stores and sell products. 

Shopify Website Design Agency In Delhi allows you to develop well-advanced and quality websites on the platform. And this platform is user-friendly that helps different users from beginners and experts to build an eCommerce site. 

Today, Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform that has advanced features which help the users to grow their business comprehensively. Let’s check out them. 

Features of Shopify: 

  • Integration of platforms:

    Shopify allows you to get your stores not only through the website, but now you can create the stores on social media platforms such as Facebook. Where anyone can easily buy straight from Facebook without redirecting to your website.

  • Auto-calculation shipping charges:

    You can go high or low with estimating the cost for shipping, to give the accurate and real charges for each customer from different locations, Shopify has auto-calculation features. By using this, you can charge customers accurately without any hassles.

  • Create a customer profile to track the best buyers: 

    Today, the internet has a gem called data. By collecting the valid and most needed data you can win anything on the internet. Likewise, by asking the customers to signup before buying the products, you can collect their information and by leveraging the feature of Shopify you can find the best buyers of your products. 

  • Get discount codes: 

    Who doesn’t like discounts? And it is no more a secret that discounts help to boost sales. By using Shopify feature ‘Bulk Discount’ you can generate discount codes on the various basis such as percentage-based, cost-based, or free shipping

There are a lot more features that make Shopify a standalone platform. 

How much does Shopify cost? 

Shopify has abundant sophisticated themes that can be used across different industries and with ease of customization, and as mentioned by the website designing company in Delhi, there are a lot of advanced features, so we can call it a one-stop solution for all your eCommerce website needs. And this platform’s cost starts at $29 per month and you will charge for a few premium themes, which is around $180. 

These rates are reasonable and value for money when you look at the features and extensive service it offers. 

What is the custom website? 

Custom websites are sites that are built from scratch according to the requirement and it is aesthetically designed. You can find custom websites as unique and stand out compared to other websites that are built on different platforms. 

How much does a custom website cost? 

The cost of a custom website varies from agency to agency. You can find the best web design services in Delhi at affordable prices, a team with great technical knowledge, creative sense, and a bundle of work experience. 

Let’s discuss the key differences between Shopify and a custom website: 

  • Shopify is a platform, where you at least need knowledge and a bit of web development skills and a custom website is more hands-free. 
  • Shopify makes you select a theme and customize it, whereas custom web design it can be built from scratch according to your requirement. 
  • Shopify is quick to set up and launch, and custom website design takes time to build and set up since it is built from scratch. 
  • And comparatively, Shopify is cheap. 

How to choose between Shopify and a custom website? 

“It is an individual decision based on their brand need and vision.” If you just want to list the products on an online store, then you can opt for Shopify, which is cheap, quick, and easy. 

Also, you can leverage the advanced features of Shopify and make the best use of them. 

If you are looking towards having a website that has strong functionality with seamless performance and a standout website, then you must opt for custom web designing and partner with an agency that has a great experience, a strong and quality team, and is affordable, such as the website designing company in Delhi. We are an integrated web designing agency that will help you in everything with perfection and quality. 

By doing so, you get a quality website for your business, and this has an affirmative impact on the business as well. 

Consequently, the task at hand involves defining your website’s objectives and requirements, enabling you to establish a clear and resolute decision-making process. As a result, we anticipate that this blog has provided you with the comprehension needed to become prepared and confident in making your choice.

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