5 Instagram Accounts that prove that selfies aren’t un-feminist

How often is it that you open your Instagram Account just to find you feed flooded with those perfect selfies that read #nofilter or #iwokeuplikethis. Now even though we hardly believe the part about no filter or somebody waking up looking like that, it makes one wonder if Instagram is really a place where one should be. Has it too, become one of those places that will ultimately make you buy beauty products or clothes by making you feel insecure and unsatisfied?

So how do you make sure that you break this cycle of negative thoughts? You do that by following some women who pull you up not drag you down!

The four main styles are:

If you’ve prefer social justice over perfect eyebrows, real life struggles over beautiful sunsets and intellectual inspiration over #relationshipgoals, then these are the instagram accounts you need to follow:

1 Vc_london


This gathering of female bikers are reclassifying the generalization of “ladies on motorbikes.”
The three companions work out of an east London motorbike workshop, helping to organise women’s-riding classes and offering counsel to first-time female riders.
“Setting up an Instagram and calling ourselves VC was a way to document a few friends just having fun riding and wrenching our motorbikes”, VC-er Gemma Harrison said.

2 Stoptellingwomentosmile


Stop Telling Women to Smile is a series started by Fazlalizadeh(Illustrator and Muralist from New York) You’ve got to follow this account as it addresses gender based street harassment beautifully. Her work is so inspirational that it has traveled countries to places like Paris and Mexico.

3 amandlastenberg


If you have watched “The Hunger Games” then you would remember her little Rue. Amandla in Zullu means “Power” and this young proves it right! If you’re looking for feminist inspiration in life, follow her account as she moves about in her life fighting equality for her race, gender and identity.



Words are everything. They can make you travel places in your mind. Follow this account for some word motivation that will make you feel like a strong woman.



If you think Body Shaming shop stop and there isn’t much talk of it- you’re missing out on some major inspiration. This is your go to account to get thoughtful quotes and motivation on body positivity. Follow it and you’d know.

Feminist or non feminist, we all need a dose of motivation on a daily basis and these are some accounts that are surely going to lift your spirits up. Because when the clouds are dark and stormy- you need a silver lining! Let us know if we missed out any account that you think should have been here.

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