Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media in 2023

There has been a sudden rise in social media after the Pandemic. Many brands know the importance of social media and looking for a platform for multiple business opportunities, which was not the case earlier. 

We as a Social media agency in delhi have brought you the list of do’s and don’ts of social media. These will help you manage social media more prominently and precisely. 


1. Build a social media calendar: 

When you are approaching social media like a professional. The best way to use social media, engage your audience, and maintain consistency with content, you need to do is build a social media calendar. This calendar will help you plan content strategically and maintain consistency in the long run. 

2. Use of videos: 

There is a paradigm shift after the Pandemic. The users on social media are largely consuming video content (to be specific vertical and short video content). Different social media platforms have introduced new features to engage their users with short video content. 

This shows how people on social media are consuming content. And to excel on social media faster and reach a wide audience, you need to start creating video content. 

creating video content

3. Being authentic: 

Social media is about being authentic and organic. It takes time to achieve results and you can enjoy success for a long time on social media. But all these are possible when you are authentic and organic on social media. 

At the same time, it is a matter of your brand’s reputation, you can enhance your brand’s image with credibility and authenticity. 

4. Market research: 

A thorough market research is crucial to achieve the results and sustain tight competition. You must be data-driven, you must understand your social media audience’s behavior, and also keep an eye on the competitors and their actions. 

These will help you build a better content strategy and penetrate social media in the right way. However, good marketing like youtube will help you excel and build an excellent social media impact.

5. Leveraging tools and technologies: 

In today’s time, AI is dominating every segment including social media. Platforms have enhanced their features, algorithms are advanced, and ads help you reach the niche audience. By leveraging the tools and technologies, you can manage all your social media tasks with more ease and precision. 

As a social media company in Delhi, we believe without using tools and technologies, one cannot achieve goals in today’s time. 


1. One content for all: 

If your brand is present on multiple platforms, then you have to avoid posting the same content across multiple platforms. For example, if you have posted content on Instagram, then you should not post the same thing on Linkedin or Twitter. 

There is a reason behind it. First, every platform has a different set of audiences, and the purpose of every platform is different. For instance, Linkedin is more like a professional, B2B platform, where you talk about the business and industry, and on Instagram, you will find more witty and jovial kind of content that attracts youth. 

So posting the same content across different platforms will take you nowhere. 

2. Not focusing on UGC: 

UGC (User Generated Content) is crucial to building a brand, By utilizing UGC content, you can develop an impactful brand, where it will be an emotion to your customers. In recent times, the quintessential for rightly utilizing UGC is of Tinder, here’s how they did! 

During India Vs. Australia cricket match, there was this girl with a placard in her hand asking Tinder to match her with Shubhman Gill (An Indian batsman). Using this UGC, Tinder printed billboards with that girl’s photo holding the billboard, and this billboard got the attention of many of them including Shubhman Gill himself. 

Likewise, you can make the most of it using UGC creatively on your social media profile. 

3. Focusing quantity over quality: 

Content is the key to having a successful social media presence. But many believe that posting too much content on social media will improve their number, which is not the case. You need to focus on quality, consistency and trends. That’s why we recommend you build a social media calendar, which will help you focus on quality and maintain consistency with ease. 


These are a few Do’s and Don’ts of social media. Following these, you can easily get started and build a decent social media brand.However, it’s essential to strike a balance. If hiring a professional team is not feasible initially, focus on learning and implementing best practices in social media marketing. As your brand grows, you can gradually invest in a professional team to take it to the next level. Remember, genuine passion for your brand and consistency in efforts can go a long way in building a successful social media presence.

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