Extract the best from Facebook for your business: 4 Tips to create a Kick-Ass Ad campaign

Aren’t you worried about monetary loss a regular basis through not so successful Facebook ads?

I can understand your situation, in case you are not able to pull off the desired results by taking a swing at newad
campaigns everyday.

Well, irrespective of creating a plethora of images, tweaking copy infinite times, even testing a myriad of demographics
for self satisfaction, you’re still unable to develop a lucrative ad, right ?

Case in point, you are simply throwing money in Facebook’s hands.

Trust me, its a pain when you see adequate outflow of money while no inflow in return. However, what if
I tell you that today will be the day to make way for your first promising Facebook ad that’ll put a smile upon your

Yes, you heard me.

This blog will give you 5 tips to redefine your approach towards Facebook advertising for good, particularly in case
you’re just a beginner.

Let’s get started, shall we ?

Tip #1: Be particular about your offerings

“Strong copy will not overcome a weak offer but…in many cases, a strong offer will succeed in spite of weak
copy written by marketing morons.” – Gary Halbert

Gary refers to direct response copywriting while implying that in case what you offer
is good, your Facebook ads will also pay off better.

I’d let you settle down with that.

Here are two Facebook ads with two unique approaches. Nevertheless, what they offer is similar to quite
an extent.

Ad #1

Startup Drugz

Ad #2

I heart dog

Sure thing, both the ads resonate impeccable offers. However, just one of them plays with the emotions
of target audience. Make a guess which one am I talking about here ?

I am speaking about the second ad. I’m sure discounts are a great way to attract attention, however the thought process
involved in the second ad definitely has an eloquent impact on the target audience. Learning that you’ll be contributing
in feeding 7 dogs is enough reason for a dog lover to purchase the t-shirt. Besides, buying the t-shirt is just an add
on, while you’d actually be proud of your modest initiative.

The true nature of a good ad is simple, to sell without selling. Case in point, I’m not advising that
you to move ahead with charity so as to market your products or services on Facebook. Instead, I just want you to
realize that perhaps it’s time for you to find a sweeter way to market your offerings. Try to be
confident with your advertising skills and bring it out in such a way that your target audience doesn’t feel that you’re
tryna sell them something. As generic as I may sound right now but, do remember, people like purchasing things, but not
like being sold. All you need to do is try to install the thought in their mind that what you’re marketing is
their idea, not yours.

You need to come up with savvy ideas and think out of the box to achieve to surpass the ordinary.

Consider the practices of SaaS companies. They offer you free trials, create a rapo by building trust without even
selling directly. They know how to build a sense of requirement and that’s what matters.


Tip #2: Keep a check on Sales, stop wasting time on futile metrics

It’s understandable that in a digitally driven world, parameters such as social shares, likes, clicks and other forms of
engagement are important metrics that help assess our efforts. But that’s not all. You need to realize that from a
business point of view, what actually matters is how much sales you’re making and how much of your social media effort
supports it.

In other words, the world of digital marketing is alluring to some extent. Just because you see that your ads are
getting clicks, based on that, you may feel assured that your ad campaigns are doing good. My point being, don’t be
allured by false parameters. When you receive clicks, you assume that your ads are working. However that’s just one side
of the truth. Getting clicks simply doesn’t mean that your ad is performing great.You must keep that in mind.

In fact, you may say that it truly doesn’t matter whether you’re receiving a thousand clicks or shares.
As long as you ain’t getting sales, you might as well understand that something is just not right. Perhaps it’s your ad,
or the landing page, or perhaps the target audience. Whatsoever the reasons may be, you need to troubleshoot the
situation and figure out a solicit solution. Best would be to terminate the ad campaign and reckon what exactly is going
on. Rest assured, in case you don’t be proactive to resolve this situation, you’d keep facing monetary loss on a regular

As Jon Loomer, founder of The Power Hitters Club says, “if you did not
use conversion tracking you going to have a hard time determining which ad is actually leading to

And this process is quite important. Despite the fact that you’re making sales, yet if you ain’t tracking the which
particular ads are leading to revenue, you’ll end up losing money. As for me I simply follow the funda, Prioritize
sales, then engagement.

Tip #3: BUILD a Promising ads campaign

It is often a preconception of a lot of people that successful campaigns are actually created. to the
contrary I beg to differ. One simply cannot produce a great ad which will get you a lot of ads. Instead, one needs
gather adequate data about the target audience prior to building a campaign.

Yes, the key word here is BUILD!

Alright lemme ask you something if you want to construct a building, how’d you proceed with it?

I am sure the first step that you will take will be to set a unshakable base, right? And once the base has been set,
you’d proceed towards the next set of action involving setting up the interiors that’ll define your building. Having
completed the construction, you fix other small little details such as painting, plumbing, decoration

Let me put things in a clear way. If you skip the basic steps of construction, your building won’t be strong
enough to stand tall

Case in point, speaking of Facebook marketing, well, you ought to work on a similar approach as that of constructing a
building. You would need to work on building campaigns buy following a pragmatic approach. You’ll need to collect and
put together a lot of data that will eventually shape into your winner ad.


Now the next thing that arises here is the question that how can we find the is crucial data points? Well, the answer my
friend is blowin in the wind!

All you need to do is find the data through pragmatic Testing and Optimisation.

As per Neil Patel, Optimisation comprises of two
major things:

a) Doing more of what shows results
b) Stop doing what does not

Isn’t it simple ?

And that is how easy it is to start off with the process of building a successful campaign that drives
good results.

Following are a few steps that’ll help build a great Facebook ad.

1) Categorize your Ad

First thing first, divide your ad into simplified categories so that it assists with the process of
. You’d need to break down thead into elements that you will be able to visualise and further test and
optimise. As per my experience here are a few element that you should consider:

a) Design

Under design you will need to keep a check on elements such as headline, image, text, CTA and value proposition. It’s
all about how sound you are with the placement of each and every element of the design. Make sure to follow a linear

b) Target

Next thing that you’d need to analyse would be the target. Under this category you must include which countries you
targeting through yourads, country that you targeting the people that are getting comma the gender comma there
interests, age, education qualification and purchase behaviour.

c) Miscellaneous

Lastly there are 4 more things that you will need to take care of while building a winning ad. you need to be more
careful about how you designed the landing page order product page how you do that placements what is the objective of a
campaign what type of are you looking forward to publish.

2. Optimize your Ad Creatives

One thing you need to know is that your ad creative is really important. The creative you’ll use will have a greater
impact on the conversion rate. It is through the creative that your value proposition i.e. your ideas will be conveyed.
For the same, you must make sure that every element of your creative is optimised and supports your base idea.

Surprisingly, I’ve noticed that a lot of digital marketers do not focus on this point and end up
creating ads that simply don’t work. Rest assured, you be careful with this. Be smart to follow the Facebook guidelines
so as to optimise your ads for optimum conversions.

Kiss Metrics

3. Give up assumptions. Start testing everything.

Here’s the thing.

When it comes to testing, your opinions do not matter at all. Keep in mind that in the word of digital marketing, every
approach must be tried and tested as peer the right metrics and further tracked and analysed to figure out the pain
points and the workable areas. Do not assume that because you are getting likes on your Facebook ad, it is working good.
No, it is not like that. Assumptions are alluring and lead you nowhere.

Tip #4: Set long-term and short-term goals

Finally, I would like to conclude this blog on an advertising standpoint. This point might sound repetitive to you but,
hey, it’s definitely important. As we have spoken earlier, every initiative needs to be overlooked with respect to the
long term goals. And setting goals is a primary task indeed.Be sure to interpret whether your ads campaigns are
heading in the right direction
, that is your end goal, or not. Else you’ll never be able to entangle yourself
from this complex process. And without envisioning the bigger picture, you won’t be able to seek
achieve tangible results.

Simply start from the end. For instance, suppose you seek to achieve a goal of selling 30K units within
a span of an year. Unless you have set this need of yours clear and upfront, you won’t be able to follow the pragmatic
process of achieving it on time. As long as you are being practical and you understand that your target goal is
achievable, you’d end up wasting your time, money and effort altogether in vain.

Make sure your end-term goal helps you fill in the short-term goals appropriately, make sure you are able to analyze
data and work on them while modifying your strategy, if required. Referring back to our example of 30K
sales, you’d need to ensure that each month you’ll have to make ‘x’ number of sales in a month. Likewise, you could also
figure out the count of sales you’d need to do on a regular basis and then implement the best practice to achieve those

Case in point, when setting advertising goals, start right from the end.

Break the bigger picture down to smaller goals. Yes, it’s true that such a simple
practice can actually make Facebook Marketing easier and simpler.

Now it’s time for you to go ahead and make your first unbeatable Facebook ad campaign. Enough being skeptical, time for
you to make a dominating move. Just remember, being a black sheep won’t lead you anywhere, rather you’ll be another case
of failure. What you need to do is tap the potential of Facebook Marketing by creating some highly encapsulating ads,
that get you sales and also followers and clicks. Never forget you true agenda of fetching more sales. It’s base for all
your permutations and combinations, all your content strategies and all your social media marketing!

Stay tuned to read more interesting write ups on Facebook Marketing.

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