From Orkut to Facebook – The Evolution of Social Media

“What happens on social media STAYS on Google FOREVER”

Long before social media became the entertainment juggernaut and took the world by storm, letters, telegrams, long distance calls, etc. were the only available limited ways of communication. But the last decade has changed almost everything. Now, it’s easy to connect globally and share your memories, feelings and emotions with your friends and relatives. Well, this progress was not only in terms of communication but the businesses too have dug profit out of it. Either we are exploring a new eating joint, travelling a new place or searching new friends, social media has huge influence over our decisions.

The history of social media is huge and comes in variety of flavors. Where you can treat Facebook as vanilla, Twitter can play the role of a small-sized dessert, Pinterest as a dish with perfect presentation, no-one-can-eat-just-one chips as Instagram, Hot-head Maggie as Tinder and topping the above all is Snapchat representing diet Coke.

Well, the reason why social media has gained so much popularity worldwide is that it has something for everyone and that’s where it has hit the bull’s eye. Let’s check out 6 traits that became the sole pillars of its mammoth victory:

  • Easiest way to stay in touch with people
  • User-friendly interface to meet everybody’s expectations
  • Free! Free! Free! No registration cost involved
  • Helps unemployed to earn some penny or to find their dream jobs
  • Exposure and scope to businesses
  • It incites a sense of belongingness

Here’s an infographic that will take you down the memory lane to know how social media has evolved over the past few years:

Evolution of Social Media

A research has shown that around 80% of the posts on social media talk about personal experiences and this is where the businesses have taken the opportunity to sync this experience with marketing to know their customers better. For a business to be successful it is important to let its customers talk more about themselves and less about the former.

Did you like the infographic and find it informative? What are you waiting for then? Exploit the social media channels to share it!

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