How social media benefits individual & businesses?

In today’s’ hectic world, everyone is busy with their lives. Social media has become the most convenient way to connect with others. The evolution of smartphones has accelerated the growth of social media. Most of the phones today have internet access, by which one can easily access social media sites anywhere and anytime. They have become an easy medium of expression, which enables you to connect with people around the world, share your thoughts and feelings, upload photo and much more.

Social media gives you the option to meet people of your interest, it opens the door of learning and employment opportunities. You get access to celebrities, leaders and professionals. Almost every famous brand is present on social media, giving you the opportunity to connect with them. Social media is also the best way of networking with various people. Here you will find people who share your interest, profession, location and ideology. There are many groups too based on the above classification, you can join them or create your own and add people to it.

Social media gives you the chance to promote yourself in the same way you would a brand enabling you to become an influencer. There are many companies who hire people with good knowledge of social media to handle and promote their brand. You can also earn money by working as an affiliate of a brand. So there are endless employment opportunities as well in the social media field.

Social Media Statistics – Let’s have a look on some interesting facts on social media, which shows that it has become an important part of our lives and business.

  • At present the population of this world is 7.2 billion out of which 45% people (over 3 billion) have access to the internet.
  • Social media has 2.1 billion users
  • Facebook alone has over 1.4 billion users, which is approximately 47% of all internet users.

How social media is beneficial for businesses – Everyone is a customer in the world, yes we all are, no matter where we live or what we do? In our life, we use various products from different companies. From morning till night we are bombarded by advertisements in the form of television ads, hoarding and banners on roads, automobile ads and ads on the internet. Since a large number of people are present on social media platforms, it has become an ideal place for companies to promote their products and services. Social media can help brands achieve their goals. Benefits of social media for a business is given below.

A Customer Service Desk – Social profile of a company is primarily made to interact and engage with customers. Here a person can get updates of new products and services of a company. He can also share his suggestions and feedback. People can also post their concerns and complaints about a product or service. In this way, brands have the opportunity to get instant feedback from their customers and solve their queries. It improves the brand image and reputation of the company in the market. But it’s imperative that they respond actively.

Social media drives traffic – Social media is a good source of traffic. All you need to do is to post interesting and useful content. Quality content attracts people and it increases traffic of your website. At times things go viral on social media with a possibility to generate huge revenue. You can post beautiful images, useful infographics, how to do videos, description of your product/service, these are some things that are generally liked by people.

Social media promotes loyalty – People spend a good amount of time on social networking sites, giving you the opportunity to create new customer relationships and strengthen the existing ones. With the right social media strategy, you can build a large base of loyal customers. Although this is a long term process but eventually it provides you with certain returns.

When you respond to people and solve their queries online, you make them feel special and strengthen your bond of trust. Its a simple way to increase the number of your followers and improve online visibility. Inc Business Magazine says that acquiring a customer is five times more expensive than selling to your existing customer and your old customers spend more than the new one. Many companies run customer loyalty programs on social media to keep their customers satisfied. You can run contests, offer discounts and gifts to your online customers.

Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing has almost ended the traditional marketing methods which were both expensive and unreliable. Most businesses use this as a primary tool to boost sales and drive traffic. According to Forbes, 94% of all companies use social media for marketing with positive results. Social Media Today says most of the online shoppers use social media to connect to their favourite brand. Social media marketing is a must-do for any business to remain ahead in cut-throat competition.

Social media for SEO – Social media plays a very important role in SEO. It affects ranking, authority and the traffic of a website. Google itself has launched Google+ to gain from the benefits of social media. It has become a major factor for search engines in deciding the relevance of a search query. The presence of your brand on social sites is a major contributing factor in the performance of search engines.

Few tips to improve your social media performance – There are two ways through which most companies handle their social media accounts. Either they hire a team of social media experts or outsource it to a digital marketing agency. However, small businesses can not allocate a big budget for their marketing segment. Here are a few proven tips that will certainly help your business in improving your social media performance.

Run Social media advertisement – if you want to widen the reach of your social media post in a relatively short period of time, consider the Post Boost or Promote Post options on Facebook, or the Twitter advertising option. It will multiply the impact of your content, where you will reach a larger audiences and increase the number of your followers.

Make specific plans for every social site – Social sites are not all the same, they differ in nature, structure and audiences for example Pinterest and Instagram are image based sites while Twitter and Facebook accept all forms of contents. LinkedIn is strictly professional in nature, however, other social sites are not. You need to create content, according to the nature and audience of the site to get better responses.

Post content at the right time – You should know at what time your target customers are online, further keep in mind the timezone and location of your customer. Tons of content is uploaded on social media every day. Yours could also be lost in the crowd, so publish content at the right time. As per Sum All the best time to post on various social sites are:
Facebook 7 pm to 10 pm, Twitter 1 pm to 4 pm, 9 am to 11 am for Google+, as per Eastern Time Zone(EST).

To conclude – Social media has become too big to ignore and it is growing rapidly. It is beneficial for individuals and businesses in many ways. People engagement and interesting content have become centre-stage in getting the optimum results online.

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