How Social Media has Divided Us in Uniting Humanity

This statement is an irony itself and if uniting was our only purpose then Hitler would be the best example of it, as he united people’s deaths. What’s more sane thing than this?

Social media says that we should just follow one true God and abandon all the falseness created by various “Adhikaris” of religions. Wouldn’t it be just like using only one app to access all the knowledge in this world?

First, we need to ask ourselves, why only one true God? Why can’t we just accept the fact that each God is an identity just as a person bearing a particular set of ideas and most importantly, look? Also, because of these identities, people feel a lot more hope and a state of calm. Then why everyone tells you to look up at the sky to find inspiration and motivation, when they can’t stand to look at the sky in broad daylight just for one second?

Exactly, when there are simplicity and minor problems in life, everybody just wants to be an atheist, but when there is chaos in life, everybody turns to their favorite Gods to seek liberation.

We are a country of “Unity in Diversity” and, if we can surrender ourselves to the racial freedom, why can’t we accept the religions whole heartedly as well?

Why do we look at Pandits, Maulvis, and Priests with skeptic eyes? If everyone believes in religious freedom then why does Sonu Nigam get bashed for pointing out his problems with Azaan, when Bhajans in the Muslim societies are strictly prohibited?

 Sonu Nigam

Why pouring milk on Shivlinga, or offering Chadar to Peer Baba ki Mazaar or wine to Jesus is considered as a wastage of money, when at the end of the day, you’ll dine at a fine-dine restaurant wearing expensive clothes with matching fairy tale shoes?

Why worshipping God has become obsolete and “being atheist” is the new cool?

Let’s start asking the questions that start with why.

Why Religion?

Considering the assumptions that it is a man-made thing then I’m typing this using my laptop sitting in a cubicle of 4×4 while browsing through my Quora feed.

Getting my point? We enjoy man made things so much that we usually forget the reason why we created them. Maybe religion was an invention of men but men are also an invention of God. So, maybe it’s all happening according to the God’s will.

The people who bash religion say that God resides in everything; all you need is eyes of a seeker. Let me ask you one thing, everything includes stones as well, right?

So, maybe it is not a bad idea to worship stones at all?

Putting a Face to the Terror

Hindu terror, Islamic terror, Hateful attacks

“Hindu terror, Islamic terror, Hateful attacks”.

Some people say that religion works as a boost to such things; some say it is solely dependent on people. People are confused and afraid to speak the facts just because they can get easily termed as “anti-liberals”.

But, it’s out there in the open to discuss, and with discussions only we’ll know whether the beef ban is imposed by religion, or religion tells you to kill innocents on the basis of race and ethnicity?

When you read about it more, then you’ll know religion is nowhere related to this. All they have is different colors to wear on death.

Can we achieve world peace by perishing religions?

John Lennon

It depends on what ground you’re perishing religion. If you want people to follow one true God, then it’s ok, but if you want religious goons to stop inflicting violence and pain, then you need to start creating awareness about religion. And remember revolution always starts from within.

Replacement of Religion?

Some will say there is more number of Gods than people, or some others would say there is more number of festivals in a calendar year than the days themselves.

First of all, just like we don’t want only one race to survive in this world, so the Gods also have the liberty to live out their rest of the days in a law abiding manner.

Second thing is who doesn’t like festivals? You get to celebrate Eid, Diwali and, Christmas in just one calendar year. If we are going to abolish religions then, these festivals are going down as well. In case it happens, you are going to see your mother and father at the parties only; there’ll be not a feeling of homecoming among the kids. No cultural values, none whatsoever.

Replacement of Religion?

Are we ready for that era?

Freedom of Foolishness

#fun #cool #me #bar #pool #table #chair #bottle #somebody #pissed #in #the #swimming #pool #eww.

Hashtags are little annoying things that bear a resemblance to how Indian media reports unimportant stuff.

stupid stuff

People would either post stupid stuff or the stuff that they think is cool enough to match their status in this society. E.g. watching a movie or checked in an airport, etc.

If you don’t like any of this, you would just keep scrolling through your feed or best you can do is unfollow them. That was the purpose of social media, right?

Social media was made to traverse the geographic, socioeconomic, and, racial lines, but, all I can see is that people want to steer away from uncomfortable truths by going with the norms of social media. According to Aspen Institute, there is a hidden grouping on social media that separates people on the basis of their interests, ideas and most commonly “eliteness”.

Other than that, there are trollers, who think it’s imperative for them to share their views on literally every topic and issue that goes around the country.

projection on social media

Sometimes these extremely funny artists get creative with their ways and end up being a nasty little projection on social media.


In the words of Prince Charles, “We need to rediscover and explore what unites us rather than what divides us as there has perhaps never been a greater need for religious connectivity. We live in a world governed by “fears” about the other, and for sustained development, we need to abolish these myths”.

(Read more about Social media myths here.)

Let’s start using the social media like we intended, shall we?

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