How Social Media Marketing is like throwing a party


So your birthday is finally coming up and you’re so excited but hey, you’re also a little sad. (Of course, why won’t you be? You’re turning OLD! And although you’re already an adult, soon people are going to actually expect you to act like one!)

Even though I have always felt like birthday are a bit too over rated there is just something about birthdays that makes you excited. Maybe because all the attention is on you or maybe it’s just the cake! But why are we talking about birthdays here?

Let me tell you- an inevitable thing that birthdays bring along with them (apart from the turning old) is that the you are expected to throw a party. And it needs to be better than the last year, right? RIGHT. Okay, now again why are we talking about throwing parties here you wonder?

Well because doing Social Media Marketing is actually like throwing a party. You think that is just insane? Let me tell you how.

Content = Food

Food - Pizza

A party could be hosted at the best of the places but is it even a party even if you don’t get good food? Infact nobody likes to go to a party even it weren’t for the food. Once you get an invite for a party, that day automatically gets marked as the ‘cheat day’ in your calendar.

Nobody would ever engage with your social media page if it weren’t for your content. Like you need burgers, pizzas, chips and chicken- you need content of all different types.

So how do get so much content when you don’t have too many resources? Here’s how:

Blogging One of the most important part of your Social Media, if you have a good ongoing blog, you are good to go. But sometimes, what happens is that while writing so much you get a mental block and you don’t to what else to write. That when, comes handy.

Memes: You can do everything for your social media page but we all know how obsessed we all have become to meme. If your meme game isn’t strong enough, you need some serious reality check. The meme generator would go a really long way to help you with that.

Social Media platforms= Where’s the party?

Social Media platforms

Another important aspect of throwing a party is where you’re actually hosting the party. You will never throw a party for children in a bar and a party for adults need to be at an entirely different place.

Same goes for Social Media too. If you’re even of launching a clothing website for girls you need to choose a platform that has an active female audience. Similarly, a brand that caters to young audience would do well on platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. While a B2B brand would be better off at LinkedIn.

Engagement= Alcohol

Engagement= Alcohol

So you call all your friends to the party, serve delicious food, have great music but there is just one thing that is missing? What’s that? Yep. Alcohol. Just like they say that a party does not get started until the bottle of champagne opens, your page on Social Media will be pretty much dead if it does not call out for participation.

Branding= Music

Branding= Music

The music of your party is really the essence of it. You can have rock n roll, EDM or Dubstep but that would ultimately decide the nature of your party. You’ve got to pick the music very carefully is what i’m saying. The exact same thing happens when you have to pick what kind of online presence your brand is going to have- will it be funny or will it be more serious. Of course, a lot of it depends on what your product or service does- but this decision is one of the most important and shapes how well or badly you perform online.

Target Audience= Friends

Target Audience= Friends

You can have the fanciest of parties but it ain’t anything until and unless you have called your gang- the gang that gets the party started. A digital marketer would be a fool to expect his business to grow or his sales to shoot up, if he is not targeting the right audience.

Action= Dancing

Action= Dancing

Who likes a party where people are just standing and talking? BORING!

Similarly, nobody likes a Social Media Page that is dead. People like to see a brand that is active, lively and regular interacts with its audience.

Once a party is over it needs to stay in the minds of the people and what do you do to accomplish that? You make sure you get pretty pictures of the party and share them wherever you can. Social Media is no different, if you’ve got something good going on about your business- everyone needs to know that. Put it on your Social Media and let people know about how good you’re doing!


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