How to Become an Influencer on Social Media; Follow These 7 Steps

Today, one can find many influencers on different social media platforms, and anyone can become one. The Pandemic has given rise to social media and boosted influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is a hot topic now, every brand new or well-established endorse an influencer on social media. We as a social media agency in Delhi feel that influencer marketing is a great way to reach a wider audience. If you are looking forward to being an influencer on social media platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can follow these 7 steps and become the one.

1. Choose your niche:

Before you get started on the path of being an influencer, it is necessary to know the niche you are interested in. This will help you create more quality content in that niche. However, you must hold a level of expertise in the selected niche, which will help you throughout the journey.

For example, an automobile influencer can speak more about different vehicles in detail and create content on the emerging trends and shifts in the industry, but for all these, they should have in-depth knowledge and keep themself updated.

Likewise, you need to have the knowledge to an extent to get started. In the later stages, you have to stay updated about the ongoing things in the industry. For this, you can join different communities and follow other experts in the industry.

2. Optimize your social media profile:


Your social media profile is the face, you must keep it up to date. Begin building the social media profile you are targeting to begin your influencer journey. Understand the platform, and firstly switch the profile to the business profile. This has many benefits that will complement you throughout the journey.

3. Know your audience:

Understanding your audience is very important of become an influencer. You must know their taste, what type of content they consume, and understand their behavior. This will help you create quality content and improve your reach on social media.

4. Focus on creating quality content:

If it has been a long time using social media, then you must come across brands struggling to improve their reach on social media, but at the same time, you have seen brands constantly create quality content. And one of the posts goes viral, which gets the job done.

However, consistency, quality, and trends are the key to creating quality content and engaging the audience on social media. Focus on creating more video content over static posts. This will help you boost your reach and engagement on social media. Adding wittiness to the content is like the cherry on top!

5. Give recommendations & use strong call-to-action (CTA):

To be an influencer, you need to build a connection with the audience, the connection of trust, and credibility. This can be built over time, and one of the ways of doing so is by giving the right recommendations always. If the recommendations shared work for the audience, they will start trusting you and following you (that’s what a real influencer looks for).

Along with this, using strong CTAs play a vital role in your influencer growth journey. It will make the audience take the necessary actions. So we always suggest you use CTA (and even actionable words) in whatever you do.

6. Be creative. Be organic:


Being creative is a must if you want to keep your audience engaged. By creating creative stuff on social media, you can take the platform by storm. There are competitors, who want to collaborate, attract more audience, and improve their growth. You have to break this clutter and stand out. One of the ways of doing so is by being creative and organic.

More organic you are, the more credible you are to the audience. Your reviews should be honest and it should be put from different perspectives. Your content should be simplified and easily convey to the audience.

7. Stay motivated and focused:

There are more technical aspects to becoming an influencer but on the softer side, we feel this point is important and relevant to be shared. The influencer journey is fascinating and inspires you to be one. But, you must know influencer is a collective effort of many months or even years. There will be days when you feel to switch and do something else, but it’s necessary to know that it is just a phase that shall pass.

So always stay motivated and focused on creating content, interacting with the audience, and staying updated on what’s happening in the industry.


These are the 7 simple and basic steps you should always to be an influencer. By following these steps you can get started on the path of being an influencer. We hope this blog has helped you!

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