There’s no disputing that creating content takes time. You must consider what to post, develop a graphic, write a caption, select hashtags, post the material, and interact with your community in the comments—and subsequently do it again and again. While the difficulties of creating social media content can be intimidating, turning up on a regular basis has significant commercial rewards. If you want to accomplish any one of these benefits, you, along with the help of a social media agency in Delhi, need to devise a long-term plan for saving time preparing and developing social media content. The key to accomplishing this is to plan ahead of time and create material in batches.

Is multitasking a wise thing to practice?

Let’s take a minute to discuss something that we all do: multitasking. Multitasking may appear to be productive since you are accomplishing “everything,” but it is actually one of the poorest productive activities you can engage in. Only about 2% of the populace is capable of multitasking, according to some estimates. It takes 50 percent longer to complete a task if you switch from one to the next. 

So, what are 98 percent of us who aren’t multitasking experts meant to do? When it comes to designing social media material, the answer is to set up a structure and work in batches. The procedure outlined below can be repeated every month to save time preparing and developing social media content.

Content planning process

Take some time each month to plan out your social media material for the next month. You may examine your content from a higher level and become more tactical about your study guide by identifying the content subjects you want to address for the full month. Every month, set aside 1-2 hours to prepare your content for the coming season. 

The total number of posts. How many times a week do you post (or wish to post)? Please remember that quantity is less crucial than quality and consistency. Maintain a plan and regularity that you can adhere to in the long run.

Goals. What’s your month’s general business objectives for the month? How could your content help you achieve those objectives? Any crucial dates to remember. Have you got a new product or service coming out, or an event coming up? Fill in the accompanying content surrounding them first, then insert them into your strategy. 

Create a completely visual content

It does not have to take a very long time to generate captions. You can efficiently handle captions that attract your audience by combining captions and implementing a caption formula. A decent caption must include the following:

      1. Grab their interest right away with a hook. Consider your caption’s first 7-14 words as an email subject line. You must persuade your readers to click the “read more” button.

      2. Provide value by sharing material that educates, entertains, or sells, as stated in your hook.

      3. Action Is Needed: Tell your viewers what they should do next (i.e. share, like, comment, click, buy, sign up, tag, etc.). To enhance the likelihood that your audience will respond, keep the calls to action straightforward and enjoyable.

Scheduling posts

It’s time to plan your articles according to your content calendar so that you possess your photos and captions. Then go to your schedule and drag and drop images and descriptions before clicking “Schedule Post” or “Add to Queue.” The post would either automatically post at the planned time or you would receive a push notice at the specified time to post manually, depending on the amount of post.

Add hashtags

When scheduling an Instagram post, you get the option of adding up to 30 hashtags to the initial comment. You create hashtag groups directly in the app. This makes it simple to select the appropriate hashtag group(s) to include in your post. Hashtags are a terrific technique to broaden the impact of your content when utilised intelligently and properly. 

Create a content stockpile

Set aside time throughout the week to develop content ideas for blog articles, facebook posts, tweets, and other social media posts as components of its social media schedule. This would relieve the pressure of needing to come up with it on the spur of the moment from week to week. When it’s necessary to refresh your postings, you may just pick something out of the stack and post it.

Introduce automation

One advantage of having a content stockpile is how you can utilise tools to manually schedule its distribution. This isn’t to say you should put the whole of your social media postings on autopilot; it would defeat the point. You can plan some things, but you’ll also have to go back and respond where necessary, as well as spend time interacting with your fans.

Use social network for customer service

Several small businesses are beginning to use social media as a means of improving customer service. Instead of wading through e-mails or having clients waiting to speak with someone else on the phone, you could rapidly and effortlessly respond to any complaints or remarks that customers post on social media.

Set up topic alerts

Setting up a Google Alert for specific themes to save time when browsing for industry news articles. You can use the results to look for news that is relevant to your industry. You can post something interesting with your followers whenever you come across something interesting.


Content that is planned ahead of time might better assist your entire business goals making it an integral part of social media marketing in Delhi. If you’d like to advertise a product or service, an event, or a business milestone, planning ahead of time allows you to generate effective social media content that promotes those aims.

Finally, by devoting less time and work to content generation, you may allocate more resources to other aspects of your organisation. That extra time could be used to establish relationships and connections with the social media community, as well as in other aspects of the business such as sales, admin jobs, networking, and team building, and even self-care. Consider what you’d do with those extended time each month, and then use that as motivation to persist with your new content strategy.


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