15 Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends


August 17, 2023

15 Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends

Smartphone users have increased in recent times. Accessibility from smartphones to anything on the internet is easy. When the software or websites are not suitable for the smartphone, then it has substituted for the same. But, accessibility is not denied. 

So, to improve the user experience, companies and brands started building apps for mobiles. Some are the one-stop solution for all your particular needs. Using the website is not that comfortable even though it has a responsive web design, navigation is simple, or the website is minimalistic. But the mobile app delivers a more pleasant experience. 

Though UI/UX design is of great use. It is the base for developing a mobile application, customer expectation always increases, and these UI/UX design trends evolved with time. 

15 UI/Ux Design Trends 2022

The Mobile App Development Company India is sharing the trends that will help you to build the best mobile user experience for your target audience. 

1. Bringing More Personalization: 

Personalization is something that every user expects in today’s date. So it is necessary to have personalized content and design, which will grab the audience’s attention and keep them engaged. 

For this, artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing a prime role in bringing more personalization to the mobile applications, companies and brands have already adopted in their tailored UX design. 

You can send some personalized mobile app pop-ups to welcome personalized messages on the app. When a user enters the app. This shows how dominating it will be with time. 

2. Voice User Interface (VUI):


The website design company in Delhi recommends to its clients have a voice user interface in their apps (Even websites should be optimized for voice search). Users make use of voice search more, even on applications, where AI, such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa, has brought accuracy and caused a revolution in UI. It will continue to rage in UI/UX design. 

Since voice search eliminates the typing by users. Thus it is something that businesses will look forward to developing with time. 

3. Rounded Corners: 

Since you are building an application for mobile users, it is necessary to look at how mobile screen looks in recent times. It is moving towards the completely clear screen, where there are fewer bezels and no space for the front camera, the sensor on the screen. 

So while developing the application, you need to consider this. However, developing a rounded corner application is the new and modern UI/UX design trend. Having a rounded corner helps to enhance the UX of the application. It is smooth for the eyes, and all phones (IOS and Android) feature this type of phone. 

4. Typography Fundas: 

On the internet, there is content all over. So people immensely look for scanning the content and move on, instead of reading and spending a lot of time. Thus, your copy must be short, crisp, and simple (language). Avoid using complex language; it is the basic thing you can begin with. 

However, choosing suitable and readable typography is very important. Since it becomes easier to scan and understand the intention. Using a clear and intricate font is the new UI trend that will engage the audience. 

5. Easy Login: 


The time has nearly over, and the use of passwords is about to end. Does that mean a security bash? No! 

The website designing company in Delhi is recommending you follow the new UI/Ux design trends! 

Remembering the password is like writing an exam. So make it easier for the users to log in by providing them a check box of ‘Remember me’ or choosing to provide the login with OTP (One Time Password). It is safer from security threats and hacking. Also, it makes it an authentic and easy login for the user. 

Thus, we can see more of this in the upcoming years. However, many companies have already adopted it and enjoying the perks of it. 

6. Gradients: 

There is a new change in the old-school elements. Gradients that are in use for many years has taken a new shape last year. We can see the usage of gradients in the new style on many mobile applications. Different and vibrant gradients are the source of light used in the background of mobile applications. 

To enhance the user experience and give depth to the UI. Gradients are used simply and subtly. This also brings new dimensions to it. 

7. Buttonless Design: 

Probably these new UI/UX design trends in not seen more often. The buttonless design eliminates the use of swipe configuration. One can easily access and use the mobile application without using swipes, just like Gyro. It is used by tilting and velocity sensors of the phone. 

The design will change according to you change the angle of the phone. It will be soon in many mobile applications. However, 2022 is the start of it. 

8. Illustration: 


The use of illustration is more in websites as well as on mobile applications. It not only keeps the audience engaged but enhances the UI. Since you need to touch the emotional aspect of the customers, to bring the emotional effect to the mobile app, the use of illustration will be perfect, and many have already adopted it. 

To bring optimized user experience, designers are looking forward to experimenting with illustration styles. The intention to do so is to bring products to an emotional peak. 

9. UI/UX Writing: 

UI/UX writing is quite different from other forms of writing. It used to be creative, with fewer words, and precise. But, nowadays, in UI/UX writing there is no use of creativity. You need to be precise and on-point to keep it short and instructive. If you want to enhance the user experience, then you need to build a quality UI writing copy. It will help the users to navigate flawlessly. 

10. Bringing Old School Design Back: 

It is quite a trend not only in UI/UX design but almost in every field. Using the retro-style design in the mobile application will give a different feel. It will have a different interaction style. 

Using pixelated typography, glitchy transitions, screen tearing, etc. Thus, the website design company in Delhi has observed this on various mobile applications, but not many use it. So this may start trending soon! 

11. Chatbots UI:


Chatbots are very essential nowadays to improve the user experience. There are not limited to solving queries. Chatbots like Alexa, and Siri are virtual assistants as well. So one can to go that extent and make it a multi-purpose AI. 

However, chatbots have a persona (brand personality). By saying Siri or Alexa you remember the brand. Same way, chatbots should have a brand personality, and they should explore different purposes, as much as possible. 

Chatbots can provide multi-lingual support, minimum text usage by providing possible query options, etc. are part of UI design and writing. It needs to develop in the same, and we consider new UI/UX design trends. 

12. Simplified Navigation:

Navigation is essential for user experience, which needs to be focused more on. The trend is to keep it simple and easy. To improve performance, to build interactive designs, etc. all these need a simple navigation menu, where the audience can know where they want to go for what they are using the app. 

13. Multi-devices UX: 

As technology is raging on the internet, accessibility on the internet is easy. You can access the web browsers like Chrome from wearable watches, T.V., Smartphones, etc. 

So, it is important to develop the application or website for this different format by maintaining consistency and the same user experience. So, synchronizing between devices is important. Hence, these UI/UX design trends of building a consistent website for all formats are in boom. Thus, you can also implement and think about it. 

14. Load time or Speed:


The world is growing towards 5G, which is a matter of speed. These generations are examples of how users are actively looking for speed, and it matters to them the most. Hence, accessing the website or mobile application is a daily routine for them. So, they expect to be lightning speed (except for uncontrollable situations). 

The UI/UX design should load quickly, and illustrations, images, etc. in the design should load quickly as well. 

15. Micro-interactions: 

The name itself speaks about what it is! Since it is a user-centric mobile application. It is important to focus on small elements, where you can create animations to interactive with the user and engage. Even small interactions can give a delightful experience. 


These were some UI/UX design trends that will help you to optimize the mobile application. The website designing company in Delhi recommends you follow the UI/Ux design trends. It will help you to be ahead of the curve. 

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