Progressive Web Apps (PWA) The Future For Websites


April 1, 2023

In the era where a maximum of the traffic is generated through smartphone devices, it becomes essential to serve these users and deliver them a quality user experience. To support this, there was an evolution of responsive web design and adaptive web design. 

Later, to deliver a better experience for smartphone users, mobile applications are developed. But these consume a lot of resources and as a substitute to it, which can cut cost, time, and money PWA comes into play. Now, PWA is considered the future for websites. 

Today, we the website designing company in delhi are here to understand how PWA evolve in the future! 

What is Progressive Web Apps (PWA)? 


PWA is built using the programming used for building websites like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebAssembly, Python for web development and many more. This PWA works on most web browsers and we consider PWA as a transforming tool in the world of websites. 

PWA is a kind of website, which enacts like an application, but not one. The developers of this PWA can spread it online as a website, and users can add these applications to their desktops as shortcuts on the home screen. 

If PWA is well designed, one cannot differentiate the dissimilarities between the mobile application and PWA ones. You get a replica-like interface and functionalities, which enhances the user experience. 

Some of the well-established brands have already embedded PWA with their websites, such as Twitter, Uber, Flipkart, and OLX to name a few. 

Top 5 Advantages of PWA: 

There are a lot of advantages you get by using PWA, here are a few we mentioned! 

  • PWA is relatively cost-effective. 
  • Pretty easy to maintain since you don’t have multiple applications for various platforms.
  • It has strong compatibility across multiple platforms and browsers. 
  • Using this, you also get security support since the site relies on HTTPS. 
  • The greatest advantage of PWA is offline support. 

5 things about PWA that make it look like the future for websites

1. Get rid of downloads and installations: 

As a customer, it would annoy you to download something that takes a part of your phone’s memory. Sometimes, you might not be in a situation where downloading an application is simply an impossible task. And in those times, you feel PWA is the best option. 

PWA don’t need any downloads and installations, your customers can directly add from their browser to their home screen as a shortcut and get the same experience as an application. 

2. Push notifications: 

Push notifications are an important trend of any future eCommerce website or application. This helps you to constantly tap your customers. But when you opt for PWA, you don’t miss out on push notifications. You can still send notifications to your customers and remind them of your new sale, their abandoned cart, etc. 

3. No manual updates: 

Manual updates are hectic tasks and also monotonous ones. Progressive web apps have the ability to automatically update themselves in the background with no user permissions and you will be surprised with the automation that creates websites in few minutes. These automatic updates avoid installations for users the updates every now and then. The automatic update adds up to an improved user experience. 

4. Works better on a slow network: 

Applications or websites, both consumes more data and need a high-speed network to work fast. This might affect people who are struggling with a slow network. To serve them PWA plays a crucial role, it works perfectly on a slow network or offline mode. 

PWA service workers save and cache content later when the user experience instability in the network. 

5. SEO-friendly: 

PWA is highly compatible with different web browsers and search engines, which makes it SEO-friendly. It is given more importance and can be easily discovered through search engines. Thus, these things make it SEO-friendly and does not have an adverse effect on the website. 


PWA is a great choice to go for. You have many advantages of using it, and we as a website design company in delhi recommend you to use it as a substitute for mobile applications. 

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