Why UX Tracking is Important and How to Measure it


July 27, 2022

The UX of a website is one of the basic yet most crucial elements. An optimized UX design retains, engages, and helps users navigate through the website. In today’s time, everyone’s focus is getting advanced UX for their audience, if not perfect. 

However, UX tracking is as important as getting a quality UX design for your website. Today, the website designing company in Delhi is here to throw light on the importance of the UX track. 

1. Understand the user’s satisfaction: 

“Users always give you a real answer.” It doesn’t matter how many tests, reiterations you made, or inputs you consider, but how your users react or how much they are satisfied is necessary to know. For this, you need to understand the UX metrics and track them consistently and your e-commerce site will boost with digital marketing.  

Here are the few crucial UX metrics you need to keep an eye on or measure on basis of these below points – 

  • Conversion or completion rate – through clicks and impressions, you get an insight into whether a user’s direction is correct or not in terms of the completion of a purchase. 
  • User errors – these UX metrics help you to understand and track the user errors while completing a task, such as buying products, surfing through different blogs, etc. If there are too many errors then it is a matter of concern, and you need to look into it immediately. 
  • Time efficiency – the task time UX metrics track the efficiency of a user to complete the task. If the user takes more than the estimated time, then it is a clear indication of challenges in the user interface, which needs to be redesigned. 


2. Track and improve sales: 

Every entrepreneur or company’s target is to improve sales and take their brands to the next level. The rise of online shopping and evolution of the eCommerce sites makes it important for every website holder to improve their user experience and optimize it. 

We at web designing Delhi think that it is important to track the UX design, analyze the metrics, and accordingly improve the UX, which ultimately gives a seamless experience for the users. 

  • Bounce rate – it is a percentage of users, who have bounced out of the website or to the other web page from a particular web page due to other reasons, but most of the time it is a rigid interface. Therefore, the bounce rate helps you to find the elements or places you need to improve.

3. Amplify usability: 

We at the website designing company in Delhi recommend you improve your website usability and make it a priority. If users won’t find a great experience, then they are most likely to jump to your competitor’s website. 

We feel that usability plays a pivotal in improving the user experience, it is the second component in developing a user experience. Here are the essential elements that need to be measured on a website. 

  • Navigation: a user visiting your website for the first time should easily reach their objective and it is crucial
  • Avoiding errors: the user visiting your website shouldn’t make errors, and find a smooth way of accessing. 


4. To get over your competitors: 

Every business owner’s target is to stay ahead of the curve, and we at the website designing company in Delhi feel that it is not that easy. And your website is the key to getting over your competitors and touching new horizons. So, it becomes necessary to optimize the website, and for this, we need to take UX a level up by measuring it. You can measure UX through attitudinal metrics: 

Customer satisfaction user –  it is based on the user’s behavior toward the features or functionality of the website. System Usability Scale is a common metric used by many UX designers to evaluate the score with ease using 10 simple questions. 

5. To get marketing strategy effective: 

If you use your website as your landing page, then it becomes very crucial to get more conversion leads into customers. For this reason, many using eCommerce websites tends to keep UX design up-to-date and committed to delivering a seamless user experience and helps in email marketing.

However, to deliver an uninterrupted experience and keep the UX design always updated, you need to track it and also have a piece of good knowledge of the UI/UX industry happenings. This will help you to bring excellence in UX design and it will boost conversion rate. 

Final words: 

We at web designing Delhi believe that testing, measuring, and analyzing, are the 3 key elements for maintenance and delivering seamless service to our customers. In a parallel vein, just as UX design serves as the bedrock upon which a website’s functionalities and features thrive, its pivotal role underscores the necessity of quantifying its efficacy through essential metrics. The holistic assessment of user experience not only ensures seamless navigation and user satisfaction but also empowers strategic enhancements. Embracing this practice is paramount, as it enables data-driven insights to refine UX design, thereby fostering optimal user interactions, heightened engagement, and ultimately, yielding superior outcomes for website performance and user-centric objectives.

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