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September 6, 2022

Today, you don’t need to have knowledge of programming to design and develop a website.
You can build your site by leveraging website development tools, within a few

Webflow is one such website development tool. The USP
of webflow is “no coding required”. This tool is loaded with a plethora of features, which help you to develop an
aesthetic and advanced website. If you want to get your hands on the Webflow tool, then you must learn this tool to
design your site. 

Webflow website

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a comprehensive in-browser website
designing tool. Using this tool, you can design, develop and even host a website. Webflow
is suitable for large-scale and small-scale businesses, individuals, and professionals.

Webflow caters to a wide audience, which is a big plus for every user, you can design
the best-advanced site for your business with minimal technical knowledge. Also, the platform is trusted by many
reputed and well-established brands such as Dell, Discord, Ted, Zendesk,

You can get started with Webflow for free and to publish, host, and access the advanced
features of Webflow, you need to purchase the plan—starting from $12 per month. There are more such plans available on
the site,
where you can check out the best suitable plan for you.

stats of buying plans

Source – webflow

Pros and cons of Webflow

We have thrown light on some pros and cons of Webflow, this will help you to understand
the tool better along with its importance and future. 

Pros –

1. It’s free:

Webflow emerged as one of the top website-building tools. This tool has a wide target
audience, which also attracts users with low budgets due to its free use. You can use Webflow’s basic features to
build a website for free. However, to unlock advanced features, you need to buy the plan.

2. Webflow security:

Security is the significant feature every user looks for to keep their website secure.
And when it comes to Webflow security, it gives you a free SSL certificate with every plan. 

Webflow is hosted through Amazon Web Services (AWS), which helps the tool leverage the
security benefits that are provided to AWS customers. 

3. Template library: 

Being a website builder tool, having quality and abundant templates is important. And
Webflow stands out with its collection of 100+ templates. These templates are responsive and well sorted in different

Though there are quality templates, for which you need to pay. Else, you can make use of
free templates. 

4. SEO-friendly: 

The race is about leading the result page, and Webflow-like website-builders are
SEO-friendly, but how? 

Webflow pre-made templates are clean-coded, which helps the search engine to crawl
easily through the website. Along with this, you can optimize the complete on-site necessary elements, such as meta
description, meta title, easy integration with third-party platforms such as Google Analytics, etc. 

There are more pros of Webflow, such as it gives you categorized support. For instance,
eCommerce support, CMS support, etc. 

Cons – 

1. Customizing code: 

If you are looking to customize codes to make them more sophisticated, then Webflow may
disappoint you. This tool allows you to make minimal changes, but the drag-and-drop feature is enough to customize
your website and design an aesthetic one. 

2. Abundant features: 

Yes, this is actually a pro element, but maybe a con for few. If you explore the Webflow
tool, then you will experience the never-ending list of features. 

However, you can make the most of this tool by learning it through tutorials from
various eLearning platforms, such as
Skillshare or even you can start learning from Youtube for free! If you are curious about their editing
software, you can check it out.

The Website designing company in Delhi has scrutinized the best 5 Youtube tutorials of Webflow, just for you. Check out them

Top 5 Youtube Webflow tutorials to follow and learn  –

Flux Academy:

Flux Academy is the most
recommended channel for Webflow tutorials on Youtube. The channel is handled by Ran Segall, who is a designer and
entrepreneur himself. Apart from having a Youtube channel,
Ran conducts
various courses for designers on his website.

The Flux Academy Youtube channel is not dedicated to Webflow, you can learn multiple
things related to designing. Apart from them, this channel has
a series of videos regarding
This will help you understand and learn more about the tool. 

Santrel Media:

Santrel Media is a channel
with a good reach and subscribers of over 500k. This channel focuses on providing innovative marketing solutions.
Through this channel, you can stay connected not just to Webflow tutorials, but also to marketing solutions, 

Coming to the tutorial, it is an amazing video for beginners to know and learn more

Webflow. The video is a bit long, but engaging if you are keen to learn in detail about
this tool.

Pixel Geek

We recommend you to follow the Pixel
for Webflow tutorials because learning broadens when you can learn from the insider. Pixel Geek is owned by
Nelson, who is a staff member of Webflow. 

Pixel Geek has articulated the tutorials for easy choice of learning. If you are a
beginner, then you can kickstart with the beginners’ playlist or if you want to learn the advanced features of
Webflow, then you can get started with the advanced playlist. 

The channel is supportive of no-code designers, so you can stick to this channel to
learn more techniques and tricks for designing an aesthetic website without coding. 

Design Pilot:

Design pilot is a unique channel for
learning Webflow. This channel is handled by Chethan, who is a self-taught designer. What makes this channel unique is
it focuses on every feature with the same importance, irrespective of usefulness. 

This channel has a series of 12 videos, which is great for everyone who is keen to learn
Webflow. You can also explore other playlists on the channel focusing on Adobe software. 

Charli Marie TV:

Charli Marie TV by Charli
who is a designer shares her knowledge and experience through her videos on Youtube and additionally, you can learn more about the future of
youtube marketing.
You can tune into the playlist of Webflow to learn about it or if you want to learn more
about designing, then you can explore other playlists on her channel. 

These were the best five Youtube channels for learning Webflow. However, our list has
not ended yet because we have another amazing recommendation! 

Learn from the source! Yes, Webflow
has its own Youtube channel where you can find various videos on different topics.

You can stay connected with the channel to learn about Webflow and stay updated with
this tool. 

There are a few playlists
that you check out right now
such as the intro to web design, Webflow 101 crash
course, and a few guides such as guide to layout and positioning in web design, guide to web elements, and guide to
CSS styling. 

Final thoughts: 

The trend towards no-coding website development is poised to grow exponentially, with
platforms like Webflow already experiencing significant demand. Embracing a keen-to-learn attitude in this evolving
landscape is essential. To thrive, staying updated on advancements in no-code tools, exploring emerging platforms, and
honing design and user experience skills will be crucial. As businesses increasingly seek efficient and creative web
solutions, those adaptable to mastering no-code development will be at the forefront of innovation and

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