6 Brilliant Hacks to Write a “Click Me” Blog Title


August 8, 2017

Ok, I accept it! The above one may not be the best of the examples. However, if you’re interested in knowing, then there’s a reason to it! I wanted to start from the zero to scale up to 100 so that we can all start from scratch to bam. I don’t only write for the elites, and I don’t make presumable statements about over mining or undermining my reader’s capabilities; what I believe in is embarking on a journey with your reader that you’ve just undertaken.

So first we should set out our goals right, and to do that, here are some of the “brilliant” examples of working titles or headlines.

Let’s start with a funny one:

examples of working titles or headlines

Did Batman just get caught?

You can only know that after reading the complete article. However, that sure can be a fake Batman, coz real Batman doesn’t get caught like that. But, who cares? They got your attention and will make handsome money out of it, wasn’t that the whole purpose?

There is another one which I really like:

The Mark Zuckerberg’s guide to building Facebook profiles!

Now, that’s surely not written by Mark, but it might be possible that it encompasses his quotes and views about things related to Facebook profile building.

Would you click on that? I’m sure you will!

This one’s a bit scary and all the more effective:

10 ways to hurt your blog’s brand by commenting on other blogs!


Are you blogging just like everyone else? (Scariest thing ever)

This sounds like some priest asking for money in the name of God and demigods. The more afraid you get, the more money it will be.

priest asking for money in the name of God and demigods
So, anyway, these headlines may get readers to click your blog, and now it’s up to you to keep them engaged. (We’ll talk about the content connectivity some other time, for now, let’s get on with the topic at hand, like literally)

(You’re a naughty little fella and would wait for it, so there you GO)

According to a blog on Hubspot, catchy headlines can easily make or break your content, like really really break. If your content is not relevant to what you’ve written as a headline, the user may get frustrated with you and may not come back at all.

So, you need to keep that in mind, and along with that, there are a few other pointers that I would like to point out to you so that your business keeps on booming.

Before that, a motivational thought on why we are reading it today?

“On an average, almost 5 out of 6 people give a significant amount of damn to the title than just the body. It’s true! As you can write great quality content but describing what you’ve written in just 70-80 characters is really really tough”.

So, shall we begin? Or need some more motivation? Maybe lesser no. of clicks on your blog would do that for me!

See, that’s what I was telling! Darao or Pesa Jamao!

First thing you need to keep in mind is dhandha hai yeh, but we’re not in the business of Gods, hence we’ll have to provide something substantial to our readers as well. Which brings me back to my original thought i.e. The Hacks, so, Let’s get on with them before I get distracted again.

make or break your content

1.) Keep it Simple and to the Point

Keep it Simple

Pretty ironic, isn’t it?

I’m asking you to keep it simple, all the while exploiting your readability to make it as “creatively simple” as possible. That’s the way it is, if you tell people straight up then they might not want to listen to you!

For e.g. If I would have told you directly to write headlines that look catchy and the best way you can do that is by making it look like something that you wanna click as well. But, would you’ve read my blog after reading that?

Of course not, actually writing headlines is as simple and direct as that. But, you have to keep it unrecognizably simple and trendy all the times so that your readers click on to it.

However, there are times when simplicity is the thing that your readers are looking for:

E.g. Puma Leather Jackets – 30% OFF or a beginner’s guide to writing catchy headlines, etc.

These headlines are not flashy, instead, they are just simple and to the point.

Being simple isn’t that uncool, right?

2.) What’s the big Idea and what’s in it for me?

the big Idea

Yeah, probably!

I cannot expect you to put revolutionary stuffs all the time, but you can make it look like something substantial at least.

People have a bad tendency to seek new things all the time and you cannot be the one who shatters their faith. The promise that you deliver in your blog motivates them to click and read it. Make sure that promise is never broken.

3.) Drop it like it’s Hot

its hot

Trendiest topics tend to get the most terrific attention possible! (Noticed something? Alliteration of the first letter as it’s in trend nowadays, so why don’t exploit it?)

People are always looking for latest talks of town and industry news, e.g. Top 5 SEO practice that you need to know now, or Apple unveiled iPhone 8 in China
[See Pics]

(Also read about -> Are HASHTAGS the Social Media Equivalent of Television’s ‘BREAKING NEWS’?)

According to a blog on Dreamgrow, these are the titles that have almost 80% chances to get clicked.

4.) Use these Magical words

Use these Magical words

Move over man; we’re not living in that era anymore. For us, the magical words are what get us the attention and the above ones are surely not worth the hype.

Let me give you an idea for the same.

How to …?
A Beginner’s guide…!

What, why, who, how, when along with even more attractive words such as effortless, incredible, essential, best, and free. Yeah most importantly free.

These are known as magical words because they reward you with immediate attention as people are always looking for the ways to make their life more happening.

E.g. How to get a girlfriend in 10 days?

How can I become a successful entrepreneur?

A beginner’s guide to ancient wisdom etc.

5. Ask the Burning Question

Ask the Burning Question

Well that was more literal; I was just talking about the Questions that provoke their brains e.g.

Did you brush your Teeths today? Here’s what you can do in case you didn’t!

Is your business making you enough money? Here’s how to do it.

Are your parents out today? Can we come over to party?

Above mentioned are a handful of taglines that really make you click a blog, ignore the last one, although I would totally click it.

6. Use Numbers

Use Numbers in blog title

According to a blog on Goinswriter, Numbers like 7, 9, 11, 15 are the best to go with.


15 brands that are killing it on Snapchat right now!

11 steps to quit smoking for forever.

5 Marketing Campaigns that Killed it

So, yeah numbers are interesting! Everything from fitness magazines to tabloids, numbers can be easily spotted on their articles.

Imagine somebody saying hacks to get a toned body in spite of 10 hacks to get a body, doesn’t it look like a bit lost?

The Conclusion

You can use these hacks to make a title that literally says click me (Certainly not the title that I’ve used)

To avoid doing harm to your content, make sure to pick up an appropriate title that speaks a ton about your blog.

Think I missed something? Let me know in the comment section below!


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