8 Best Platforms to learn Website Designing!


July 27, 2020

The expert in anything was once a beginner, goes the saying. If you want to set up your career in website designing and web development, you must build a strong base in your knowledge. But don’t know where to start? Here is the complete guide from the No.1 web development company in Delhi NCR to the eight best platforms online where you can happily learn web designing. Get amazing website design in Delhi NCR from the best website designing company in Delhi



Coursera is the most popular platform for online learning. Students from across the world cross boundaries virtually to learn the course of their choice from top professors in top universities. Yes! You won’t enroll in a college, you won’t carry the academic schedule nor worry about attendance. But still, you will earn a certificate of completion of the course. Coursera offers a range of courses as both individual and specialization types. Thousands of students are already learning how to create the best website, and what stops you?

The best web designing courses in this platform are:

  • UI UX design from California Institute of the Arts
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Web Developers from Johns Hopkins University
  • Web Design for Everybody from University of Michigan



Lynda is a large digital library with many gallons of videos. You learn by watching videos. It is a product of LinkedIn, a great job searching and connecting platform. It has 3700+ videos and they keep on adding. By subscribing to Lynda.com, you can take up any course and receive the certificate of completion, which you can later add in your resume or LinkedIn profile. Remember, you also have a one-month free trial option. So if you wish to learn coding and web designing within one month, try Lynda. Some of the best videos for you to learn are:

  • Crafting meaningful HTML
  • The Accidental Web Designer
  • Learning Adobe Animate CC
  • Visual Studio Code: Building an extension

The courses are taught by experts. After Lynda courses, you will become a pro in whatever skill you learned. They have a wide variety of courses at different levels of the curriculum.



Do you know? Udemy contains more than 35000 courses. This is because, in this platform, anyone can create a course and sell it to learners. So it is always essential to take a look at the reviews before joining a course. The site has many useful coding and designing courses that help you become a pro in web designing. 

Some of the best courses that I would recommend are

  • The Web Developer Bootcamp
  • Complete web developer course 2.0
  • The complete front end web development course

Launch School

Launch School

Do you believe in Slow and Steady Wins the Race? Then Launch School is for you! They make you a master after their long durational courses. A course you take up in Launch School requires you to spend nearly 8 to 16 months to excel. This is roughly 1200- 1800 hours of learning. Once you get a stronghold in your fundamentals, you will get to learn advanced topics. Launch school concentrates on deep learning. 

The ultimate motto of the Launch School web designing courses is “helping students build long term mental representatives of progressively more sophisticated and integrated concepts.” Hence they keep all lessons mandatory. There is no choice for you to skip any lesson. Something you may call ‘a strict school.’

Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse

Treehouse is a well known online learning site. You have more than 1000 quality videos here. The courses mostly revolve around web designing, web development, and entrepreneurship. The learner can finish the course at her own pace. You have the choice to plan your learning sessions and you can choose difficulty levels from beginner to advanced. Some of the best courses here are 

  • Digital literacy
  • Beginning WordPress
  • Beginning JavaScript

But the only thing to worry about team Treehouse is the platform is more costly than any other site.


Free Code Camp

Now, this is free of cost. You can learn how to design your website for free. The course covers all topics from HTML, CSS, JavaScript to Web development, responsive design, and more. You get to work on hundreds of projects and assignments. You can also do exercises to test your knowledge. You will get amazing work experience by coding and designing websites for non-profit organizations.


CodeAcademy Learn Code

45 million users have started coding after joining courses in CodeAcademy. Like FreeCodeCamp, the site offers many projects and assignments. This is one of the great websites that offer easy learning. CodeAcademy has both

  • Free version
  • Paid version/ pro version

If you are a free version user, you will get to learn many concepts and watch the tutorial videos. But when you are a pro user you will have more benefits like working on projects, testing your ability in coding, and whatnot. This is one of those wonderful websites dedicated to coding.

The Odin Project

The Odin Project

Though you may have not heard this name, it certainly is a good website to learn to code. It also features a coding community where you can participate in active discussions and clear your doubts. Interestingly, the course is free to learn. The curriculum is divided into online tutorials, blogs, etc. One of the outstanding courses in Web development 101 that starts from the very basic concepts and ends with you creating a web application. Exciting no? This also helps in building portfolio opportunities. 

Don’t fear if you are from a non-technical background. You can certainly excel in coding if you have determination and perseverance. So make use of these platforms, find which is best for you and start learning today. Also, contact the best web development company in India for your website design in Delhi NCR. Have a great designing journey!

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