How to Choose the Right website platform?


March 30, 2022

In today’s digital landscape, website creation has been significantly simplified, largely eliminating the need for extensive technical expertise. This transformation is primarily attributed to the proliferation of user-friendly automation tools and intuitive software solutions. These technologies empower designers and builders with diverse skill sets to effortlessly construct websites without delving into complex coding or programming intricacies. Moreover, the availability of specialized website platforms further streamlines the process, catering to specific niches and objectives, thus enabling a wide range of professionals to bring their creative visions to life online with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

To build an optimized website that is suitable for your business, for this, you must choose the right platform to leverage the strengths for developing an impactful website.

Read to know, how to choose the right website platform? 

The best website designing company in Delhirecommends you define the website type you want to build, such as an eCommerce website, business website, blogging site, etc. Defining the type of website you want to build makes half of the job done. Where you can choose a specific website builder to leverage its strengths to build an aesthetic website. 

When you are dealing with many website builders then filter out the ones which are not suitable for your type of website. For example, if you are building an eCommerce website, then you can choose website platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce, those are expertized platform that is the purely right website platform for your eCommerce site development.

List-out such platforms then compare them, the features, plans, interface, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Later, choose the right website platform according to you!

The website designing company in Delhi is recommending a few of the website platforms that will help you to build an aesthetic website quickly. 

1. WordPress:

WordPress is the most popular name in the industry and it is one of the leading CMS platforms. It is a hub for website building, where over 40% of the websites on the internet are built on WordPress. Since it easily incorporates various plugins, libraries, etc., and moreover. You can build any type of website on this platform with ease. If this website platform is used properly then you can build a top-notch website. 

Another reason why WordPress is the priority for many developers and builders across the world is that it is free from installation to setup. And it is the one-stop platform for all your website needs! For building a business website, portfolio site, blogging site, or online store, then the website design company in Delhi recommends using WordPress. 

2. HubSpot: 

HubSpot is another popular name in the industry, where you get all the marketing and website solutions. And most of the services are free on this website platform. It is a powerful content management platform that is expertized for small business owners and digital marketers. HubSpot helps you to deliver a personalized user experience to your target audience through its powerful automation tools, CRM, marketing tools, and drag & drop feature.
It is the right platform for the ones looking for website building and marketing tools, then HubSpot will help you to manage both easily. 

3. WooCommerce: 

As mentioned, WooCommerce is expertized in building eCommerce websites with advanced features. It is open-source, similar to WordPress—WooCommerce is largely used—more than Shopify. 

It gives you complete control over the website and helps you to run a successful online store on the internet. You can even incorporate trusting payment methods such as Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, etc. This makes the website platform more adorable to use. 

WooCommerce integrates all those features that an eCommerce website needs to grow successfully from marketing setup to analytics. 

4. Magento: 

Magento is one of the high-performance and scalable eCommerce solutions for large-scale businesses. It offers you advanced features to uplift your eCommerce site, such as sales tracking, real-time product, advanced search engine optimization features, etc. Likewise, for other eCommerce websites, Magento is mobile-friendly, where you can eCommerce site for every type of device user with ease.

Magento can be the right website platform to build a large-scale business (eCommerce) site with dedicated features. 

5. Drupal: 

Drupal is a scalable website platform, that has similarities with WordPress, such as both are CMS platforms, multi-lingual, and can be used for various website building. These things make both platforms popular across the world. 

Drupal is developer-centric, so using Drupal will be more comfortable when you are comfortable with programming languages such as HTML, PHP. 

This website platform has plugins that will help you to take your website to new heights. And Drupal is praised for its advanced security that makes websites developing on Drupal with more confidence. 

Final Words: 

The website designing company in Delhi has shared with you how to choose the right website platform with a few recommendations in detail. There are many options for website building platforms that you can find through well-research. Above are the most used for various purposes across the world. So, you can check with them as well. 

Therefore, the website design company in Delhi hopes that this blog has helped you in finding the right website platform.

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