How to Overcome Website Testing Challenges?


August 21, 2023

Testing is an essential aspect of website maintenance. When your website is all set to go live and start marketing about your site, you need to be assured that everything on the website is working perfectly. And at the same time, to deliver an unparalleled experience to your visitors, you need to maintain the site and thoroughly test it. 

How AI is Transforming Website Testing? 

AI influences almost everything on the internet and the real world. And the website testing is no different. Today, we have multiple dedicated tools and software where you can test your website for particularities. 

Through these advanced testing tools, you can not just run the tests quickly, but the tools will help you by reporting errors and bugs affecting the website’s speed and performance. These tools also can provide quick solutions to fix errors and optimize your website. 

By doing so, you can maintain your website and deliver a seamless experience to visitors. 

But, this doesn’t put an end to the challenges you face while testing your website! 

Overcome These 5 Website Challenges: 

We as a website designing company in Delhi have listed out the challenges you need to overcome by optimizing your website.

1. Browser compatibility: 


It was a time when Internet Explorer was the only browser. Today, we have multiple browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and many more. Your website needs to be suitable for various browsers. 

To build your business to the next level, you need to take control of these tiny issues, which can be a big hurdle in the future. If your website is not compatible, there are chances you may miss out on the section of the awards. 

Thus, you must run your website through the compatible and optimize it. 

2. Mobile-friendly testing: 

A girl is working on laptop and drinking tea

According to the multiple resources available on the internet says that more than 50% of users surf the web through smartphones. Thus, it’s essential to have a website, which is responsive and can be used by mobile users. 

There are three issues that mobile users commonly experience while using the website! 

  • Poor functionality and takes a lot of time to load. 
  • Inconsistency in the look and feel.
  • Not suitable for different mobile screens. 

By overcoming these issues, you can run a website that delivers the best experience to the customers. 

3. Data security: 


Security is an important aspect of the website, especially when it’s eCommerce. When you have a completely secure process, you build trust and credibility among your customers. Hence, you should not compromise on data security. 

Your customers feed their crucial and sensitive information such as debit/credit card details, UPI ID, personal information, and sometimes it may be company information. This information is vulnerable, and with a focus on data security through different tests and gaining a depth knowledge on how to secure a website. 

4. New features on the website affect the live system:


Change is constant on the website, you keep on upgrading the front-end and back-end of the site with the intention to deliver a wholesome interaction to the customers and stay relevant with the trends in the market. 

The alteration in the website has the chance to affect the current system. So you need to constantly run the regression test to check whether the system is functioning seamlessly or not. Also, you must give detailed attention to the places where changes are made. 

5. Weekly Testing: 


We as a website designing company in Delhi believe that your website maintenance strategy must include weekly test drives. Doing so will help you keep your website optimized always. 

Through driving the weekly test, you can find out common bugs and errors, which have an impact on the website’s speed and performance. By identifying and fixing them, you can keep your website optimized,

Here are the few testing tools, we recommend, this will help you with all the things that it takes to test a website in the best way. 

  • SemRush: This tool will help you with on-page SEO tests, where it will help you improve the organic search and ranking by analyzing your website.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights: Google Page Speed Insights is a trusted tool. This tool is the go-to tool for many to test and get their website grades. Using Google PageSpeed Insights, you can check where your website stands with grades from a scale of 1 to 100 for mobile and desktop versions. It’s free and easy to analyze.
  • GTmetrix:  GTmetrix is similar to the above one. This tool allows you to get detailed data about page speed, performance scores, timings, and much more. You also get solutions about how to fix the issues that were exposed by the test.

With these, we have come to the conclusion of the blog. We hope this blog has helped you to overcome the website testing challenges with recommended tools. You check out our blog on how to boost website speed and performance, this will help you optimize the website, and deliver a better experience. 

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