August 2, 2020

A landing page is like an airport, where your customers come and go, come and go. But they have time to notice the environment at the airport. Similarly, the anatomy of your landing page speaks about you. We cannot follow mathematics and physics to obtain a perfect landing page. Instead, let me walk you through the ingredients necessary for your perfect landing page. You can also approach the best web designers in Delhi. The helicopter is ready to take off…. 3… 2…1… here we go!


Before we purchase the ingredients, we must know what kind of recipe it is. Then choosing the right headline comes into the picture. Your brand name is the highlight here, however, any particular sun division, the category will play well too. People are not joking when they say – “First Impression is the best impression.” So, roll up your sleeves and make your headline the strongest. The advertisement you let fly should be coincident with your headline. If not, the customers may feel confused or hurt, which badly affects the page score. Get the best designing services from the No.1 Website Designing Company in Delhi NCR


Both in titles and in content, your customers expect concise information. They don’t want long sentences that take a minute to reach the period. So keep in mind, brevity is not an option but a mandate. Exercise crisp and clear information in all sections of your page.


outstanding CTA

Calls to action buttons should wear some nice clothes because it is their day! Be it any day, it is your CTA that speaks for you and your business. The design should be outstanding, unique, and not a regular one that all other websites have. The color should be distinct from the rest of the page. You should seed the desire in your customers to press the CTA buttons, just like the aroma of food urges us to eat.


Having many links on the homepage is fine, but when it comes to a landing page, users should not get distracted by the plethora of links connecting to other sites and web pages. So, be stingy with links. The ultimate goal of any landing page is to increase conversion rates and not just viewership. Put up only the best, necessary link on the landing page.


Identify which color suits your business the best and paint your landing page. Avoid dark and undesirable colors. Let the users have an aesthetic and pleasant feel. The colors should be properly equipped in relation to Call-To-Action buttons. Don’t speculate on color psychology. Understand your target audience and work accordingly. There is no rule that you have to stick with the basic colors that we learned in school. You can always try out different colors by mixing two or more.



Include your contact information and newsletter subscription form at the very bottom of the landing page. Users will browse through the page and arrive finally at the bottom to sign up for your newsletter. There again, try to impress the user in all ways possible. But don’t cross the limits., provide detailed contact information with all your social media accounts. Instagram or Facebook, have an account on every platform so that you can expand your business.


Just after the main text, leave some space for testimonials. Because words from other people justify your claims. Include pictures of the awards you received or the projects you successfully completed with beautiful pictures. The essence will elevate your flavor.



Trust symbols catch the attention of the users very fast. You don’t have to sprinkle them all over the page but find a minimum space for those symbols. After all, these symbols, where you can arrange your victory trophies and achievements, serve the very purpose of brand loyalty and trust. Studies have found that 12% of the successful pages have trust symbols on them.


banner image section on laptop screen

Your banner image welcomes the users. Keep it pleasant, relevant, containing a strong message. The image can also hold vivid visual descriptions of the product or service, for which the landing page is intended. From any angle, the picture should be appealing to all types of audiences.

Now that you are ready with all the ingredients purchased from the brainy store, it is time to put them into the process. At the correct level of heat, the ingredients mingle with one another to form a tasty landing page. No. You cannot eat your landing page, but of course, you can make your users mouth-water with splendid user experience. Partner with the leading website designing company in Delhi.

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