Latest web design trends for 2019


December 4, 2018

When was the last time you thought about updating your website? Or about the latest trends your site lacks? Web designing is an ever evolving dynamic process. The trends, the technology, the art, and the technique keeps changing every year. You can never get far ahead if your business is in 2019 while your website is in 2015. Remember, your website is representing you 24*7 and there are no ‘off days’ if you want to expand your customer base.

A website that looks really beautiful and perfect today can be exponentially outlandish tomorrow. The advanced knowledge of tasteful trends and a passing fad is what makes experienced web designers good at what they do.

Web designers are continuously facing the increased challenges that come with the growing trends. Yet, amongst all the roadblocks, they are still managing to create user-friendly, innovative, out of the box, and consistent websites which are accessible on every device. Listed below are the latest web designing trends, you need to be updated on for oncoming year.

# 1 Mobile is the top priority

It’s almost 2019 and they way we visit websites is changing rapidly. People are using their mobiles to access internet more than ever. According to a study, people who use only one type of electronic device prefer smartphones over computers. Over 60% of online queries on search engines come via smartphones or tablets.

It’s not just the crowding via cell phones but google also boosts mobile friendly websites. In 2015, google introduced an algorithm that used mobile friendliness as a ranking criteria in search engine result pages (SERPS).

With the growth of responsive web design the UX issues have become easier to identify and fix. Not only that. You’re assured increased traffic through mobiles and because of that mobile optimization has become a standard by developers in competing industries.

# 2 Video backgrounds

Minimalism is a thing of the past. Now everything is expected to be out of the box and exceptionally grand. Video backgrounds have and will be become a more popular website design trend in 2019. There’s not much surprise with the increased popularity of video backgrounds.

A video is and forever will be more compelling than texts or images. Video posts hold high priority over other kind of posts. Why would i want to read through a description paragraph when i can just watch it.

Imagine a user lands on your website. He’s most likely to stick around and watch the whole thing instead of clicking off and thus reducing your bounce rates. The more user stays on your site, higher are their chances of conversion. The power of video backgrounds cannot be put into words. What a text post does in minutes, a video can do it in a matter of seconds.

# 3 Speed

A couple of seconds. That’s the time it takes to gain a customers faith online. It’s not just beauty your should look for in your website but the accuracy. In a study it was estimated 50% of the users bounce off of your website if the website takes more than a minute to load. A huge opportunity of mass conversion lost, i would say.

If your site takes a lot of time to load, it doesn’t matter if it’s the best website ever. If your website design is so data heavy that it takes forever to load then there’s no point to it because no one in their right mind would stick to your website for that long to admire your web creativity.

Moreover, in july 2018, a google speed update went into effect which prioritize website ranking on their loading speed. Speed is a design parameter that is often overlooked. The videos and high definition images should be incorporated in your websites in such a way so that they don’t slow down your loading time.

# 4 Single page design

A pageless design or simply put single page design has become quite a thing with the growing need of minimalism. Single page design refers to just one page instead of multiple service pages or blog articles. It is needless to say that all of if will be neatly aligned in a hierarchical manner.

Although, it can get a bit challenging for the search engine optimization team. It can get harder to rank for particular keywords without the main pages. It can also get harder to accomplish other SEO techniques.

But we also talked about slow loading speed being a major roadblock. So like the light at the end of every tunnel, simple websites are favored and load much quicker than lengthy and heavily loaded websites. When the java script, HTML, heavy videos and high definition pictures aren’t weighing your website down, the user is getting an effortless experience, and at the same time your website becomes a priority for the search engines.

# 5 Vibrant color schemes

I think everybody can agree on their love for colors. So why be stingy with them? 2019 is definitely the year to utilize vibrant colors in excess. While the designers of the past were stuck in generic, reliable yet boring colors. The new and creative designers aren’t afraid to make their mark through colored extravagance.

The approach is to add supersaturated and vibrant colors to the headers which are no longer horizontal but experimentally displayed with hard angles and slashes.

The monitors and other devices have been technologically advanced to reproduce richer colors. While the old school designer may play around with traditional color schemes, the smart ones use vibrant and rich colors to attract a new customer base.

# 6 Illustrations

The versatility of illustrations cannot be put into mere words. They are a light, comfortable, witty and versatile medium to keep your customers engaged. Whenever a customer lands on your easily comprehensible illustrations, the chances of their conversion increases.

Custom illustrations are full of brands personality which is specially tailored to the tone of your targeted audience. However, the myth with illustrations is that they can make the brand seem amatuer and downplays on the class factor. But the truth is no matter what the brands tone is, good designers can always come up with illustrations to match it.

# 7 Integrated custom animations

Videos are great engagement portals but they can be quite heavy at times which can affect your loading speed. That’s where animations come into picture, and not just any animations but integrated animations.

Animations are a great way to communicate with your users and tell them your website’s story. Nowadays websites have stopped using static imagery and have transferred their attention to easily comprehensible animations.

The animations not only bring about great interactions identified by the notable UX but it also allows your users to see themselves as potential customers in the form of characters to create a meaningful interaction and a reliable customer brand.

# 8 Broken grid layouts and asymmetry

A raw and innovative way to put things out front. Broken grid layouts and asymmetry was first introduced in 2017 and will go strong till 2019. The great appeal behind asymmetrical layouts and designs is that they are unique, distinctively eye catching, and experimentally bold.

Although, there are a large number of website designers who are still following traditional symmetry there’s a high need for unconventional designs which are not only different but impactful. However, it has been seen that traditional brands hesitate to experiment while big established brands take a chance and expect out of the box creativity from the designer.

# 9 Big and Bold Fonts

Website topography is an impactful and important tool, which if used correctly can give off a high level personality trait to your website. The emotion and and tone your brand carry can be easily instilled with well thought topography.

With the increased number of device resolutions, customizing fonts have become easier. If we talk about headers, they’re extremely important SEO elements which helps the user to scan through the information they’re looking for. Large letters, contrasting sans serif headings can also improve UX experience while the user visits the website. The advantage of large and bold fonts should be utilized by the designers to create beautiful headers that’ll make a large impact on the onlookers.


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