Small Business Websites: 7 Major Required Components


November 7, 2022

“Knowing the importance and benefits of a website, entrepreneurs are moving their business to the online world.” In this world, the website is the presence and face of a company, where your target customers get to know about your business completely. 

To design a quality website, business size, type, and industry doesn’t matter. What matters the most is the components of a website and the team to develop it.

We at a website designing company in delhi have expertise in developing varied websites from different industries. Our professional team understands your business by working like partners, then strategies about the look and feel, and the functionalities of the website with you. Later, develops a website with their creative minds and technical skills. 

Also, to help you with the right components of the website, we have brought the list of 7 key elements that every small business website should have!

key elements that every small business website should have

1. Use of visuals:

Every site is made of two basic elements visuals and content. In a site, visuals are used to engage, interact, and communicate. 


Making use of images connects and relates audience, you can choose to use stock images or capture within your business. Shutterstock is the best website to find high-quality and attractive images for every type of business, and Unsplash for free images. 

We believe that using images can affect the speed and performance of a site. So, we recommend making use of optimized images only when necessary.


Vectors are used as a substitution for images. This type of visual element is responsive which means compatible with mobile users and lightweight that have very less impact on the website performance. If you have a team, that can create unique vectors is a cherry on the top, or just purchase from the best sources such as Shutterstock and Freepik (Freepik offers you free and paid vectors, images, illustrations, etc). 


Today is the era of videos, which creates a huge impact on viewers. Videos are the best suitable to convey the message in an elaborative and influential manner. Having videos on the website will boost your business’ conversion rate and generate sales leads. 

Many b2b use videos on their website to present different strategies and working processes. You can too insert videos on the website, for this, you need to embed a Youtube link or any other platform link where the video is uploaded. Since directly embedding video can make your website heavy and degrade performance, there are plenty of softwares available too. 

These are the three basic visual elements that experts think every small business website should have. 

2. Crisp and catchy content:

From headlines to the body copy, everything should be up to the mark. Starting with the homepage, it should describe your business in brief and give snapshots of different elements (products and services). Likewise, you need to write an important matter of the business on every webpage.

It’s also essential to write SEO-friendly content, which is packaged with appropriate keywords. These keywords include short-tail and long-tail keywords. You need to make a list of these keywords and try to insert the keywords appropriately in the content, which makes reading effortless. 

We recommend you a few tools to plan your keywords with proper research and engagement of each keyword. These tools will also help you market and advertise your business more effectively. 

We have listed free as well as paid tools that will help you generate and find appropriate keywords according to your industry. 

CTAs (Call-To-Actions) is an essential part of the content, you need to have short, strong, and highlighted CTAs in the content. This will help you to generate the leads that you always look for. Hence, the placement of CTA buttons smartly is also essential. 

3. Responsive website: 

It is a type of web design that makes your website a perfect fit for every device, it may be either a desktop or a smartphone. 

According to Statista, almost 90% of internet users are on mobile devices. Logically, this means more than 50% of the traffic generated will be from mobile users. So, it becomes necessary to make your website compatible with every type of user. 

Another fact is that Google considers responsive websites as legit for ranking. This makes it mandatory to design a responsive site. A responsive website also helps you deliver a better experience. So, better to avoid mistakes. 

However, you can elevate the user experience by avoiding mistakes while designing a responsive website.

4. Use of analytics:

Every entrepreneur wants to grow their business to the next level, but it is possible only with the right resources and usage of it. 

Data is the gem of a virtual world, it has the power to elevate business growth. With the usage of data, one can plan an effective strategy and understand the path of business going into. 

By linking your business website with an analytical platform, you can extract the potential data and be a game-changer. There are various analytical platforms available, but the best we found for every small-scale business is Google Analytics, this platform is free and generates data that is important. You can also easily track the data of your site using Google Analytics. 

5. Simple website navigation:

Website navigation is a crucial aspect of web design. Since navigation helps the users to reach the right web page and access the required information. 

While creating a navigation of the website, try to avoid hiding pages under different categories. Remember, simple navigation helps visitors and the search engine to crawl through the website with ease. 

Thus, it can be said that navigation is also an important and required component for an optimized website to improve SEO ranking. 

6.Your contact page: 

It’s a major required component, but most of them make a mistake while designing the contact page, it is that they merge the contact page with other webpages. Having a separate contact page emphasizes the importance and helps build a network. 

On this contact page, you can include a short form. This form is for visitors who want to get in touch with you, through this form, you will also collect basic data, such as name, company, email ID, etc.

We have listed out the elements that are necessary to have on a contact page. This will help you design a full-fledged dedicated webpage. 

  • Business address
  • Alternate contact numbers
  • Business Email ID
  • A link of Google Maps with the location image
  • A short form to prospects to connect with you

7. Reviews and testimonials: 

To grow a business, to bring in new customers, and to improve credibility reviews and testimonials are very essential. It matters the most because it builds a business and trust among prospects. 

Reviews and testimonials have a huge impact indirectly in generating leads and improving conversion rates. It builds authenticity that your business is genuine and products or services you provide are excellent. However, you can present these in different ways on the website. 

Star ratings

You might have come across many websites that have reviews with stars, where you need to rate the products or services out of five. These star ratings are easy to interpret for the prospects and make a decision. 

Video reviews & testimonials

In this digital marketing era, where businesses are opting for influencer marketing, we believe there is no better influencer than the customers themselves, you can collect short video reviews and testimonials from the customers and have them on the site. 

Profile & rating

A review with a profile and text mostly can be found on b2b websites. Since having a high-profile client will improve credibility and also influence others to get them hired. 

In this format of review, a short profile is mentioned such as image/name, position, company, and their review. 

Final thoughts:

Through this blog, you have been provided with a comprehensive list of essential components that can significantly enhance website functionality and establish its authority. By carefully implementing these elements, such as responsive design, intuitive navigation, fast loading times, clear and informative content, interactive features, and effective search engine optimization, websites can deliver a seamless user experience, encouraging visitors to engage more and return for future visits. Moreover, building authority through well-curated content, reputable backlinks, social proof, and customer testimonials fosters credibility and trust among users, positioning the website as a reliable source of information or services. By combining these essential components, websites can strengthen their online presence, effectively meet the needs of their target audience, and ultimately achieve their goals with confidence.

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