Top 10 Website Design Statistics for 2022


May 13, 2022

“Statistics are the numerical presentation of the data.” Along with the collection, analysis, and interpretation. But, do you know? Why these statistics are so important for everyone? Because today is the time for data. Where you work on it, analyze your business, and sales, and ultimately get precise understandings. 

The website designing company in Delhi has always suggested to everyone we met and in our blogs that your website must be linked with analytical tools through which you can have great understanding. Although the topic is on website design. We tried to express how important data is! 

Coming to website design—the industry keeps evolving and so does the designing. The website design company Delhi has come up with the top 15 website design statistics that will help you to improve the website. 

1. 59% of People Browse Quality & Creative Websites: 

“The statistics help in breaking the myths”. We all think that if a website is doing its job then no matter how the website looks, the audience will navigate through it. But a source such as Adobe shows that 59% of people prefer browsing aesthetic and creatively designed websites. 

This website design statistics show that designing is an art and designers should have a creative mindset along with technical knowledge. Also, the website design strategy should be clear and should be open to creativity. 

2. 92.6% of Internet Users are Online through Mobile Devices: 

Every blog on the internet related to mobile-friendly website design claims that more than 50% of traffic on your website is through mobile devices. But, the DataReportal reports show that 92.6% of users on the internet are through mobile devices, which means your priority with website design should be for mobile users. 

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly then you are out of the market. The website design company Delhi shares some tips regarding mobile-friendly websites such as keeping it minimalistic, using only necessary features in your website, and designing with a mindset of one thumb rule. If your site is a business website or portfolio, then you can design a single-page website. It is lengthy yet easy to navigate (just keep scrolling) since everything is assembled on one web page. 

3. An Opinion is Created in 0.05 Seconds By Users: 

When it comes to a website time is an important factor, whether it is about accessing the website or simply forming an opinion. From sources like Behaviour and Information Technology, it is clear that in less than a second a user decides everything about the website. So, it’s important to maintain a first impression. 

The website designing company in Delhi also thinks that eCommerce websites are opinionated based on brand value. A well-established brand with a seamless functioning website has a good opinion, but if the user has a bad experience with the site, it may impact the brand as well. Though there are pros and cons. If you have a good website then through digital marketing, you can maintain goodwill. 

4. The First Impression 94% is related to website design: 

The Research Gate report says this website design statistics. We also believe that website design is the base of a website, and it needs to be seamless and graceful. This is the reason why businesses always want to get it right, no matter what. 

Your website can be one of the top websites in your industry, if you bring it to us, the web design services in Delhi. We have done some quality work in the past and doing our best in present. 

5. Nearly 50% of the internet users form opinions through website design: 

PR Newswire reports that nearly 50%of users form opinions by judging website design. The above statistics prove how crucial website design is to build a reputation among visitors. 

6. 70% of small business websites don’t have CTA (Call To Action): 

CTA is very important, and the placement of CTAs in the website design should be proper, strong, precise, and perfectly positioned. These things make users take action and move forward. Without CTA, you can’t convert a prospect into a customer. Thus, the website designing company in Delhi strongly recommends using CTA. 

7. 61% of users have an opinion formed on the company through mobile web design:

Likewise, ample users are surfing on the internet or accessing the website through mobile devices. Hence the reputation and opinion formed about the company and website will be on mobile web design. This is another factor, which, you need put mobile-friendly design a priority. Also, you need to build a design and prototype for the mobile version first, which helps in building the best designs for small screens. 

8. 90% of eCommerce users believe image quality is crucial for online purchases: 

Ecommerce sites need to have high-quality images but at the same time, the site should be responsive! For this, the use of vector images is recommended, this helps in website design with high image quality, lightweight, and responsive, which means it can be resizable without losing the quality. 

9. 60% of people look for eCommerce with easy to use: 

Making an attractive design is secondary, but a website design that is simple to navigate is the primary characteristic of the website design. Thus, 60% of people love to use eCommerce sites that are easy to use. 

10. 6 seconds are spent on understanding and looking at the navigation menu: 

Navigation is one of the primaries that needs to be well planned while doing website design strategy. It is like a map for users to jump from one page to another. So, even if they are 6 seconds or 10 seconds, users need to understand the whole website overview at a glance. 


These are the 10 statistics that will help you to put more focus, brainstorming, and effort on. Since they are not suggestions but those 10 points facts on which your website design strategy should stand. 

Again, developing the website process might have become easier through technology but planning, structure, and strategy are still very important and difficult. Get all these done easily and go live on the internet with help of the web design services in Delhi. Bring your website to us! 

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