Total Time Required to Build a Website In 2022


March 28, 2022

Automation has made website development easy and quick. But, how long does it take to build? This question needs to be answered considering multiple things. 

A lot of things go into building a website. It needs planning, research, strategy, team, tools, etc. All these are needed to build a website and it is a long process. As a website designing company in Delhi, we also take time to build a website, it is not one day task. Especially when you are building multiple web pages and custom web designs. 

1. Research and Planning:

Any developer or agency like the website designing company in Delhi begins with research and planning. Research is made to understand the industry in-depth and the target audience, ultimately they are the end-users and we need to meet their expectation. Thus, after researching multiple things, next comes planning. 

In planning, the goal is defined to achieve from the website. You must define multiple things in planning, such as how the website should look, function, what should it include, etc. 

The time taken for research and planning may vary, but the average time needed to do so is more than 10 hours to a day with multiple time checking and concluding to a plan that it will work or not. 

2. Using Website Builder: 

The next step is to start building a website. In this stage, it depends on the developer and their approach towards it. If you are using a website builder, such as WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, then building websites on such platforms is quite simple. Since the templates and themes are ready, where you need to customize them with the drag and drop feature. 

The typical average time for developing a site using a website builder can be 10 hours to 48 hours, depending on the developer and their friendliness with the platform. 

3. Content Creation:

One of the most important things on the website is content, and making a copy for multiple web pages is not easy. Where you need to find the data or information to write SEO-friendly content. Writing the first draft; editing the content, where you will cut short the unnecessary content and improve the flow and style of it. 

For visual content, you need to find elements and optimize them. Then you need a vision or creative way of placing the visual contents. 

All these take time and the average time for content creation depends on the number of web pages, the time taken can be more than 48 to 80 hours. 

4. Enterprise Websites: 

Enterprise websites are much larger in scope and complex. Estimating time for enterprise-level websites is difficult and as a website design company in Delhi, we can estimate that it takes around less than a month. 

5. Building a Customized Website: 

Custom websites are built from scratch and a traditional approach is used, along with tools, plugins, platforms, libraries, etc. So building a website from scratch through a programming language such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS is not easy. 

It takes long days and a couple of months or more since it depends on the features that a website needs. For example, an eCommerce site needs to have a payment gateway, lighting themes, etc. Building such things with utmost care needs time. 

If you are building a small website with common pages, here is the time segregated for you.

  • The home page needs more attention and it needs to be engaging, so we estimate around 10 hours for it when you are using a CMS platform like WordPress, which eases the task. 
  • About us, the page is quite short and many keep it short and simple, where you just take time around 3 hours maximum. 
  • Service or product overview page, this page has multiple pages or a single page explaining the services provided or products offered. 6 hours the time is estimated to build it 
  • Blog overview can take around 6 hours, depending on your content available to post, creating category, etc. 
  • Next is the contact page, where you can keep it to the simplest or create a form for newsletters, and much more. The time taken for it can be between 6 hours maximum. 


Final Words:

These are just an estimation by the website designing company in Delhi. It completely depends on the developer’s experience working in different industries, being friendly with tools; knowledge, and how fast they can work. Thus, the best website designing company in Delhi suggests taking your time and building quality and smooth functioning website with the best user experience for your visitors. 

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