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January 12, 2017

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Don’t know about you guys, but we totally dig free stuff. And after years of working in the creative industry, it is time we give back to our fellow creators. In this blog post we will discover 7 mind blowing landing page PSDs which are absolutely free to download and use. You can give Art Attackk a mention if you use our PSDs anywhere. It’s not compulsory to do so but it will make us feel good and do this kind of work more often 🙂

Doesn’t matter if you are an agency, a freelance graphic designer or a business looking to find an awesome design for your website, this blog has FREE PSD templates that will make you drop everything and hit download. These free templates are designed for various types of business and needs. Anyone can just download, change copy and images to design their own website in minutes. And just in case you are business owner looking for an awesome website and have the money to splurge, we are always there to take up exciting challenges.

Enough of foreplay, let us now get down to business and show you our collection of the most insane free PSD’s on Internet.

Ecommerce Store

 Ecommerce Store Free Landing Page

Everybody wants to launch their Ecommerce store. And everyone wants to become the next Amazon (Good luck with that). In today’s age and time, even the corner tea vendor can have an online store to sell his services and products. No matter what you sell, this ecommerce PSD template will solve all your online store troubles.


Education Website

Education Website Free Landing Page

This education theme based template is a dream come true for all designers. If you have finally decided to spread your knowledge and opening up your own college or school, you can leave the website design to us. This education based theme is the best served with some ‘gyan’ sprinkled with nice copy and perfect images.


Fashion Website

Fashion Website Free Landing Page

All fashionistas dream of launching their own labels. From chic designer label to a big brand, everyone has to have their own online store to sell their designs. It becomes essential to have a great Ecommerce design for a fashion brand, as it speaks a lot about a brand. And this fashion theme landing page has all the right curves and whistles for bringing out the oomph factor out of your fashion label.


Real Estate

Real Estate Free Landing Page

Real estate is a business that permeates all walks of life. No matter how rich or how poor you are, everyone needs a house to stay in, a place to call office and do awesome work. And one will have to go to real estate business to get a place to call their own. And if you are in real estate business, it’s kinda obvious that you need an awesome website. One that speaks volumes about who you are and what you can achieve for your clients. And this landing page design is just that, perfectly balanced design and colors for that professional and elegant look.



Corporate website Free Landing Page

All businesses nowadays need at least a basic website. With a lot of business being generated through online channels, not having a website is not an option. And having a professional looking website is pertinent for people to have a nice impression about your business. A website done half heartedly can be bad for a business, so it’s always good to find the best design for your corporate website. Our corporate theme design PSD is just the thing you need. Take inspiration from this professional design and create an awesome corporate website for your brand.



Agency website Free Landing Page

Ironic as it may sound, many agency suffer from a creator’s syndrome while working on their own website design. However all agencies take creativity seriously and have a high standard for their own website. So designing an agency website can be a really long process and many times can get stuck in logjam. Instead of keeping old 90’s website, agencies are advised to use our awesome Agency landing page template PSD and use their creativity to quickly come up with a professional looking and creative website.


Professional Business

Professional Business website Free Landing Page

In the times when even freelancers have full blown websites, professional businesses need to have good websites too. Otherwise it is not a very forgiving world when it comes to getting work. And losing out on a potential project because of lack of a good website can be really disheartening. Prevention is better than cure so they say. Look your elegant best on the Internet with our colorfully done professional services template free PSD. Don’t hesitate, go ahead and download the best free PSD that is out there for your business website.


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