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January 24, 2022

Online shopping has got a boost in recent times, in India. Where the audience expect authentic eCommerce website from brands, businesses, like other big eCommerce sites (Amazon and Flipkart). 

So here are the few eCommerce website design tips for making your website look aesthetic and advanced compared to today’s eCommerce site design

Thus, this blog is brought to you by the website designing company in Delhi. Where we have shared the latest trends, which can be added to modifying web design eCommerce. 

1. Vertical Menus:

This might not be something new, but rare! The website designing company in Delhi has observed that still, an eCommerce website has a horizontal menu, which is neither right nor wrong. But it impacts the minimalism of the website. 

Also, the vertical menus are best suitable for the responsive eCommerce website design. Since it reduces the scrolling effort of the users and hides the options under (hamburger) kind of menu bars or navigation bar. 

2. App Like Website;

Everyone knows that majority of the traffic is generated from smartphones. So you need to focus on these users. The experience and quality should not upset these users, which will result in huge losses. 

Hence, to improve the user experience, many are converting their responsive eCommerce site design into app-like features and layouts. 

Where mobile users can purchase the products or services with ease and navigate the eCommerce site without any hassle. Thus, we recommend you to do so, if you are looking for changes in the eCommerce site, 

3. Technology Usage:

In recent times, we have seen the merge of art and technology. Website designing is an art and adding advanced features using technology has uplifted the user experience. From introducing payment methods to chatbots, convenient shopping is possible. 

Thus, your eCommerce website must have a chatbot and payment method for creating a hassle-free experience. However, if you are finding it difficult to add advanced features to the site, then you can partner with the website designing company in Delhi. 

4. Textured Background & Oversized Typography:

E-Commerce website has turned out to be minimalistic and the designers have found another impactful way to deliver the creative, engaging design to the audience. Textured backgrounds in the eCommerce sites are raging on the internet, many designers are adapting the same. The website designing company in Delhi believes that the visibility of this kind of design will increase. 

Oversized fonts or typography is again a new style. It is replacing the images, animations, etc. This Oversized typography is actually eye-catching and engaging as well. Few words copy keeps the audience engage, website minimal, and copy crisp. 

5. Static Background & Light Mode:

There are many examples are available on the internet, where you can find e-commerce sites with a static image or any design in the background to make the design attractive. Alongside, the content is on white with gaps to showcase the background, while scrolling the website. 

It maintains consistency on the site and is simple. Whereas there is no stress on getting into the mind of visitors. Thus you can see more of it nowadays. 

6. Product Collage To Enhance Branding:

This type of design showcases the creativeness of the designer as well as makes the brand recognizable for the users. Designers cut out the product images and add them to one, like a collage. It is later embedded with the homepage and showcased as creative stuff, which improves brand awareness, also the product showcasing makes it simple and creative. 

We can see it happening with many new eCommerce sites and branded ones as well. 

7. Black & White Scheme:

Though black & white color scheme is simple yet sophisticated. Where one can stick to the simple design or feature oversized typography style. Along with that, you can maintain consistency throughout the eCommerce site. 

However, the drawback may be to present the brand essence to your target audience. 

Final Thoughts:

These are the few eCommerce website design trends that will make it in 2022. If you are finding it difficult to build the perfect eCommerce site with advanced features and product fits, you can partner with the website designing company in Delhi. We will help you to go live with the best eCommerce site for your products & services. Along with eCommerce site design, we offer many web development, website designing, and other services. 

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