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January 25, 2022

Python is a hybrid programming language like JavaScript, C++, Java, etc. It has a significant role in various web development. Thus, we can consider it has a high purpose general programming language. 

Coming to web development, it can be developed using any developer-friendly programming language. Also, there are many tools that help to develop the web without using technical knowledge. Though the companies such as, the web development company in Delhi believes in building the site in an authentic way (through coding). 

It is where, the use of the programming language, Python-like languages plays an important role in web development. 

Role of Python in Web Development:

Many web developers avoid using the framework or libraries to speed up the process of developing the site. Hence, Python can be used to develop server-side web applications. Since Python is not used in a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, IE (Internet Explorer), etc. 

You can tend to use JavaScript instead for browser-based development. Some also use the combination of both, Python and JavaScript for developing server-side web applications. You can choose to do so, as well. Python is a strong language to build the server-side. 

Another fact about using the Python language in websites is that it will help your site to compete with gigantic preferably Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. Also, these huge websites are relied on Python, which shows the role of Python in web development. Apart from web development, Python can be used for artificial intelligence, deep learning, etc. However, AI is merging with websites. Chatbots in the eCommerce websites are the greatest example of the same, 

Use of Python in Web Development:

Since python is one of the advanced languages building the website using Python makes the website stronger. However, finding the best web development company for developing the site using Python is difficult, but we are here to make it easy for you. 

The web development company in Delhi is the best for developing the website using Python, however, you get the best reliable website for your business with custom designs. 

It can be used for developing the front-end and back-end of the website. Thus we consider it as the best way to make your website powerful. Therefore, here are a few pros of using Python in web development. 

1. Easy to Use & Readability:

Python is simple to learn, also it has low entry barriers. Since Python language is as simple as the usage of the English language in daily life. This reduces the entry barrier or coding of Python super easily. Imagine, the language is powerful, and using syntax is simple. This makes the world of development easy!

Formatting the statistical data or charts is easy through Python, thus usage of this language is majorly a big plus. 

2. Fast Development:

As mentioned, it is an advanced coding language. However, it helps in fast development that allows easy prototyping and iterations. Object-oriented programming makes Python more approachable and easy to use. OOP arranges different properties and objectives into various classes, each class has a function, if an error in coding happens, the other part of classes or coding is not affected. 

This makes the programming rectify easily and time-saving. 

Usage of Framework in Web Development:

Frameworks and libraries are used to speed up the development process. These frameworks are mainly built using Python, which is of great use in web development for the person, who is more likely to believe in using frameworks and libraries. Django, Flask, Pyramid are great examples of Python frameworks. 

3. Python Usage in AI and ML:

Python has a great role in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Their presence in web development is rapidly increasing for bringing in some smart features for the users constantly. Behind this immense usage and development of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Python is the top language used for development. This shows the efficiency of Python in development. 

These were the few pros of Python in the field of growth and web development. The web development company in Delhi recommends you use Python. If you face difficulty, then you can partner with us for the best development works. 

Final Thoughts:

Python will tend to grow and building web applications or website using it, is not a loss. Since, as mentioned, many tech giants rely on Python for development, then you can do so. We hope this blog has helped you to understand the use of Python in web development

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