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January 19, 2023

“ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm.” It’s been more than a week since its release and has generated curiosity among netizens. From social media to Google, everywhere it’s just ChatGPT, ChatGPT, and ChatGPT. 

If you are here by the same storm, get answers to all your curiosity about ChatGPT with website designing company in Delhi.

What is ChatGPT and where can you find it? 

ChatGPT is developed by OpenAI, which is an AI research and deployment-based company. In simple terms, this AI is a chatbot, then what’s so cool about it? 

This AI is a conversational tool (which is worth talking to!) different from Google. Using this tool, you can get answers to all your queries simply and shortly. However, AI’s conversational tone makes it engaging for the users. 

You find this ChatGPT on the web browser or just click here. Remember, there are several limitations in the tool since it’s still in a beta version.

Here’s what GPT in ChatGPT means! 

GPT-3 (Generative Pretrained Transformer 3) is one of the powerful language processing AI models developed by OpenAI. This state-of-the-art language has extensive applications, such as language translation, generating text for chatbots, language modeling, etc. GPT-3 has the capability to develop and generate human-like text, which makes it a widely popular AI model for language processing.

How ChatGPT works? 

ChatGPT is trained by AI and machine learning, which is designed to provide information and answers to queries and can help in digital marketing. While doing so, it is trained to recognize the unsuitable and sensitive queries to reject. 

The model is processed through a large database of information from the internet of things. This helps the bot to answer queries with conversation UI built in. 

Unlike customer service chatbots, this chatbot is not restricted to pre-programmed answers. This model can surf through many subjects and can jump to any topic while remembering your previous conversation with the model. 

Three easy steps to use ChatGPT for free! 

Step 1: 

Go to ChatGPT and log in or sign-up on the site.

chatgpt login

Here’s what the interface will look like! 

Step 2: 

You can directly login into the site with your Google account or Microsoft account. Next enter the necessary details or fields. 

Step 3: 

Write the comment below, you want AI to give you the information on. If you are wondering what to search for, then you can click on examples (comment) and find the answers.

chatGPT screen

Here’s how ChatGPT responded to us. You can also help the AI to get better with its answers by sharing feedback on the right side of the answer (like and dislike options).

ChatGPT screen

How reliable is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is trained to deliver more than just what another chatbot can do. This AI-based model is still in a beta version, and the developers have claimed that the chatbot is not completely correct, and have the chance to deliver incorrect answers. 

This means you can’t completely trust and rely on ChatGPT for the information as of now! 

4 Creative Ways of using ChatGPT! 

Netizens are obsessed with ChatGPT for various reasons, and one of them is it can produce solutions for any kind of question. Check out how people are creatively using this chatbot and getting their things done! 

1. Finding errors in programming:

Yes, when everyone is obsessed with getting answers to simple questions from AI. Some of them used it to find errors in their programming. However, this advanced technology chatbot got the task done in seconds, which usually takes a few hours to find the errors in the programming manually. 

Here are a few examples of how creators experimented with ChatGPT 

Conner Ardman – a creator on Youtube, who creates content by sharing tips and tricks related to software engineering used ChatGPT to show whether this AI can get the coding done for you or not. You can find it here!

Anything viral, but not on Twitter? Impossible! If you simply search for ChatGPT, you can find many experimenting around it. One of them is this! 

experiment with ChatGPT

2. Know about movies: 

Using this OpenAI, you can ask it to write down the iconic scenes in form of a script. However, there are a few limitations to it, where the chatbot can’t access or generate original content and content trends such as scripts, movies, etc., and unfortunately can’t help you get the whole script. 

Though you can ask it to generate some plots, short stories, etc. This shows that ChatGPT covers pin to plane.

3. Comical usage:  

You can’t be lonely when you have AI as a companion. This will be quite surprising because of how a chatbot can ever be your companion, here’s how! Many users have tried ChatGPT to talk and some of them even tried to ask bot to tell jokes. And surprisingly the bot responded with one-liners, which are hilarious. 

Comical usage

(A few one-liners by the ChatGPT.)

This shows AI can be your go-to companion, but it’s obvious that it can’t replace humans. 

4. A good guide! 

ChatGPT joins the list of AI tools such as Alexa and Siri, however, there are many similarities and dissimilarities. Nonetheless, you can find great and simplified answers from this bot. 

Some of the guiding questions asked to the bot were about health, fashion, career history, etc. 

Limitations of ChatGPT

Nothing in the world is flawless! Everything has flaws and limitations. Likewise, ChatGPT, which is still in the beta version has its own limitations. These listed things can be improved by upgrading in the future.

Incorrect answers: 

If you have already tried your hands on this bot, then you might have come across answers which are not relatable to the questions or don’t make any sense. Yes, this is a con of the ChatGPt, where it sometimes incorrectly answers the questions. 

This has been addressed by the developers and soon there are chances of overcoming such possibilities. 

Understanding the inputs:

As users, you can frame single-meaning questions in multiple ways. Thus, the model struggles to understand inputs and may result in an incorrect answer. However, rephrasing the same question will result in the right answer. This can mislead the user if they impulsively believe the AI. 

Answering harmful queries: 

A good thing about this AI is that it has restrictions over sensitive topics, but it’s not completely restricted, sometimes, it can give instruction on sensitive subjects. Hence, let’s hope that we get an AI, which is completely over such things in the future. 

Not a multilingual AI: 

The ChatGPT is an English-language AI and is not multilingual. However, the good news is transliteration works to an extent. But, we can expect to be multilingual like Alexa. 

Will ChatGPT replace developers? 

The internet is divided as this newly launched ChatGPT by OpenAI came into the market. On one side, people started embracing this advanced AI model and on the other side, people started worrying about getting replaced with bots. 

However, it’s not true! ChatGPT-like AI can’t replace or refill humans in any field, not just developers and writers. This chatbot will help you in amplifying your work and get things easier at work. Thus, there is no threat in the work. 

No doubt, AI is good at work, but it’s not as reliable and trusted as humans. Since there are many limitations in the models and it is suitable for monotonous work. ChatGPT is a great tool to write an email, but writing down a quality needs humans. This doesn’t mean, AI can’t write a copy, it will help in generating ideas, but packaging it or neatly crafting can be done by only humans. 

Similarly, ChatGPT can help developers in finding errors and develop codes faster, but cannot completely replace developers.

Followed by this, there is a similar query among the netizens about the ChatGPT.

Is ChatGPT a threat to Google?

ChatGPT cannot replace Google, here’s why! Google is a service industry company and not a product, whereas ChatGPT is a product. So there’s no definite comparison between the both. 

ChatGPT helps you find answers to your queries in a text-based format, on the other hand, Google provides many other services and not just solutions to the queries. And even if you compare it to providing solutions, ChatGPT still lacks. 

So in any aspect, this AI-based chatbot is not a threat to a trillion-dollar company, Google.You can also check out the similar AI-based tool that was as hot topic as ChatGPT a few months called MidJourney This is an open-source AI, which generates images through texts (inputs) given by you. It’s super fun! 

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