What is MidJourney? How are graphic designers using in India?

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September 12, 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future, and we can already experience the power of AI in our daily routine such as voice assistants, digital marketing, face recognition, etc. However, there is much more usage of AI on a large scale. 

MidJourney (MJ) is one such software developed through AI. This software is an amalgamation of technology and arts. We are here to share in-depth about this internet sensation software in a simplified and descriptive way! 

How to find MidJourney? 

MJ has took the internet with storm and the images created through AI have grabbed everyone’s attention on the internet. This software is in the beta stage and testing is going on, but curious minds doesn’t stop themselves from experiencing and experimenting. So, if you want to use the MJ, here’s how you can find it. 

The bot of MJ is based on the Discord server, and by getting on Discord you can start using MJ. Check out the step to get it with web designing company in Delhi! 

  • Surf for MidJourney on your browser.
  • Click on “Join the Beta”. This will take you to the Discord server.
  • Login to your Discord ID, if you don’t have an account, create one! 
  • You will directly meet the MJ bot as shown in the below image.

get started with MidJourney

How to get started with MidJourney?

Experience how AI can create artistic images using MJ, and to create one, all you need to do is use proper words to describe the image you want and get it developed through MJ, along with this, experiment with different styles to enhance the images. 

Follow these steps to get started with MidJourney:

Step 1: 

On the left taskbar of Discord with the MidJourney bot opened, join any newbie’s room.

join any newbie's room

Step 2:

After joining the room, in the message bar type “/imagine”.

Step 3:

A prompt will show up, then add space and write the description of any image you want. For example, “Sea”. 


Now, let the MJ get the job done for you, check out the below image for reference.


You get the four images in four different quarters. Now, wait for a few moments and observe how fast this AI processes images and creates aesthetic images.

ocean image in 4 parts on one canvas

The above image is just 50% processed and you can see the difference in how images are enhanced.

You can create such artistic images in a few seconds, and with a few clicks, you can transform them.

Now, coming to the other part of MJ image development, after you give commands to the MJ’s bot to create images, you get the list of buttons below the images after they are fully processed

ocean image in 4 parts in one canvas screenshot

These buttons of Us and Vs are the upscaling and variations, respectively. You can click on the refresh button to get four new images of the same prompt. By clicking on the U buttons you can improve the quality of the particular image and V buttons to experiment with different themes. 

However, the new version of the image will be created below and not in the same quarter. Also, remember to use themes carefully as you lose image credits with the usage of these buttons.

ocean image in a screen

Ocean painting

It’s a lot of fun using MJ and at the same time very useful for graphic designers, so we created more visuals using prompt as “Coffee”.


coffee painting

Copyright issues with MidJourney images?

These images are AI-generated, which is basically “convert text to image”. And these images are created in a public domain – Discord. You will come across hundreds of users creating their own images using prompt, you can also make use of other users’ images with variations according to what you want.

However, there is currently no set of copyright norms for MJ-generated images. In the future, there can be! 

Is MidJourney free?

This is one of the most asked questions on the internet, and we have the answer for you! MidJourney allows you to create images of up to 25 for free. And with the basic membership, you can generate images of up to 200. Likewise, as you purchase higher membership you can create more images. 

How graphic designers are using MidJourney?

We all know, how important it is today to make the most use of technologies irrespective of professions and fields. And AI such as MidJourney is amazing software that anyone can use it to enhance their work and saves time. 

Now, it’s interesting to look at how graphic designers are smartly using MidJourney to elevate their work. 

1. Developing a portfolio using MidJourney:

Behance is a platform where many professional and aspiring creators showcase their work to connect, collaborate, and co-create. Using this platform, many visual artists, graphic designers, concept visualizers, etc. are showcasing their work. 

With a great understanding of MJ and its increasing value in the future, these creators are indulging in creating some splendid images with MJ. You can also create some, and make use of such images in your portfolio on Behance.

2. Conducting webinar on MidJourney:

If you are a pro MJ user then you can share your knowledge, tricks you know, and experience with others through webinars. 

We feel in today’s time of digitalization and marketing, the webinar is one of the simple, cost-saving, and effective ways of sharing knowledge, especially when you are speaking about technologies and software. 

3. Learn it as a skill of the future:

MJ will be used extensively in advertising and marketing as the software upgrades and delivers more quality images, in the future. We believe that MJ is very open to creativity and with this, we can develop our unique ideas. 

So, learning this as a skill is never at a loss, and can have a bright future ahead. 

How can you learn MidJourney?

If you are eager to learn MJ, then here’s how you can opt for these things! 

Learn from Youtube – 

There are multiple videos available on Youtube, where you can learn using MidJourney and webflow at an advanced level. Check out some videos on Youtube, and learn from the best.

E-learning platforms –

Yes, now you can learn from popular eLearning platforms such as Udemy. This course is suitable for everyone and available at INR 499 only. You get lifetime access to the resources of this course and a certificate on completion. 

Skillshare is another platform, where you can learn MidJourney. The course is mentored by Jonathan Parker – a motion graphic and visual effects professor from the UK. This course is best suitable for beginners, who are curious about this revolutionary medium (AI). 

These were the few ways of learning about MJ. 

With this, we hope that this blog has helped you to understand more about MJ and how you can get into this. 

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